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...... Well. I didn't expect that, but i expected not to expect something, so...

"Want anything from the fridge? We have soda, OJ, some purple stuff ...banana?"


Your chompointment to satisfema shgood be satisfinalized withindulge the cheweek.

I've caramalready feastcussed the caramelatter with the snackitor.

I. Really needed this comedic story today, thank you for providing such story.

"And nothing of value was lost."🍪

Agreed, would be a loss if it were chocolate chip or sugar cookies

This needs to be in the Featured box.

"Ah HA! We have captured thee!"

Panicked, Celestia steps outside and spots Luna in the air and rushes over to observe her odd interaction with a confused kitty cat.

"What are you doing, Luna?!"

"This 'Admiral Snuggles' creature was gazing upon us quite strangely, it must be annihilated!" Luna hisses, dropping the kitten.

Well that's when you know Luna's gone too far.

Also I guess I'm that one heretic who likes oatmeal raisin cookies.

Thou darest to malign the good name of oatmeal-raisin cookies?

You absolute awesome possum! You seriously did it. I love you for this! XD Brilliantly well done.

Well-done, awesome !!

nothing of value was lost? but... but... THE COOKIES!!

I know it's been months, but this made me laugh. Thank you.

Hee, doesn't matter how long, but that you enjoyed it. 😌

Old Sunny Delight ad where person A says they're thirsty and peron B checks the refrigerator. The list is pretty much the same as the reference, ending with '...and Sunny D.'

The banana meme is also associated with Celestia though I am a bit fuzzy on how.

Sunny Delight could also be poking at Celestia, now that I think about it.

And now I have an image of a disguised Celestia as a Fleur de Lis recolor with a yellow mane/tail, pegasus instead, and a cutie mark consisting of an ice cream cone with a half or setting sun as the ice cream.

She'll either get kidnapped or do stuff in Ponyville. :trollestia:

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