• Published 6th May 2021
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All Against One - Heroic412227

Here's the next battle between the heroes and their arch-frenemy.

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MLP vs. Sid

“Finally...” Sid said, glaring at the glistening Tree of Harmony. “The ultimate power sources.”

But before he could reach his hand out for the Elements of Harmony, a purple beam of magic came flying right past him like a speeding bullet, prompting him to recoil back. “Huh?”

Twilight blew the smoke from her horn as she and her friends stood their ground. “Not so fast, Sid!”

“Ah, my favorite arch-frenemies, what an unexpected—”

“Save it, you!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “We’re never going to let you take over the planet!”

“Well, then I guess I’m supposed to surrender, which I would if I didn’t have THIS!”

And so, with an evil laugh, Sid quickly tapped a few buttons on his wrist controller and backed away. A sudden whooshing sound caught the groups’ ears, prompting them to look around until they all halted at the sky with a gasp. As Sid continued laughing, a massive, metal foot stomped on him, leaving behind an enormous cloud of dust.

Once the dust cleared up, the group soon took a gander at the thing that crushed Sid. It towered over them so much that it was enough to block out the sun. But its height wasn’t the only thing that it had going for it. It had big gloves and boots on its hands and feet, gigantic steel plates on its shoulders, and a face that looked exactly like Sid, but with a transparent dome on its forehead. It certainly was something, if a little strange.

Sid’s arm quickly popped out from below the robot’s foot before he pulled himself out from the ground and fixed up his antennae and wings. “Behold! My latest, biggest invention yet: The ‘Me’ Contraption!”

“The ‘Me’ Contraption…? Clever,” Rainbow Dash snarked.

“What?! It’s a working title!”

“THAT’S MY LINE!” Trixie shouted from a distance.

Sid cleared his throat. “Anyway…” He pressed another button and vanished in a brown light. He soon reappeared from inside the mech’s cockpit and grabbed a hold of the controls.

“Now, Mane Six… and friends! Tremble before me as I finally defeat—!”

But soon, his monologue was interrupted when another magic blast hit his cockpit. That must’ve been one heck of a shot, as it was enough to slightly knock back the mech.

Coming in like a missile was Twilight, who flew at the top of the mech with a serious glare. “And for the record, we’re not calling ourselves that!” The machine tried to swat her away, but she dodged almost each and every try. Almost there. However, the mech quickly flicked her away.

Just then, a clunking sound hit Sid’s ears. Applejack bucked at the machine as hard as she could, but to no avail. “Seriously? That’s your best attack—? Hey!”

“No, but it made for a great distraction!” Rainbow Dash zoomed back and forth at the mech’s body, dealing each blow that shook its inners. “Stop that! This is a very delicate contraption!”

“Which only gives a better chance at defeating you! Sorry, Pinkie Pie.” Together, Twilight, Starlight, and Rarity all threw her peppy, pink friend in the air with her magic. “It’s okay!” Extending her back leg out, Pinkie Pie gave a slight kick in the torso. It may have been tiny, but it was still enough to slowly make the giant robot tumble back. “Woah, woah, woah! Dang you, Mane Six!”

Fluttershy tried to shoo the poor woodland creatures away until the mech’s gargantuan shadow loomed over them. Fluttershy wrapped the animals around herself, anticipating the inevitable. Luckily, the yellow-coated pegasus opened her eyes to see Twilight, Starlight, and Rarity all straining to levitate the torso. “Fluttershy, hurry! Ugh, I don’t know how much longer we can hold this!”

Fluttershy grabbed the animals to her chest and fluttered out of the way. Twilight soon tilted the giant contraption away from the Tree of Harmony and let the mech drop next to it. The impact was so loud that it caused a huge flock of birds and butterflies to fly off in fright.

“Phew!” Twilight sighed. “Great work, guys. We beat him.”

“Heck yeah, we did!” Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash cheered before chuckling at each other.

“Yep, and I helped,” Spike chimed.

“You did? How?” Rarity asked.

Spike pointed at the huge burn mark at the heel of the machine. So that’s how the mech was able to be tipped over so easily.

“Oh. Well, great job, Spike,” Starlight said.

“Ah, shucks,”

Sid soon pushed the hatch. The impact of the mech’s velocity was enough to swirl his eyes, but he shook his head to keep them straight. “Well, back to the drawing board… again.”

Twilight and her friends’ shadows slowly covered Sid. All of them glared at him as if it looked like they were going to punish him, which they were. “Okay, I see where this is going. You’re all going to send me off to Tartarus and then—”

“Nope!” Twilight said.


“Actually, I’ve got a much better punishment for you in mind.” What punishment could be worse than Tartarus, exactly? Being turned to stone? Being banished to a faraway place? Death?!

Actually, none of these things. A slab of wet cement splashed on a huge brick as Sid smoothed it out with a small trowel. Sweat began to build up as he peered at the top of the tower. “Uh… how many bricks do I need in order to fix this?”

“A lot.” Fluttershy said with a sneaky grin. “And you have to fix up the entire hole with no technology, gadgets, or minions to help you.”

“That’s right. And if we ever catch you slacking off or complaining, we’re gonna have to bust out the big guns.” Rainbow Dash pointed at Pinkie Pie, who was seen menacingly eating frosting while sporting a huge, frosting-covered grin. This was all it took to make Sid quiver in disgust. “Now, get back to work, lackey!”

Sid sighed and rolled his eyes as he grabbed another brick and slathered it with a dipped-in dab of cement. The others soon laughed at the misfortune of their arch-frenemy.

Author's Note:

This was an idea that I just wanted to write for fun on Google Docs, but I decided to make it into a full, one-shot story.

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Seems alright enough of a story. I will give it an upvote.

Nice one-shot there.

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