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Sex while brushing their teeth? Why didn’t they invite Minuette?

Love the cover art. Shows off a Brat-Milf side of Velvet.

I tend to prefer some dialogue, especially with one of my favorite pairings, but this was quite well done


I tend to prefer some dialogue

As you well know, most of my stories are very dialogue heavy. It's an aspect I love writing.
So this was written partly as a challenge to myself to do a story entirely without dialogue.
But mostly, I was inspired ages ago to write a short fic based on the comic by Kanashiipanda.
I only just now got around to writing it. Naturally with some creative liberties taken.

Interesting. And of course the art that inspired it had no dialogue

Might you possibly do a dialogue version like you did an alt version for Date Plans?


I've got a whole list of other things to write.

This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the toothbrush scene from the Monogatari anime, would it?


I was inspired ages ago to write a short fic based on the comic by Kanashiipanda.

Part of me has on and off wanted to write a fic based off the comic (ID: 1138881) where Shining and Velvet go at it with her having a picture of Cadance's cutie mark taped to her and she chides Shining for finishing internally. "Shiny! You just came inside your filly friend. What if you got me *gasp* teenage pregnant? What would your mother say?"


But I already got something special in the works just for you.

Vagina dentata?

'ay, fool, you've made a career on Shining Armor schtupping his little sister... but when you gon' man up and have him cast eyes at his little brother?

Derpibooru is working for you? I haven't been able to connect to it (including via your links) in a couple of days.

Is it wrong that I want his cock to brush her teeth, tongue, and throat with his cum being the toothpaste?

As always, you grace us with a hot read. Well-done!

10798311 You mean like a novelization of Braeburn's Comic Relief?

If he had woken up a bit later and caught her at the breakfast table, it would have been a different story as he would have crawled underneath to eat a breakfast of his own.

Forgot that green “he”

Sexy and hot in several ways!

You really should have used Derpy for that.

That said, I'm totally locked out, no response. I'll try from a different IP when I have time, maybe refresh DNS. Thanks for letting me know.

In the meantime I'll just have to imagine all those ShiningSpike pics.

ArDee #27 · May 2nd · · ·

God, even without dialogue, you're awesome at nailing that perfect transition from hesitance, to indulgence, to casual carnality when it comes to writing incest, Shakes. Lewd as hell and a really captivating read. Seriously good stuff, you're the real OG with this kinda thing. An honest-to-goodness inspiration for me.

awesome story my friend keep it up cant wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

That brings new meaning to the phrase "oral hygiene".

Ahh good ol' shakes, you always remind me that mother's day is just around the corner, I'd likely forget if it weren't for you. Your are for mother's day what santaclause is for christmas, a true holiday icon.
I should remind my mother that I love her.... after my raging boner subsides.

If you wanna see some ShiningSpike pics, I recommend Braeburned’s gallery on furaffinity

You get a like for your good grammar and a fav for explaining why shining never tried to flirt with anyone on duty
It all makes sense now

I trust Shakes to be an unbiased judge in his contests, even when judging his own work.

Just because his own work tends to always win his contests by a landslide doesn't mean anything, right?

This is my favorite type of story, and it was written extremely well. If I did the deed to these, you surely would've succeeded. Thank you, guy I've never met before.


Vagina dentata,
What a wonderful phrase.
Vagina dentata,
Is no passing craze.
It means no penis,
For the rest of your days.
It's a problem-free,
Vagina dentata!

Shenzy #41 · May 3rd · · ·

This is a story about how Twilight Velvet brushes her teeth every morning, and yet it still has a Mature rating.

Me: suspiciously narrows eyes Oo I'm on to you! >.<

Queen of Wands did a great version of that (I assume that is likely your source).

(take it home for us Trixie)

It means no wieneeeeeer, for the rest of your daaaaaays!
It's a penis-free,
Girl cavity:
Vagina dentata!

This was pleasing, and also relevant to my interests.

The terrifying part is when you've read enough TvTropes that you don't actually have to Google it.

I didn't need to either, but that would not have been as comedic.

I was hoping it was going to be a joke and... nope, porn. Dang.

Shake-Shack 2021, let's get liquored up belt it from the roof!

Not sure, it was a long time ago, I remember it having distinctly male voices.


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