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Phoenix Wright and the Mystery of the Twilight Witch - AnimeFan419

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Pheoenix agrees to defend Sunny.

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Chapter 1

Sleeping on the floor in a chicken coup was not the best idea. His spine was achy and there were even dark circles beneath his eyelids. As he recalled, it was a rough twenty-four hours.

“So are we going to head to town now?” The defender questioned.

“Of course but as a warning, you might not like what you see.”

“Why would I not like what I see?” The moment they stepped into town, he could see her point. Ponies were looking at him funny and it was an uncomfortable twenty minute walk to the poice station.

“I apologize if there was any trouble on your way here. The ponies here are very closed-minded whenever a stranger comes to town.”

“No worries but I hope you don’t mind if I brought a guest.”

“We don’t make exceptions but I’ll allow it this one time. It’ll be a secret between us.” Said an orange stallion with a fiery blue mane and tail. Immediately, the sheriff guided them to the room where they held all the prisoners. “My name is Hitch Trailblazer. Please come and get me if there is any trouble.”

“I guess that he is not all sunshine and daisies.” Phoenix thought to himself. The orange stallion then left without a word.

“That was fun, let’s get started.” Casandra sated. Phoenix’s instincts were on high alert and wanted to get out as quick as possible. It took some time but he finally found the prisoner they were looking for who was already in a cell. When the lawyer saw the pony, he noticed that the prisoner was a mare with a fuchsia mane who was reading by herself.

“Hello, are you the pony that I am supposed to see?” Phoenix asked out of concern. The concern showed on his face then turned into shock and it was as if the gloomy atmosphere itself changed.

“Oh, my holy mother of Luna! I can’t believe that I am meeting THE Phoenix Wright!” It was clear that there was excitement in the mare’s voice. Yet it took a moment for the attorney-at-law to recover from his shock.

“Oh, I see that you are a fan.” Phoenix smiled but in reality he was nervous. It wasn’t that the enthusiasm wasn’t unwelcome; it was because he had to deal with fans before.

“Yes, I am!” Sunny then paused for a moment and looked a bit sad. “I-I didn’t do it; I swear that I am innocent!”

“Don’t worry, I know that you didn’t do it and I am going to get you out of this.” Said Phoenix. He tried his best to reassure his potential client.

“Thank you Phoenix.”

”Your welcome. For starters, how did you get yourself mixed up in all this.” The male lawyer asked.

“If you must know, I was out securing the boats during the storm. My father is a fisher stallion and it is my job to check the boats. That time was around 8:00 pm.”

“8:10. That was ten minutes before the murder so do you have any relation with the victim.” The witch informed.

“Do you have any relation with the victim?” Phoenix asked.

“No and we hardly ever get any visitors. It was an opportunity to make new friends and I wanted to bring pony kind together.”

“I understand why some pony would want unity. It is a world filled with paranoia and mistrust after all.” The alchemist sympathized. That was when Phoenix had more questions than answers. Before getting the chance to question her further, it was at the same time when Hitch returned.

“Visiting hours are over; it is time to go.” Phoenix sighed and nodded his head in agreement as both he and Cassandra left. Once outside, it was back to the uncomfortable glaring and staring.

“How about we get something to eat?” Casandra asked hoping for a change of scenery. The alchemist soon led him to a cafe that reminded the attorney of Sugar Cube Corner.

“I apologize for dragging you into this; I have never introduced myself yet. My name is Casandra.” Casandra apologized and bowed. Phoenix then copied her movement before heading into the shop. The lawyer even tried to ignore the glaring and asked for a menu even though the waiter was rude.

“What the heck was that about?”

“The townsfolk here don’t see eye to eye with everyone else. It has been that way since Equestria has lost its’ magic.” Once he heard this, the lawyer was now alarmed and wondered how it happened. As a result, the defense attorney then began to wonder about other creatures.

“Are you Sunny Starscout‘s lawyer?” To his surprise, he saw two pegasi and one unicorn. It was a white pegasus who reminded him of Rainbow Dash. She didn’t have the ego but he could see a similar color scheme in her main and tail. The mare was also very serious when she confronted him.

“Hello every creature!” Said another pegasus. This one was purple and had fluffy white wings. “This is Pip Petals and I hope you all tuned in for a very special interview. Please like and subscribe!” There was a sudden flash and Phoenix had to rub his eye due to the blinding light.

“Hello, my name is Izzy Moonbow and I am very excited to meet you!” Phoenix first thought was: Pinkie Pie but with a horn.

“I see that you are the one who is going to take Sunny’s case? Admirable.”

“Thanks, and you are?”

“Zipp Storm.”

“I see.”

“Sorry about them, they are Sunny’s friends and they can be a bit protective.” The witch apologized.

“Speaking of Sunny, do you know if the Equestrian defense attorney badge I have is still suitable?” The lawyer then shows the alchemist the pink badge. It looked like a heart and was currently shinning because of the reflection from the sun.

“Unfortunately, that badge is out of date; we would have to go to the Pegasus Empire to reissue your license.” Said Zipp, who was trying to act professional. Once the gang was here, they decided to stay and enjoy a meal. Phoenix couldn’t help but notice that everyone was in a hurry.

“So how are we going to get to the Pegasus Empire?” Phoenix asked.

“We are going to take a plane there, but you are going to have to go in disguise. There is a convention on the same route, and there are many fans who are like Sunny that might recognize you.” Phoenix then smiled and became nervous; he knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. Phoenix had trouble sleeping that night as a result but when morning came, it was chaos.

“Oh, a cake,” Phoenix paused for a moment. “Wait a minute, I know this trick.”

“Surprise!” The cake then exploded. “So how did you like the surprise? You know what, you look like a Pheeny! That sounds great! From now on I am calling you Pheeny!” The defender had no reaction and thought that it was predictable.

“I am sure that you are having a lovely morning.” Said Hitch who came out of nowhere and was being sarcastic.

“Hitch? Where did you come from?”


”Yeah but besides stating the obvious!”

“I am off duty so I get to make fun of your mane whenever I want. Plus, I am also here to protect you from possible harassment.”

“Harassment?” Phoenix exclaimed.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pheeny wore drag? Also, Zipp is going to meet us at the the airport.” Replied Izzy who was being random.

“No! It would not!” The defender denied. All at once, the three ponies looked at each other as if they had an idea. The next thing he knew was that he was now wearing a fluffy coat and a large fedora that covered his face.

“I get the outfit but do I have to wear the shoes?” The lawyer complained.

“But they are fun!” Izzy explained bouncing on her seat. Before getting to the airport, they had to take a bullet train.

“Ah, you have arrive.” Said Zipp once they were at their destination.
It was at that moment when the attorney saw everything segregated.

“Oh man, you guys aren’t kidding.” Said the attorney-at-law. Earth ponies, pegasi, and even unicorns sat in their section of the waiting area.

“Excuse me but pegesai only.” Said an officer who pointed at a sign.

“Do you know who I am?,” Said the social media obsessed pony. It was clear that the mare was angry once the princess was up in the guard’s face. “I am Pip Petals and if you don’t let let us sit together than I am going to right a very nasty review!”

“Of course ma’am. I’ll be on my way.” Said the guard as he left. The defender felt as though he were about to have a heart attack. Yet at the same time, he thought that it was impressive. Once on the plane, Phoenix was doing his best trying to hide since he didn’t want any pony to see what he was wearing.

“Are we there yet?” Came a very annoying question from Izzy.

“No.” Said Phoenix who was now regretting that he answered. As a result, the violet unicorn asked the same question during the entire flight.

“Are we there now?” Said Izzy once they landed.

“After who knows how many times you have said that, yes we are finally here.” Replied an annoyed Phoenix.

“Yay!” The unicorn cheered.

“The Pegasus Empire is on a cloud, so I used alchemy on our shoes so that we can walk on them.” Said Casandra stopping the laywer.

“Oh thanks, why didn’t they provide them before we left?”


“Oh that, right.” At this point, he felt silly. Once they finally made it to the kingdom, he saw that most buildings had a lot of gold. It was everywhere even on the citizens who were of high class. Nearby was a tall skyscraper. It was a building named him.

“State your name.” Said one of the pegasus guards.

“Casandra Wallflower.”

“You may proceed; please keep the others in check.” Said one of the guards. The other guard glared at Izzy and stuck a tennis ball on her horn.

“Ok.” Casandra mocked the guards and gave them a salute.

“Why does that guy look as if he had some beef with Izzy?”

“Oh it is because we were playing this fun game and he is still acting like a sore loser.” Izzy explained startling Phoenix.

“Of course.” The lawyer sighed.

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