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I will hijack stories and make crap. Why? Because there are stories with dark endings, death, pain, misery. I will make such stories happy. I will save the characters from a cruel end.


This story is a sequel to THE IMPOSTER AMONG US

My Little Pony X Among Us Crossover

Join the cast of My Little Pony once again in this MLP Among Us crossover of Twilight and her friends as they struggle to survive, when they don't even know themselves. All they know is that there is a killer on the loose, who will stop at NOTHING to make sure the crew doesn't succeed.

Secrets are discovered, allies are made. Alliences are formed, and broken.

As more and more is discovered, it's only a matter of time before those proclaimed innocent decide to SNAP! someone's neck.

Something else lurks in the shadows. The only safe spots are in the light. Such a shame the lights keep burning out.

Imposters are of little concern, when there's something that only wants to kill, regardless of your class.

We hope you enjoy the ride of S. S. Ponyville.
Hopefully you brought a flashlight.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 3 )

Managed to reading on this one too.

Cygow danced through the bodies. She remembered the lives she took. How good it felt. But alas, she was not early enough to stop this. She could, however, make sure her bestie still had a daddy.

So did Luna died during that?

Why do you keep thinking "Luna"? What word association pops out as Luna!?!?

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