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The Impostor Among Us 2 - FIM Fiction

MLP X AMONG US. Secrets have been learned. Many have been killed, and yet, we get another chance to find out Who Are The Imposters. But that's not as important, when you have a common enemy...

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3, Stay out of the Darkness.

Drew a fancy Dinosaur.

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I amaze even myself at times.

Following the map, but I forgot where to. I'll figure it out when I get there. Also I think I got shot by a shot.

Sir sat on the top of the radio tower with a trumpet. And Missy was trying to figure out WHY. "Sir! Why are you up there?" she shouted. For the fifth time.

Sir sat quietly, watching the horizon.

Mr Brown: a black crewmate in a white suit and a black top hat, and Mr Black: a Brown crewmate in a black suit and brown floppy cap walked over.

"I say, what is that chap doing?" Mr Black asked, his voice thick with fanciness.

"I have no idea." Mr brown said, his voice normal.

Missy sighed. "I have no idea, but he's late for garbage duty."

"I say, our schedules are most unorganized." Mr Black said with a firm nod.

"Yeah, but we really can't do anything about it until Twilight arrives and convinces Boss to make a better schedule." Mr Brown said.

Suddenly Sir raised the trumpet to her face, took a deep breath, and began to loudly blare God Bless America.

"Odd. I supposed he would have done a military wake up call." Mr Black said.

"Sir's not really military. He just wears the uniform." Missy explained. "God Almighty gave him some healthy longs."

"Huh?" Mr Brown asked.

"Sir can play real loud. I think the settlements can hear him." Missy said. "Hopefully Boss doesn't get too mad."

Sir sharply moved his head to avoid an arrow, yet continued to play. 'Haters gonna hate, I'm gonna play'


Everyone shambled in line, being served dinner rations. Fluttershy stood behind the counter, making small chat with those she served. Two Bed chambers had been found, and a single boys bathroom was discovered. It was also discovered that a fully functioning kitchen was connected to the cafeteria.

Singed walked up to the counter. "Goodness! What happened to your hair?" Fluttershy asked. She was shoved out of the way by Rarity.

"Good Heavens, your mane!" Rarity exclaimed. "Oh- Sorry." she apologized to Fluttershy, helping her back on her hooves.

"Yup, my mane. Cooked myself a little with an oven. Calling myself Singed!" Singed said with a giggle. "Anyway, I'll just have a Pink ration. Don't wanna test my stomach."

Fluttershy nodded, setting a Pink ration on her tray. Singed walked over to a table, taking a bite out of the food. "Hm. Bland."

"EIIIIIEEE!" The screams pierced the halls.

Rainbow Dash leaped to action. "Big Red, Tall White, Singed! With me!" she said, running to the hall. Big Mac, Celestia, Singed, Time Turner and Cygow quickly followed.

Rainbow Dash and the others galloped down the halls. The lights flashed down on their backs, no one taking the time to notice the strange appearance of Cygow. They entered the


"White! Are you alright!?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"My suit's torn." Rarity deadpanned. "I'm on the ground. I'm covered in blood. And it's my own. So dearie, WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK!?"

"Geez!" Rainbow Dash said, rubbing her ears.

"Hey R T Y's sister, what's your name?" Singed asked, bended her knees rather then bending down to be level with Rarity. "I think she'll be really happy to see a living family member!"

Rainbow Dash stared at Singed. 'Alright, so these Pink things aren't that smart.'

"I... I don't remember my name." the Impostor stated.

"That's alright! Just pull out your wallet from your pocket!" Singed straitened up. "Does that rhyme?"

"Her name isn't important." Cygow said, helping the impostor to her hooves. "What's important is that we all survive." She turned to face Rainbow Dash. "There are things worse then Impostors." Her scars bled slightly. "My face is bleeding, isn't it?"

"Yes. It is." Time Turner said. He and the others now realized they saw Rarity serving with Fluttershy.

Cygow sighed, before staring at a dark corner of the room. The shadows there were a little too thick. "Right then, everyone leave."

The Impostor took a step closer. "What is that?" A drop of blood landed in the shadow.

"Pony feathers." Cygow cursed, before the Impostor was yanked into the darkness. "EVERYONE LEAVE!" The others quickly ran out of the door. Rainbow Dash zoomed back in, grabbing a lazer gun. She quickly shot it at the Darkness, causing it to let out a screech.

"Okay, NOW let's go!" Rainbow Dash said, yanking out the Impostor. "Move it!" She continued to fire at the creature, before it vanished into the vents.

Cygow pulled the gun away from Rainbow Dash. "This is only a stunner... LIGHT! Bright concentrated light!" she exclaimed. "Stay in the light, and you stay safe. Be sure to tell everyone this." she said, handing back the weapon.

"Wait, why me?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Cygow smiled, walking back into the red light of the halls, showing off her Twisted Form. She walked into a beam of light, reverting back to normal. "Because you just saved this whole little group's life! You're a hero!" she said, before running away from the group, flashing between forms.

Rainbow Dash frowned. "Right, let's head back. I'm hungry." She glanced at the Impostor. "So..."

"R T Y, here to help. Once I'm healed that is." the impostor said. "Although if my sister goes by the same, then... Just call me Ratty, like the rodent."

Rainbow Dash stared. "Ooookay then." The group walked down back to the


All eyes landed on the group. "So, what happened?" a Pink 1 asked.

"It was AMAZING!" Singed exclaimed. She pulled out her microphone, before leaping onto a table. "So there we all were, rushing in to help! We find Ratty all injured and what not, with a shadow monster attacking her! We were panicing like crazy when BAM! Ranab grabbed a gun and started to shoot the monster, sending it back into the vents! She saved us all!"

Cygow snuck in, sitting at a table. Rainbow Dash and the others frowned. "That's not what happened at all." Rainbow Dash said.

"Three cheers for Ranab Dish!" Cygow shouted. "Hip Hip Hooray!"

Rainbow Dash blushed slightly as cheers for her erupted across the cafeteria. "Phh, it was nothing." she said. "But honestly yeah, it was pretty amazing."

Author's Note:

The picture came out so good...
Now it looks like trash. Oh well.

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