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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Rebirth! Dragon And Devolos!

Adagio and Sonata had ran as fast as they could to get to Dean's and Derek's house. They wanted to see their new beys and what they were made of. Devolos and Dragon were strong before but with their evolution, their beys were probably even stronger than before. Once they got to their house, they saw Dean and Derek wanting for them outside.

"We've been waiting for you guys, unlike before me and Dean won't lose." Derek said, as he took out his new and improved bey.

"Yeah don't think the results will be the same as before. We're stronger than ever before and our coordination has increased beyond our wildest expectations. Adagio, Sonata, be prepared to lose cause we ain't losing no matter what." Dean said, as he too showed off his new bey.

"This is my new bey, Command Dragon and this is Dean's new bey Master Devolos. Their the same types as they were last time but don't think you stand a chance against them just because you know what type they are. There's something different between our beys and yours, that what makes us stronger than you."

"It doesn't matter what difference there is between you and Dean's new bey. Your not the only one with a new bey!" Sonata said, which then took out her new bey. "This is my new bey, Lord Spryzen! Unlike my past bey, this bey is a masterpiece made by yours truly! Not only are you going up against a bey you have no information on once so ever, but your going up against the Champion as well! Me and Adagio will surly will this thing, right Adagio?"

Adagio was surprised from Sonata's words. Sonata had a new fire in her eye ever since she made her new bey. Adagio then smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah! Lord Spryzen and Union Achilles will take down Command Dragon and Master Devolos! The results won't be what you think it is! No matter what... me and Sonata will take you down and we will win!"

The four blader then walk over to Dean and Derek's backyard to battle. They all got into their positions and looked at each other with a fire burning in their hearts.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

All four beys launched into the stadium, Achilles had it's sword equipped and was in Attack mode while Spryzen was spinning counterclockwise in Stamina mode. Devolos and Dragon were running side by side each other, both of them were heading towards Achilles at an alarming rate.

"Block their attacks with your Unison Shield!"

Devolos and Dragon collide with Achilles but Achilles is able to stand it's ground against their double attack. Sonata sees this as a chance to strike and uses it to her advantage.

"Now Spryzen! Get it there with your Counter Break!"

Spryzen collides with Devolos and Dragon sending them flying, Devolos hits the wall and takes to the center while Dragon hits the wall and uses the momentum to speed up.

"Bounce off the wall with your Winged Recoil!"

Dragon bounces off the wall and takes charge striking down Achilles. Achilles goes flying but sticks the landing, Achilles then heads straight back not wanting to lose to Dragon or Derek.

"Hit it with your Unison Launch!"

"Counter with Dragon Launch!"

While Dragon and Achilles were going head to head in their showdown Spryzen was taking on Devolos. Sonata was surprised, at first Devolos attacked like an attack type and then suddenly it turned into a defense type. No matter how hard Spryzen pushed Devolos just wouldn't budge. Just then Dean smiled and Sonata was confused by his action.

"Counterattack, with Master Upper!"

Devolos sent Spryzen flying but thankful Spryzen survived the attack but it's stamina had vanished in a matter of seconds. Just then Spryzen's tip gained traction and gained a sudden a massive amount of speed. Adagio saw this and decided it was time for her to spring into action as well.

"Now Achilles! Send Dragon flying with Unison Whip!!"

Achilles struck Dragon sending it flying, however Dragon used it's Winged Recoil to survive once again. However, it's was starting to wobble due to it's lose of stamina. Spryzen was coming up fast towards it, if Spryzen collided with it at that speed Dragon would surly burst. However, Derek had no plan on losing to them anytime soon.

"Dragon! Dodge their attack with Ignition Force!"

Just like Spryzen, Dragon suddenly gained a sudden boost in speed and dodged Spryzen's attack. Sonata and Adagio gasped at this, Sonata changed her target from Dragon to Devolos and Spryzen headed towards Devolos. Derek seeing this headed towards Spryzen in an attempt to stop her.

"Alright Spryzen! Send Devolos flying!"

"Not on my watch! Stop them in their tracks Dragon!"

Dragon and Spryzen collide with a flurry, due to the collision both beys were sent flying out of the stadium. Both Spryzen and Dragon hit the floor resulting in only Adagio and Dean remaining.

"Come on Adagio, let's do this thing!" Sonata held out her fist towards Adagio. Adagio smiled back and collided her fist with Sonata's.

"Yeah! Now let's go Achilles!!"

Achilles sped up as it went into it's Hyper-Flux state, along with Adagio transforming with it. The wings, tail, and ears appeared before everyone's eyes.

"Now go! Push through Devolos!!"

Achilles ran straight through Devolos sending it flying which then it burst in the air. Dean and Derek gasped as Devolos burst, their previous talk before had been shattered by Sonata's and Adagio's teamwork. But as much as they would hate to say it Adagio and Sonata's coordination was superior in all aspects.

"Alright! We won! We took down Dragon and Devolos meaning that we're the stronger ones!" Sonata then hugged Adagio, the two were jumping up and down with excitement.

"I'll admit it was an amazing battle, however we won't lose the next time we battle. Don't get all cocky just because your the Champion and your sister has a new powerful bey. Your not the only ones that are getting stronger, everyone else is getting stronger by the day. Not only us but people like, Leon, Gabby, Athena, Phoebe, Bael, and everyone else."

Adagio and Sonata stopped jumping up and down and looked at Dean and Derek. Derek had a point, everyone else would be and was getting stronger but so would Adagio and Sonata. They would improve faster than everyone else and soon they would have everyone eating their dust with how much stronger they would have become.

"I made a promise to Spryzen that I would make it the strongest bey in the world and that we would be the greatest team ever! So until that happens I will keep getting stronger and then I will achieve our goal! I'll surpass all of you, even Adagio!"

"Your going to be training for awhile before that ever happens! I'm the Champion for a reason, and I don't plan on letting go of my Champion belt anytime soon, especially to you Nata."

"I'll take you down one day just you watch, you and Achilles will fall to me and Spryzen! I've beaten you once before and I can surly do it again! Just because your Champion doesn't mean anything to me!"

As the two sisters fought with one another Dean and Derek just watched them fight with one another.

"They do know that we're here right?"

"Just let them be, they're sisters after all, they were likely to get into a fight with one another sooner or later. However I would who would win in a battle. Adagio the leader of the three or Sonata the airhead?"

"I have a feeling we've only seen a bit of the power Lord Spryzen is capable of. With Sonata battling by it's side it'll be only a matter of time before Spryzen's true power is shown. Spryzen still has room for evolution, I just hope I'm not the only one that can see that and that Sonata does as well."

"You don't have to worry about Sonata." Dean turned to his brother confused. "Sonata, Adagio, and Aria, they will all go far I can tell just by looking at them."

Dean looked at Adagio and Sonata still bickering with each other, he smiled. "You bet."

Preview: After staying with Luna for awhile Aria has finally returned back home. However Aria has seemed to of changed since the last time they saw her. Aria challenges Adagio and Sonata to a Battle Royale, there Aria will show Adagio and Sonata just how much she has improved. Also, will Sunset and Aria be about to make amends or is their mother/daughter bond to far gone?

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: Dark-Flux! Primal Attack!

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