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Just a lost box with a few stories to tell.



Our protagonist, a changeling created before the renaissance of its species, wakes up trapped within a cocoon-like egg of sorts. Upon breaking free, he finds that he is underground, alone, and in the dark. He has little to no memories of who he is nor how he got here, yet he feels like he should.

To top it all off, there's a disembodied voice in his head claiming to be the queen of changelings and she has very big plans for him. He can't help but feel like he has his work cut out for him. What a doting mother...

Sequel: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/497868/dark-as-chitin-soul-theory

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Shouldn't this be tagged human as it's HiE?

Okay, diving deep early! I love it!
Just please don't make him betray his mother.

"Pervert," Chrysalis stated bluntly.


"Relax won't you. I'm just messing with you," Chrysalis teased.

Hahahahaha! I legit never expected this would come out of Chrysalis. Nice!

Realmente me justo este capitulo y en general esta historia
espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo, y un saludo desde latinoamerica

Just now finnished reading and I must say, I like the way you write this. You have created great start to great story. Cant wait for more and good luck with writing. May night empress guard your imagination.

Saludos! Gracias por leer.

Why are the chapters so short?

10,000 words in 4 days? I think that's fine with how often some people post. Can't complain

That escalated quickly. Nicely writen chapter, now I really cant wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading. I don't want to keep anyone waiting too long, so I write the chapter to an appropriate length, edit it, and put it out at a moderate pace. I've fully conceptualized the main story plots, but they're different things I want to emphasize so the chapter length can vary.:twilightsheepish:

I have a feeling, this is the start of something great. I'm taking this more seriously than I thought I would.

And I agree. It has been a while since I got hooked like this. You started a really interesting begining of a story and even got me started to speculate who or what is the enemy in this case. Also I like the way you write ol chrissy how she is afraid to be alone (she has no wood stick to talk to anymore), dont know if it was planned but well done. Cant wait for more.

I agree with enaris been some time since a sorry made me think. I too love the way your wright chrysalis where she is afraid of losing chimera andhas a conflict if it is of love or just use.

Just don't burn yourself out. If you start to not enjoy writing then step back and take a brake. If it's a long one then just leave a post for your readers and they will be content.

Will do, but for right now, I'm really enjoying this. :twilightsmile:

"Why, thank you kindly miss. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must be going. It's movie night at Fluttershy's and I can't keep her waiting, she'll give me the silent treatment again," Discord said as he winked at me, stepping through a doorway that I could guarantee wasn't there before.

Oh, the famous "I know what you dont" discord wink. But now i really Wonder what will come next.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

I hope that last quote goes for both mother and son since they both experience something new.
Awesome chapter

I look forward for your next chapter.

I like that part at the end with his back hurting. It's a small detail about something simple but it just adds more to the story.

I hope she does change for the better in her own way.

Well it seems we have Twilight 2.0 with added sprinkles of starlight. If that isnt scary combo dont know what is. Just dont make her too op. But still nicely writen chapter. Keep up the good work.

A twilight 2.0 sounds pretty scary

Ah, Rarity has arrived. Nicely done. I personaly dont mind recomended music, it can help the story, especialy fight/battles. But readers have also preferences in music so there always will be someone who doesnt approve. If you like music given to the story like this, I say go for it. The song you chose is nice for this part.

From the exchange, I assume Rarity wasn't aware about the new potential crisis. I wonder if Twilight will call all of her friends or only the princesses.

Regarding the Author's Note:

Well, I usually listen to Cortana turned Text-to-speech (for the narrator) and random music (for the sake of having a background music). I usually play the music from my drive though, but I don't mind if you suggest some of them, because It's the reader choices to play your recommendation anyway.

P.S. I tried to play the music, and it wasn't so bad.

yeah more music ♥

Good chapter and story so far

Alright, it's decided then. I'll go back and revise some chapters.

Ох май гарбл донила ты что крейзи? - Untranslatable English words in Russian Cyrillic
Not expected

Let's hope our changeling protagonist doesnt get revealed!

Im definitely liking this story so far

for your first story on here it is damn good

But the bars tho. 😳

That means a lot. It was only a series of thoughts before decided to write it.

My bad, it was back in chapter 4.

Not really a bar, just a rhyme.

"Mother told me not to fly too high, lest I run the risk of encountering pegasi."

I am confused but i feel like you are telling me not to have these expectations.

Is human imagination so great that the equestrians cant handle it? Also, bout time you spoke with him Chrys...

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