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A crossover with Titanfall about an unfortunate series of events for a rather unlucky pilot.

Death - Obvious.
Profanity - Obvious.
Violence - Obvious.

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Instant favorite because Titanfall.

I do enjoy a good titanfall story, ill give it a read once its gots some more words under its belt so I don't starve myself for content too quick.

not many titanfall stories cant wait to see how this turns out.

Does this take place before, during, or after OG Titanfall?

After, probably even after the second. it mentions the Mark 6 Smart pistol which is created after TitanFall 1 as in that game it was the Mark 5.

Like a wise man once said
"I dont think this ronin is ready for what im 'bout to say"

Can't wait to see this!

Op, Titanfall...
*Sends to Fav*

A Titanfall story?

Congrats on making it to the featured box!

I wish I had the time to read this, but I'm overloaded as is.
Good luck with carrying this through to the end! :pinkiesmile:

Ooooo. Titan fall cross-over.
Never done(correctly) before would love to see the pilot and robot survival

Gotta agree. Titan Fall is one of those genres I like but is kinda rare in fimfiction. I gave up looking for a good Titan Fall story long ago. I mean, once I got Titan Fall 2, I did look again, but still no luck.

I'm probably not going to read this story for a long while. As I usually do with freshly new stories, wait to see if it dies out or not, and should it still be going a month or two later it'll give a good binge.

Well well well. You had my curiosity at 'Titanfall' and 'story'. And now my attention because of good writing. Looking forward to where you're gonna take this story.

Question; why does both the Captain and the Pilot have Smart Pistols? Far as I’m aware those things are only seen in Sere kits, because they’re understandably really bloody hard to make, expensive as all get out.

So why is the pilot casually carrying one around like a normal pistol, and why was the captain doing the same?

On another note, how was he perfectly removed from his Titan? Like... how?

I do agree on the first statement, although if we try to excuse it we could say the captain has it due to.... Rank? And our pilot friend could have had to pick his from the sere kit due to the emergency or shortage. The latter is really stretching it but it's all that comes to mind.
And to your second question.... MAGIC! :rainbowkiss: Equestria works in mysterious ways

I like the idea of the Militia having enough supplies at this point to allow senior officers and experienced Pilots the 'pick of the litter'.

Also, magick :rainbowkiss: Nah but that's an actual story beat that'll get explained.

Well. That doesn't sound good Griffon wise.

Oh yis, a new chapterino!

A good titanfall story? Hell yeah! Hard to find these around here, also can I just point out that no body is seeing the Halo reference for our main character/pilot?

Interesting. Ich await more.

I am very excited to read another Titanfall story on here!

Enjoyable so far. I find myself reading AK's parts in the bad Russian accent from the cosmonaut in Armageddon.

Okay, what's going on with the Griffons? Does this take place in the future?

Keep up the great work

Is that a Vanguard Titan like BT or a Monarch?

Alpha class titans are basically what the cover image for the story are, they were a class of titan in Titanfall 1, later replaced by the various classes like Tone and Legion in Titanfall 2.

Basically, AK is an old fucker who got new legs, so to speak.

Sweet never play TF1 though just TF2 monarch main best ever 30k streak no deaths

Alpha or Atlas class titan?

Amazing story so far, cant wait for the next chapter!

Awesome so far. How regularly can we expect updates?

Just a heads up, but if he’s in a desert and that’s a giant slab of metal, he really shouldn’t be touching it for fear of burning himself.

Deserts get extremely hot at day, and extremely cold at night. The former because the sand reflects the sun’s heat like nobody’s business, and the latter because the sand doesn’t retain heat well. Metal, however, loves to absorb and radiate heat. A giant metal slab in a desert will be heated to the point it will boil water in seconds, depending on how much sun said desert gets and how much of that sunlight is reflected onto the metal. Given the description implies a towering (multi-storeyed) hunk of metal, it’s absorbing a lot of heat. He shouldn’t be touching it.

Secondly, on that same note, when settling down a camp to sleep the night you prepare not for the heat, but for the extreme cold. Placing something on the sand to lie on to avoid issues (because it’s sand) and placing something above to cover from the sunlight and protect from harsh winds (desert wind is dangerous, there’s nothing to break it, hence why sandstorms are a thing. The sand carried by the wind can strip meat from bones quite easily).

Thirdly, he needs to cover himself more in general. He’s carrying equipment that is (as with most things) not designed to deal with large amounts of sand. In the desert, sand is the one thing in abundance. The fact that there was already a line commenting about sand in his weapon is bad enough. He needs to cover both himself and his equipment, the sand will damage his eyesight, his skin and any exposed equipment he is carrying. The Titan will do better as it’s a machine built to handle getting knocked around, but it likewise should not be staying in the desert for too long, else the joints and other openings will become full of sand and liable to fail.

Arguably the worst place they both can be, as military personnel, is the desert. The Titan has the right idea by tracking water. Get to the water, and get out of the desert.

Well now, that's really unfortunate right there. He's gotta be the one of a very few dudes I've seen get dumped out in the middle of a desert. Most folks end up in the Everfree or some other mana-intense environment.

An Arabian on the ground grabbed the attention of a few of his comrades, pointing towards the faded red symbol of their country on the hull of the ship, it’s name even still legible. “SAS Striped Fury. Looks like an older model Fyrefly cruiser, doesn’t it?”

Space-age Equus then? Interesting.

Semi-regularly. I'm going to attempt a schedule with this one.


Basically, AK is an old fucker who got new legs, so to speak.

Something something "Beware an old A.I. in a disposable A.I. universe"


Also, the reason I asked in the previous chapter when this story took place is because I noticed you specified AK was an Atlas-Class titan. I didn't realize he was that old.

He watched as the Atlas class chassis of his Titan, AK-5823 climbed out of the breached section of hull, engaging the magnetic locks in his feet to walk right along the ship towards his current position. He snickered as that big dopey fucker made his way, noting the now probably long dead Techs added the new sonar lock and tracking rockets like he’d asked.

So Im assuming this will be taking place before Titanfall Two as the Titan is not one of the classes from TF2 and is atlas from the first game.


Nah, apparently he's just really sodding old, and the Militia isn't so flush with resources that they can afford to junk a perfectly serviceable titan.

Oh really? huh, I mean they could just upgrade him into an Ion or Tone, you can see that the non-prime version of those titans are just recycled Atlas Titans.


Aren’t those potentially inferior to the original versions though? What with their lack of load out versatility and regenerating shields?

Not really, ion and tone are both incredibly good in their own rights. Ion has a multitude of laser weaponry that would beat out atlas, plus tone beats out atlas in offensive and defensive capabilities with its shield and 40mm canon with lock on missiles. They both essentially are more specialized, which is good because more specialized means it is easier to produce then say the customizable titans of tf1. That's why t34s are superior to German counterparts, but in this case they are also better quality and quantity. Not to mention militias busted vanguard class titans.

Good start titanfall is a favourite of mine

I haven't personally played Titanfall, but soldiers fighting in large mechsuits does catch my interests.

And so therefore, gained my interest to your story. It looks pretty decent so far.

Hmm. An interesting turn of events.

Based on context, it would appear this reality of Equestria has a higher level of technology than the original reality; seemingly on par with our resident Pilot and Titan.

Was this advanced Equis the natural evolution of the world, or did the jump mess with space and time too? The unstable particles sending pieces of the Orwell into the past which was later reverse engineered?

And about the Griffons and Arabians, it sounds like the Griffons are on a conquest, and the Arabians are the ones being occupied. Are they good guys, or are they bad guys? And where does Equestria sit in this issue?

Many questions I have, many answers I seek.
I guess I'll have to keep reading to find them out.

Not a bad opening! Though... I would suggest getting an editor to help clean up your story and tighten up some places I noticed. Aside from that though, I'm gonna keep my eye on this one.

Well, that's a fine start to diplomacy...

Hmm, opening fire on first contact with honest to god aliens doesn't seem like a good idea, but I doubt the Militia has protocols for this.

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