• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Taking On A Crush!

Author's Note:

Bet you didn't expect 4 chapters in the same day, huh?! I've made you wait for too long and for that I plan on making as many chapter as I can before school starts up.

The Dazzlings next stop was the infamous Valex and his brother Venus! Adagio kept on looking at Venus, he looked over towards Adagio and waved his hand, Adagio slowly waved her hand back at him.

"Get in the game Adagio. We aren't here to see your boyfriend, we're here to battle against these guys." Aria said, pushing Adagio out of her day dream.

"Someone is upset that they haven't gotten to see Bael in quite some time." Adagio fired back.

"Why you little-"

"So which one of you guys will face off with us first? My bey is Sword Valtryek a right spinning attack type while my brother bey Cosmic Valtryek is a right spinning stamina type. This'll be a tag battle, we heard from Derek and Dean that you guys are pretty good at Tag Battles, let's see how you can hold up against us."

"Ok girls I think Sonata should go up since... well... she hasn't really had any real action since Frizzle's and for our other line up...? Why are you two looking at me like that?"

"Your going up silly." Sonata said, pushing Adagio towards the stadium.

"Yeah, go battle against your boyfriend." Aria said, pushing Adagio as well.

Adagio blushes, "He's not my boyfriend! And stop pushing me!"

"So, it's Sonata and Adagio, that's a good team. But we're come out victorious in the end!" Venus said.

Unbeknownst to Valex or Venus, Adagio equipped Achilles with it's Sword.

'Sword Valtryek against Achilles with his all mighty sword. This should help boost our attack power, giving us just the edge on the two of them'

"Bladers get ready and set! Three, Two, One, Let it Rip!"

With that all four beys land on the stadium. Achilles and Cosmic Valtryek fight in out in the middle while Sword Valtryek and Spryzen keep each other in check rushing around the stadium. Sonata looks at Achilles in surprise.

'So that's what it looks like with his sword activated. But yet why did she take the safe route and take charge to the center?'

Valex looks at his brother and his brother understands. Cosmic Valtryek gets out of the head on collision with Achilles, making Achilles take the middle and Cosmic Valtryek heading towards Spryzen.

"Now Valtryek! Use Rush launch on Achilles!" Valex said.

Valtryek starts hitting Achilles with a barrage of strikes. While Cosmic Valtryek starts pushing Spryzen back.

"This the end of you Sonata!" Venus said.

"Spryzen get out of there!" Sonata shouted.

All of a sudden, Spryzen's tip gained traction from the stadium and hit Cosmic Valtryek, sending it flying across the stadium.

"What was that? Some kind of new special move you kept in your pocket!?" Venus asked.

"Of course! I'm a girl of secrets." Sonata boasted.

'She has no idea what she just did' Aria and Adagio both thought.

'I have no clue what I just did but it was amazing! I need to think of a name for it. Adagio and Aria can have some flashy special move so, so can I.' Sonata thought.

Sword Valtryek changes it's course from Achilles to Spryzen.

"Valtryek hit it with your Wing Whip!"

"Spryzen use Counter Break!"

'Now that is what I call a catchy name!'

Valtryek and Spryzen both get sent flying. Valtryek burst while Spryzen hit the edge of the stadium making all of it's stamina go bye, bye.

"Don't let Spryzen escape! Now Comical Star!"

"Once again use Counter Break, Spryzen!"

Cosmic Valtryek and Spryzen crash into one another. But since Spryzen was out of juice it burst due to the attack.

"Both Sword Valtryek and Turbo Spryzen are out. It's just Adagio and Venus who's beys still remain in the stadium." Aria announced.

"Sorry, Adagio. This is my win."

"I-I'm not losing to you! Go Achilles hit Valtryek with a Unison launch."

Spryzen attack from earlier must of done something, now then time to hit Valtryek with a little attack of our own. Achilles hits Valtryek causing it to crash into the wall but it bounced back claiming the middle for his own.

'We can't let it beat us, Achilles has a Sword and a Shield and I plan to win with both.'

"Well quit going on the defense and attack with my sword."

'That voice who was that? A sword... that's it!'

"Achilles ramp into Valtryek with Unison Sword!"

"We won't back down, Valtryek hit it with Comical Star!"

Both beys collide into each other. Due to the collision an explosion happens making both smoke appear. Nobody can see what happened but they heard a bey burst. When the smoke clears, they see Cosmic Valtryek in pieces while Union Achilles finally runs out of power and comes to a stop. Once it stopped however it too burst into pieces.

"Since Cosmic Valtryek was the first one to burst, Adagio and Sonata are the winners of this tag battle!" Aria said. "You guys were awesome, how did you guys learn those special moves all of a sudden?"

"I knew it all along, I was just keeping it a secret for the right time, and that time happened to be today." Sonata said.

'You know we don't believe you for a second right?'

'I hope they both fell for that. I can't have them knowing I just made it up, they would just make fun of me especially Aria.'

"My move just came to me. It was like a voice told me to attack and quit defending all of the time." Adagio said. "And it's a good thing it did, because if it didn't that could have cost us the match."

"That was a great match you two, it's a shame we lost." Valex said.

"Glory is reserved to those who want it the most, so we wanted it more than you guys." Sonata said.

"I'm not sure that's how it works but sure. Let's just say that's what happened. So, who are you guys going to challenge next? Bael? Athena? Leon?"

"What about Phoebe? I heard that she's be rising up the ranks."

"Ranks? What are those?" Sonata asked.

"There's a legend going around saying that people with a A tier rank will be permitted into upcoming tournaments later this year."

"What's our rank?" The Dazzlings asked.

Venus quickly does some research and... "Your in the same tier as me and Valex, B tier. But don't worry tournaments won't start happening for a while so you got plenty of time."

"Does anyone have an A tier rank yet?" Adagio asked.

Venus once again does some research and... "Leon and a girl named Gabby are the only one's eligible to participate in any tournament thus far."

"Girls, we have a new mission! Challenge Phoebe and become A tier ranked bladers to enter upcoming tournaments in the future. What do you guys say?"

"Yeah!" Sonata and Aria yelled.

With that the Dazzlings trained with Valex and Venus for the rest of the day. With a new goal in their mind they were going to challenge Phoebe and they were going to become A tier bladers!

Preview: Going to Phoebe to challenge her next the Dazzlings learn another secret about Phoebe. Next Time on Dazzling Bladers; Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!

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