• Published 4th May 2021
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A Secret Admirer 3: Spike's Sacrifice (AU) - 1jckuhn

A version of Spike's Sacrifice if the events of "A Secret Admirer" played out.

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Chapter 4: Garble's Revelation


Smolder sniffed as she looked out the window of her dorm room. It was the fifth day without her better half. Her Spike. Her one true love. To her, however, it felt like it was five weeks, five months, five years, five centuries. She hated every second of every day that Spike wasn't with her. Even though she had listened to Fluttershy's speech intently, she found herself unable to move on no matter how hard she tried.

Smolder's friends didn't know what to do. Although they missed Spike as well, they had taken the advice of Fluttershy's speech and were trying to move on. They had tried to reach out to her to provide her with some type of comfort in those three days between when Spike died to his funeral, but she just distanced herself from everyone and when one of them did run into her, she usually looked like she was about to cry and usually did when they assured her it would be "okay". When they were at the funeral, Smolder's breakdown after her funeral speech was probably the worst mental episode that Smolder's friends had seen from her. They knew Smolder was grieving and she needed time to cope, but they had never seen her this emotionally shattered before.

"This sucks," grumbled Gallus to the others. "Our friend is totally crushed and we can do nothing to help her."

"I know," sighed Sandbar. "What can we do, though? She's just vegetating in her room most of the time there has to be some way we can reach her."

"A better question would be why she seems the saddest out of Spike's whole harem," Gallus said. "I mean sure she thought of Spike as more than a friend, but everyone else in his harem is coping better with the event than Smolder is."

"I feel like there's a deeper pain in Smolder that we can't even begin to imagine," Ocellus thought aloud. "Problem is we have no way of telling if that's true or not."

"Yona agree with Changeling statement," Yona added.

"I actually have an idea," Silverstream chimed in. "But I don't know if you'll all be on board with it."

"Tell us, Silvy," Gallus said.

Silverstream couldn't help but blush slightly as Gallus' nickname for her. For the past four months, the Hippogriff and Griffon had found themselves falling for each other. Three weeks ago, they had finally decided to act on their feelings for each other and go on a date. They had enjoyed it and since then, the two had become a couple. They couldn't be happier together. Silverstream had even moved her stuff into his dorm room so they could spend night after night snuggling in bed with each other. Lucky for her, Gallus had mistakenly been placed in a dorm room that was meant for two people rather than one. He was going to move out, but changed his mind once Silverstream and he got together.

"Well, Smolder does have that big, red Dragon as a brother," Silverstream explained. "I forget his name, but I believe it starts with a "G". She did also mention the he's a poet."

"Oh, that guy?" Sandbar asked. "He is known for being brash, but, according to Smolder, he's trying to snap out of that and he does care very deeply for his sister. It's worth a shot. Let's try it."

The others nodded in agreement. At this point, they'd do anything to pull their friend out of the dumps. Right as they were heading out the door, however, they happened to run into the dragon they were looking for.

"Whoa, easy there," Garble said.

"You're just the dude we were looking for," Gallus said.

"Oh, really?" Garble asked.

"Yes, really," Gallus replied. "Listen it's about your sister, Smolder. We've all been noticing she's been taking Spike's death the hardest out of Spike's whole harem, but every time we try to reach out to her, she just distances herself from us. We're wondering if maybe you could nudge her in the right direction."

Garble let out a sigh. He knew sooner or later they'd have to hear this about Smolder.

"There's something else to all this, you guys," he said. "I'd like you to get Twilight and her friends here too. I want them to hear this as well."

"I'll get them," Sandbar said and ran off.


True to his word, Sandbar had gathered the Element Bearers, Starlight Glimmer, the Crusaders, and Gabby rounded up in the Friendship Castle's library. Now, all 16 creature were sitting down ready to listen to what Garble had to say.

"Alright," Garble sighed. "I wanted to tell you all this when Smolder first started attending the School of Friendship, but she begged me not to tell you all this. At a young age, she was diagnosed with severe depression. She does act a little tomboyish, but that's just a cover up because she doesn't want to have others see her deep sadness. When she first came there, I was really worried that they'd make fun of her about it and she tried to weasel out of it when Ember drug her over there. Among those people I assumed would make fun of her, uh...included Spike, I'm sorry to say, because I was worried he'd break off the friendship when he found out I was her brother. In fact, the only real reason I was a jackass to Spike when he came to visit me was to prevent him from finding out about Smolder's depression. Looking back, when I really stopped and thought about it, I realized Spike would've probably supported Smolder rather than teasing her. I just freaked out internally and never stopped and thought to myself if teasing someone over something like this was in Spike's nature. I have a bad habit of acting without thinking. Things were going well after the whole dragon eggs, until I heard about that secret admirer fiasco. I found myself at another crossroads and this time, I made the right choice and trusted Spike with being in a relationship with my sister. After that whole hospital confession, Smolder's demeanor changed dramatically. She found herself becoming more happier. She neglected to take her meds more and more often, until she eventually ditched them altogether after less than two weeks. I can't describe how happy I was to see Smolder finally overcome her depression. Who would've thought my arch-rival would be the one who pulled my sister back on track? So, for about two-and-a-half months, Smolder had no more unhappy thoughts. She was as happy as can be with Spike as her boyfriend, and I, personally, was looking forward to seeing those two, as well as the rest of the harem, growing up together. Then, well, I think we all know what happened on that day. You weren't the only ones who Smolder became distant from. I had tried my hardest to comfort her in those four days, but nothing worked. In fact, she only seemed to feel worse with each attempt I made. I really don't know what to do now. I've done everything I can think of to cheer her up and I'm all out of ideas. I know we haven't gotten along well in the past, but I really need your help with Smolder. She's been sad because of her depression before, but it's never been this bad."

The others were shocked by what Garble had to say. After a solid minute of processing his explanation, Fluttershy spoke up.

"Well, we're not going to have that," she announced in a tone becoming more like bold Fluttershy. "We cannot stand by and allow one of our own to wallow in her misery while we go on with our lives."

"Agreed," added Twilight. "You know, Smolder's always tried to act normal whenevver she's around us. I suppose she's trying to hide the fact that she's emotionally crushed."

"She does that a lot. Even around me," Garble sighed. "So, what's the plan? I really don't know how to cheer her up."

"Leave it to me, Garble," Fluttershy said kindly. "I think I know exactly what to say to her."

With that said, the 16 creatures raced off back to the dorm rooms to try and put a smile on their depressed friend's face. Garble could only hope that the pain hadn't become too much for his little sister to handle and prayed she didn't do something drastic.