• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Impenetrable Defense! Dusk Balkesh!

The Dazzlings were currently at Bael house. It took awhile to get Aria to finally come into his house, but they were able to get Aria to come in. Bael was already in the back getting ready for the Dazzlings to arrive. Aria blushes and looks away when she see's Bael.

"I'm glad you guys were able to arrive. Now come on! I want this to be a Battle Royale! Everyone against everyone, no one is a friend with one another." Bael said.

"That sounds like so much fun! I'm in!" Sonata said, jumping up and down, taking out her bey.

"I'm fine with that. But no one better cheat and team up with one another. Right, Aria?" Adagio asked, looking towards Aria.

"I-I don't know what your talking about." Aria said, looking away from everyone.

"Sure, whatever you say. Now come on, I want to see Bael's bey in action. Actually, Bael what is your bey actually?" Adagio asked.

"My bey is Dusk Balkesh, it's a left spinning defense type." Bael said, showing off his bey to the Dazzling.

"That's a cool looking bey. Now it's time to see what it's bey is like when battling. Now come on let's get going."

"Now get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land into the stadium. Dusk Balkesh and Union Achilles charge towards each other to take the middle, while Apocalypse and Spryzen run around the outer edge of the stadium. Balkesh and Achilles clash with one another in the middle of the stadium to take the center.

"Spryzen get in there with Counter Break." Sonata said.

"I won't let you do that, stop it with Omega Blast." Aria said.

Apocalypse and Spryzen head towards Balkesh and Achilles. Balkesh was about to be hit until...

"Balkesh counter all of their attacks with, Dusk Wing!"

The two green wings off of Balkesh's sides light up, all of the Dazzlings beys crash into Balkesh, making them all go flying. Spryzen and Achilles get sent flying out of the ring, hitting the ground. Balkesh and Apocalypse were the only one that remained in the stadium.

'So that was some sort of counterattack. Aria's boyfriend sure is strong.'

"Come on Aria, you got this! You can totally take down Bael if you put your mind to it!" Sonata said.

"Yeah Aria! You got it!" Adagio said. "Be sure to beat your boyfriend, okay?"

"Shut up! I got this, I don't need your guys help!"

'I gotta beat Bael, but can I really beat him? I can't let this feelings get the better of me. I have to beat him and make Adagio and Sonata proud of me. But his bey is a defense type, and mine is an attack type, I have the disadvantage. What would Adagio do in this scenario?'

"Come on Aria, what's the matter? You can't just not stay away from me, your gonna have to attack me and my bey at one point." Bael said.

"Apocalypse, hit Balkesh with a barrage of attacks!"

Apocalypse starts hitting Balkesh with a bunch of hits. 'Does this bey even have a weakness? My bey can't fly in the air like Adagio's can but I have to find a way to beat it somehow.'

"Go for the middle Balkesh, that's where it's weak at. Let's win this thing just you and me, Aria!"

'What was that voice? That wasn't Adagio, Bael or Sonata's voice. Whatever, I can't think about that right now. I need to hit Balkesh where that voice told me to hit it, in the middle.'

"Apocalypse use Prime Reboot and crash into the wall as hard as you can!"

'Why is my sister making her bey crash into the stadium walls? Is this part of her plan to beat Bael?' Adagio thought.

'Is this what love does to someone? Make them have their beys crash into the stadium?' Sonata thought.

Apocalypse crashes into the stadium wall, due to the recoil Apocalypse changes course from the wall and starts heading right towards Balkesh at crazy speeds.

"What are doing Aria? You know your suppose to hit my bey not the stadium. Now come on hit me or are you scared?"

"Just you wait Bael, I'm going to be the winner of this match! Now, Apocalypse hit Balkesh with your Omega Blast!"

"Parry that attack of hers with your Dusk Circle!"

A circle appears from Balkesh, the two beys then crash into each other. An explosion occurs making Apocalypse and Balkesh to go flying up in the air. Both beys hit the stadium wall, making both of their beys stamina nearly disappear.

"Keep spinning, Balkesh! Show them your stamina!"

"Come on Apocalypse, you gotta keep spinning just a little bit more!"

Balkesh and Apocalypse started to slowly come to a stop. Before they ran out of stamina, the two beys made contact with one another one last time. Then they both come to a stop but... one bey stopped spinning just a second before the other bey did. Meaning someone won while the other one lost.

"Who won?" Aria and Bael asked looking towards Adagio.

'So this was her plan all along, she used the impact from the wall to use it as power for herself. That's what gave her just the edge she needed to beat Bael and his bey.'

"It was the closest match I've ever seen, but Balkesh stopped spinning just half a second before Apocalypse did. So the winner of this Battle Royale is Aria and her bey Prime Apocalypse!"

"I was so close! Guess, you win Aria, but you won't be so lucky the next time we battle."

"T-thanks, Bael. It was a good match you nearly beat me."

"She sure is getting close to Bael don't you think, Adagio?" Sonata whispered in Adagio's ear, so Aria couldn't hear her.

"Let Aria be Aria, Sonata, plus that was an amazing match they had with one another. Now come on let's leave those two alone for awhile. You and me in the mean time can think of a strategy to battle and beat Leon and that bey of his."

'Just one more person and our journey to gain will come to an end. Leon, get ready because we're going to come at you with all we got. Just because your next in line to become to World Champion doesn't mean anything to us. Your the last thing that stands in our way.'

With that Adagio and Sonata walked away from Aria and Bael and went to go think of a way to beat Leon. The last person that stood in their way to finish their journey.

Preview: Word finally gets out that the first Beyblade tournament is finally getting underway. Some bladers are already getting announced that they are entering the tournament. The Dazzlings must now fight against the clock to become A tier bladers before the tournament begins.

Next Time on the Dazzling Bladers: The First Tournament!

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