• Published 8th May 2021
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Dark as Chitin - LostBox

I can hardly remember anything for the life of me, though I feel I should. Why is there a voice in my head?

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Chapter 11: Looming Dread

Starlight Glimmer trotted down the halls of Canterlot castle with a purpose, saddlebag in tow. No pony dared get in her way. Her daughter and friend were attacked tonight and nearly killed. Luckily, Starlight's motherly senses guided her to her daughter when she was in danger...

Okay, maybe not motherly senses in itself. Starlight had placed a spell on Dawn that would allow her to sense fluctuations in her magic no matter where she was. When her magic signature suddenly vanished, she immediately knew something was wrong. That's when she found Discord and convinced him to use his chaos sense to find her daughter. Well, it wasn't really convincing, it was more like loud panicked yelling. But that wasn't important right now.

Starlight pushed past multiple doors, making her way to Twilight's throne room.

Twilight's throne room...

"Okay, Spike, I think it's time to turn in for the night," Twilight said as she stretched her wings out.

Without any warning, the doors to her throne room flung open.

"Twilight, I need to talk to you."

Twilight bolted upright, eyes wide with surprise. "Starlight? Is everything alright?"

Without any words, Starlight opened the latch on her saddlebag and levitated a few documents and a ring over to Twilight. Twilight received the items in her magic, scanning over the documents first.

Twilight muttered to herself. "What in Equestria?"

"What is it, Twilight?" Spike said with a tinge of concern in his voice.

"Something bad, Spike. Something really bad."

"How bad are we talking here? Like dealing with nobles bad, or end of Equestria bad?"

"I'm not sure yet, but I'm definitely not taking any chances."


Next, Twilight began inspecting the ring.

"How peculiar. It's not magic, that's for sure, but it's definitely giving off some kind of ethereal energy."

This was a detail, not even Starlight was able to catch; as expected of the Princess of Magic.

"Spike, send a message to Cadance, Thorax, and the Elements of Harmony to meet me in three days at the council room. Send a separate one to Celestia and Luna just informing them about the situation. If this is as serious as I think it might be, it would be best if we had all hooves on deck."

"On it."

Starlight's castle...

A ray of sunlight aimed at my eyes woke me up from my slumber. I rolled out of bed, carefully getting to my feet. Luckily, the pain in my side was practically non-existent at this point. I moved my limbs around, loosening up my joints. Using my magic, I removed the bandages from my body, disposing of them in a nearby trash can. That's when a horrid stench hit my nose. I sniffed around to find the source only to find that it was emanating from myself.

"Ugh, there's gotta be a shower around this place."

I gave the room a quick once over, noticing a door toward the back of the room. I lazily walked over to it, opening it with my magic.

"Found it."

It was a fairly large bathroom, complete with a sink, shower, bath, and... toilet. I won't lie, I wasn't expecting ponies to use toilets. Making sure to lock the bathroom door behind me, I walked up to the mirror, inspecting myself. A flawless disguise stared back at me. That's when it hit me, I never clearly inspected myself in my changeling form. The only times I had seen it was when I was looking at my reflection in moving water.

Allowing my disguise to fade, I leaned in closer to inspect myself.

"So that's what I look like. Huh," I said to myself.

It's not that the form was particularly displeasing, it's just that it seemed... incomplete. Reapplying my disguise, I trotted over to the shower, moving the curtain out of the way and smiling to myself.

The bath and shower were huge and already set up with a plethora of bathing products.


Before stepping into the shower, I turned the pressure valve with my magic and used my right hoof to test the temperature. Once it was at a perfect temperature, I stepped inside and seated myself in the tub.

I placed the brush on the side of the tub after I finished cleaning my mane, tail, and coat. Taking in a deep breath, I dumped another load of water on myself using magic.

I lifted my right forehoof up to my nose and sniffed it. "Much better."

Satisfied with this, I stepped outside the tub, levitating a towel over to myself and rubbing it against my body to dry off. After feeling dry enough, I shook my body off, causing my fur to puff out. Using the same towel, I dried the floor off and laid the towel down in front of the sink to stand on just in case I missed some residual water on my body.

Standing in front of the sink now, I grabbed a comb and ran it through my mane, coat, and tail a few times. Once done with this, I repeated the process with a nearby brush.

"Now I just need to do something about my breath."

I began opening drawers one by one looking for oral-hygiene supplies.

"Nope, nope, yup," I said as I searched the drawers.

There was a package of unopened toothbrushes, a couple of tubes of toothpaste, and a few cartridges of floss.

Coming out of the bathroom with a towel in my grasp, I began looking for a place to dispose of it. I settled on an empty bin over by the bathroom door and tossed the towel inside, breathing a sigh of relief.

I walked out of the bathroom, closing the bathroom door behind myself. Upon doing so, I noticed a pleasant aroma now filling my room. I followed the smell to the door and opened it. Immediately, I was hit by a smell that I could only describe as wonderful.

I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply.

"Oh, you're already awake. I was just coming to get you, come on, dad made breakfast." Luster Dawn said, snapping me out of my trance-like state.

Breakfast? What kind of breakfast could smell like that? As I followed Dawn throughout the castle, I found myself thinking about everything that had happened, and everything that's still happening.

I haven't known Dawn for long at all, but I almost feel like I've known her forever. Back at the clearing, we were willing to throw ourselves in the way of danger for one another. This mare is crazy for sure, but she's also tough as nails. Is this what it's like to have friends?

I... kind of like it.

Author's Note:
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.