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Braeburn is getting old.

Not as old as he might behave, of course-- with all of his whining and wistfulness, you'd think he was nearing 80. For an athlete, of course, 50 may as well be 80.

His buckball days behind him, Braeburn has turned to coaching. It's only now that he's started to wonder what he may have missed out on during his many years in the rodeo and as a member of Appleloosa's buckball team. More than anything, he'd like to turn back the clock and spend his youth a little less occupied by work.

When he puts out an ad in the Equestrian Gazette, an anonymous stranger offers a rather literal solution to his problem.

It can't possibly be anything more than a clever joke... can it?

Written for Nailah's Shipping Contest! The pairing (Braeburn x Hondo Flanks) was randomly generated. Hope you all enjoy!

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No, it was pretty heavily foreshadowed.

Interesting take, but uhm...doesn't feel like it solves anything. The first problem was Braeburn mid-life crisis, then it became Hondo's condition that affects they relationship and the shift of the protagonist of the story just threw the effect of the revelation out the window, didn't even give it a time to find if the first problem had a solution and then the consecuenses of the revelation just ended up in a scene that just add more questions without an answer.

I think it was a good story but it either needs to stay on track of what it wanted to be at the beggining or give it more story to explain where is it going.

I had no idea who Hondo was, haha! Still, very good job with this story -- the interactions between Braeburn and Hondo are heartfelt and feel very realistic. I enjoyed this one a whole lot! :pinkiesmile:

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