• Published 8th May 2021
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Dark as Chitin - LostBox

I can hardly remember anything for the life of me, though I feel I should. Why is there a voice in my head?

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Chrysalis' Interlude #3

That insolent child! Why wouldn't he listen to me? Didn't he know that he could've died? Doesn't he fear death? Why wouldn't he run? Buck! To Tartarus with everything!

I just don't understand, what changed? He's always listened to me, so what changed? Did I mess up as I did with Thorax? Is he going to abandon me? No, no, calm down, think about this logically. Before that filly showed up, he tried to run once before, but it didn't work. When she did show up, however, she saved his life. He could have easily escaped while she was distracting that creature, but he didn't.

Did he feel he owed her or was it something deeper? Think, what was he feeling when he chose to disobey me. It was... pride and something else. What was it called? He didn't feel pride that aimed to benefit oneself, but pride that aimed to aid another.

Buck, what was that other emotion called? It was... it was... love.

How could I not recognize it? It's the emotion I'm most familiar with. No, there's something different about it, it's not lust. Lust is too sweet and tangy. This is a taste I can't quite describe, but I know it's love. I've felt it once before, from another pony. It was... Starlight Glimmer. How could he feel love for somepony he just met?

UGH! None of this is important right now, he's alive, that's all that matters. No, it is important. What was any of this even about?

Who was that back there in the forest? I can understand consuming other creatures to survive. Changelings are omnivorous after all. What I don't understand is wanting to consume another sapient creature. I mean, I've cocooned creatures to harvest love from them, but I never consumed their flesh.

Even stranger, he committed suicide when being interrogated by Starlight. Using a passive spell, I could hear some of his thoughts, but only in bits and pieces. It's how Chimera was able to avoid those attacks despite their terrifying speed. I was just relaying the meaning of the message without sending the message itself. It's also how I've been gathering intel despite being trapped in stone all this time.

That creature's last thoughts though... he shall rise...

It's along the same lines as that mad colt in Ponyville. That barrier was also strange, when it activated, the thoughts of my child became incredibly feint.

There's something big going on in Equestria, possibly bigger than what happened over a decade ago. I'm not one to easily admit it, but I have an ominous feeling about the future. He shall rise...

Who could that be? What has that child gotten himself involved with?