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A tortured metaphor


Twilight Sparkle is very organized. She has it down to a science.

"A place for everything, and every thing in its place" are words to live by.

It's a completely normal day in Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle has absolutely nothing to worry about.

This is, of course, a serious problem.

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You have my attention

I feel like the Myth of Sisyphus isn't just a Maguffin to get the plot moving, more like an allusion to events to come. With twilight's OCD she definitely fits the role of Sisyphus.

Well this is interesting, it seems that we now have an explanation for Pinkie Pie.

:pinkiesad2: "Life is meaningless."
:pinkiehappy: "So I can make it one big party!"
:pinkiecrazy: "FOREVER!"

This is... interesting. I'm whacking it on my non-specified favourites for now, until it either gets cute or descends into darkness. It's... weird and I don't know what's going on.

That's fair. This story is largely an experiment at writing absurdist comedy, so I only barely know what's going on to begin with. There isn't much left to go, and while I can say with certainty that it won't be turning dark, I don't know if the ending will qualify as cute. But if nothing else, I hope it will clarify things for you.

If not, then oh well. New day, same boulder.

Good work! It took until this chapter for me to finally connect the key Albert Camus/Camel/Dromedary reference. Although you set it up with an extra degree of separation, I should have realized it sooner!

I'm glad someone picked up on it. I'm very fond of hiding things in plain sight in my stories.

"I must imagine you're happy," the mare said.

Twilight puzzled over that. Am I?

"Your spell worked, didn't it?"

All at once, Twilight was overcome with laughter. Of course it worked! Her spell worked! How wonderful it was. "Yes. It did. And I'm very happy."

"Congratulations!" The mare put a small baked good on the counter in offer of celebration. "Muffin?"

"Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV."

That is the final point of nihilism, isn't it? Its all well and good to have these big revelations about the pointlessness of it all, but at the end of the day life goes on. The washing needs to be done, you still have work in the morning and you have family who needs you.

When everything is pointless, it is pointless to worry about it.

In a nutshell. But where Absurdist philosophy distinguishes itself from Nihilism is to take it another step further: if that pointlessness applies to everything, then it applies equally to all of it. If Sisyphus is condemned to push a boulder up a hill for eternity, and such a task is no less meaningless than anything else he could be doing, then he has the absolute freedom to make the task meaningful to himself. I must imagine he is happy.

If life itself has no meaning, then what meaning we find in it is meaningful.

I wish I could save this comment on here somewhere. A very small yet very potent look into nihilism.

This story's gonna stay in the back of my mind forever. All the high-concept philosophical stuff is gonna be forgotten until I read it again, but I'll always remember the experience of reading it. And what an experience it was.

Strange story, but very good and memorable in its own way. I enjoyed reading it.

ah, love this overthinking Twilight! and the horse pun riffs on those classic book names are always really fun

well, now i'm really wishing i read The Myth of Sisyphus! love the casual payoff of the "Lost Quill" incident here, and looking forward to where this time paradox stuff goes next. and Trixie and Starlight's time safari is such a screwball thing to do that is so perfect for those two!

oh, i'm loving this! i haven't read any Camus past L'Étranger and La peste, so i have no idea if this hallway is meant to be a reference to something, but i do love it. i see the Absurd as existential dread, the hallway as where i am when i contemplate it, connecting every moment of my life that i am doing so. even as i get older and accumulate experiences, i can never completely avoid having to go back occasionally, and in those moments of connection i suddenly notice my own aging and the inevitable march of time.

we must imagine Twilight Sparkle happy

which makes me feel like a poser for knowing that quote but never having read the book! well, i thoroughly enjoyed this, and the simplicity of this last encounter is a really great dénouement to all that came before it. something about its atmosphere and feel is really great, and i wish i could describe it better. in any case, thanks for the story!


no idea if this hallway is meant to be a reference to something

The hallway was conceived as part of the first draft before I had the idea to write Albert into the story. (you can read my postmortem about it if you're interested in the background of this story, but the short version is it was originally going to be Discord there, so I when I wrote that part, I was aiming for his season 2 chaos aesthetic) So it's not really a reference, just a surreal place to set the climax of a story about opening a door.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

"Spike, I don't have time for your nonsense. Just go and get the blueprints. I need to stay here and keep an eye on the door in case anything strange happens."

"Maybe you should take a break and eat lunch," Spike suggested.

"Lunch? But I haven't even had breakfast yet. What are you talking about?"

These were very amusing and spot-on early-series put-downs by Twilight before she started treating Spike with a bit more respect that he was due. So casually cruel to the pseudo-little-brother stand-in. :raritydespair:
When I first read this months ago, this chapter really hooked me. It had such amusing characterization an ephemeral setting, accompanied by deep tension!

This story, did manage to get me with enough mystery and weird stuff happening inside to a point I started questioning whether I was reading the same story or not by chapter 3. However, I must say, it didn't do much in terms of comedy for me. I saw jokes, but aside from an instance about Trixie and Starlight, I was not smiling at any of them. Perhaps that's me though as I see others have enjoyed it in that term as well.

Chapter 4 provides an interesting end to all this, "odd" stuff. So overall, this story was weird and mysterious enough for me to remember, but not enough comedy for my taste.

Cici n'est pas une blague. :trollestia:

I'll admit, I'm not much of a comedy writer. Tagging my stories is always a bit of a struggle for me in general, and this story is just weird. So, my apologies if the comedy tag set up the wrong expectations for you. My choice of it here is more in the classical sense, as in that-thing-that's-not-tragedy, where it's not so much about jokes, but a general lightheartedness where nobody gets hurt and everything works out just fine at the end. (All of which is rather new territory for me as a writer.)

Still, thank you for reading.

Considering this was my first real attempt at writing a proper fanfiction with canon characters, I'm glad I could pull that off. I think the basis for Spike and Twilight's interaction in the first chapter is pretty much just that one scene from the first episode.
:moustache: "It was supposed to be a present for Moondancer's party."
:twilightoops: "We don't have time for that nonsense."

I'm certainly glad this story found a fan in you. Thank you!

Howdy, hi!

I'm super enjoying the small jokes that you've been into this so far. The little riffs on Twilight's obsessiveness are quite fun. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Ooooooooooh, I'm actually familiar with the myth of sisphysus and I wonder if it has something to do with what Twilight is going through. The time travel nod with Trixie and Starlight was fun, and I'm really enjoying your characterization of a neurotic Twilight and chill Spike.

Huh, interesting. I was not expecting the philosophical turn in this. Will be interesting to see how the full thing concludes.

Okay, interesting. This was definitely different from what I was expecting from the premise presented. I also wasn't expecting the root cause of the situation to be something so... mundane I suppose? I won't act like I get it, because I don't believe I did (absurdist comedy is really not my speciality and neither is philosophy), but I did enjoy the ride for what it was and it does present some interesting talking/thinking points.

Thanks for the read~!


wasn't expecting the root cause of the situation to be something so... mundane

Well, the whole thing does start out by saying it's a completely normal day. :trollestia:

Thanks for reading!

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