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I am just a normal writer who loves to share and write his stories. And also read other stories.


The last enderdragon named Ender, who was raised by two humans, named Steve and Alex, when he was just an egg. After the death of his adoptive parents by an evil entity named Herobrine, Ender is left alone in the Overworld. While exploring the vast world, Ender comes across a portal that he has never seen before, after traversing the portal. Ender finds himself in a whole new world, full of creatures called ponies that he has never seen in all his years of adventures. Ender quickly befriends a group of them, after helping them with some evil creatures called changelings. Ender now has a new home and new friends that he loves and vows to protect at all costs. Unfortunately, Herobrine and his army manage to cross the portal and reach Equestria, which aim to conquer and enslave its inhabitants. But Ender won't let them.

(I also want to give credit to user Animator Snake, as I was inspired by his story "From grass to Bedrock" to write Ender. I really appreciate it and recommend his story.)

Chapters (2)
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Let's hope that Shining Armor ISN'T a God Damn Traitor, or a Racist/Xenophobic Asshole like the last one.

I am confused by some things, is he anthro or is he the normal dragon from the game in a small house using tools? I’m confused on that.

No, there is nothing anthro in this story. Let's say that Ender and all Minecraft characters are no longer made of cubes, now they are more realistic.

I've never actually played Minecraft... What exactly are Endermen and what do they do? What's so bad about them?

Still confused on how the dragon is using tools and wearing armor but ok. Good story idea.

Well basically the enderman are creatures that measure three blocks and they will only attack you if you look them in the eye, hit them or point them with a crossbow or a bow. They can hold blocks and when you kill them they will leave an ender pearl upon death.

Basically they are not bad, they are neutral, they will only attack you if you provoke them. And here in my story they are like Ender's brothers. And when he needs pearls to teleport or to go to the End he will only trade with the piglins and villagers. They are basically like Ender's subjects and followers.

They are a neutral mob, one of the tallest in the game, and can teleport. And they can’t be hit by projectiles. EVER. Plus they are naturally horrifying. At night for new players.

Ender is just like a normal human. But bigger and with wings on its back and horns on its head.

Interesting concept. I like it!

Pls don’t forget this, but if u have problems coming up with things. We understand, so take ur time

that long description kinda spoiled a lot of the story
just leave it at "he finds ponies" anything else past that is spoliers

But ... in Cerio I need to cut down some trees

its not "in cerio", its "seriously"
auto correct wont fix that because it doesnt resemble the correct word

Null then took out a black colored lighthouse

beacon not light house

Ender placed his hand on the portal


very pog start this goes in my tracking and favorites

Comment posted by Confluxes deleted May 4th

You could have at least given credit to the other story you're blatantly plagarising. I mean you literally just copy pasted about 90% of this from the first page of "from grass to bedrock"

He gave me permission to take a few paragraphs from his story. And I promised him I wouldn't do it again. Sorry if you think this is plagiarism in the first few paragraphs, but I remind you that he gave me permission. Also the next chapters will be my way, I promise you.

I want to give a clarification, if you notice some similarities in the first paragraphs with the first paragraphs of From grass to bedrock then he clarified that I asked his writer for permission to modify the first paragraphs and add them to my story. I do not want to be accused of plagiarism and also it was only for this first chapter so it will not happen again. Thank you very much for understanding and sorry if you consider it plagiarism.

I'ma put this on read later and see how long it gets, but this seems very good so far.
Hoping for more and looking forward to the next chapter

OK I get ya still seems weird that you didn't credit it but fair enough

Thank you for understanding. And calm down I will not do it again.

You earned a another follow

I found a hand full of mistakes in this chapter. I recommend going back through it.
Other than that it was good.


Its actually: or do you take me for a fool

"Umm, I don't get it. There are only supposed to be 3 dimensions. This is weird." Herobrine then pulled out a map from her inventory. He got angry again as he couldn't see anything on the map. Herobrine tossed the map and burned it with her lighter.

Her or his?

It’s sunshine sunshine, not sun sun, also you keep referring to Cadence as he when you mean she.

Forgot to mention you seem to have trouble with using the proper gender pronouns for characters.

Look, imma be honest here, this is like different people working on the same book but have different skills. In the first chapter, it was fine, but then fast forward to the second chapter, everything is different, more grammar errors, misuse of words and figures of speech. I hope you don't rush this, and i hope you take this criticism to heart, i just want to see you improve
No hate here.

Oh man please read a dictionary it freakin hurts
Story seems good but please it's hard to read it

Hello everyone. I wanted to clarify something. Many of you have encountered grammatical errors in this chapter, because of that, I will spend more time writing the chapters of this story. I'll also take the time to make corrections and get a dictionary. I don't want to make the same mistakes from my previous story. So, if you see that it takes me a long time to publish chapters, it is because of the corrections that I will make. I promise you there will be no more flaws in these chapters. Thank you for your understanding and also for your criticism. I'll do my best.

hey there will be flaws 'here and there' nobody is prefect and hey you have a great story so far keep it up!!!

np but still its "axe'' not ''ax'' and please decide on what gender you want your characters to be XD

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