• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Tag Battle! Brothers And Sisters!

After learning from Frizzle that all of their friends had beys of their own the Dazzlings started their journey to battle each and every one of them. Their first stop, Derek and Dean. That's where they were right now, at Derek and Dean's house.

"We heard from Frizzle that you guys would be coming. So you actually came to challenge us, we're so happy." Derek said.

"I'm sure Frizzle told you that we only do tag battles. So... which two of you are going up with us? Adagio and Aria? Maybe Sonata and Aria? Or maybe Adagio and Sonata?" Dean said.

"We already know our lineup, but first we want to know your guys beys." Adagio said.

"Fine by us. My bey is Ace Dragon, it's a right spinning attack type."

"And my bey is Venom Devolos it's a right spinning balance type. But I can change it around to make it Erase Devolos a left spinning balance type. I can change it around to whatever I decide to."

"I see... alright we're going with me and Aria." Adagio said.

"Why me? I thought you said Sonata and you were going up?" Aria asked.

"I asked Adagio to let you go up instead of me. You have tenacity that's what makes you, you. Now you go out there with Adagio and beat them!" Sonata said, putting her hand out for a fist bump.

"Yeah, we'll beat them with no problem!" Aria said, colliding fist with Sonata's.

"Come on, more battling less talking."

"Yeah, let's go!"

"Now that everyone is ready. Get ready, and set!"

"Three, Two, One, Let it Rip."

With that all four beys land in the stadium at intense speeds. Achilles took the center while Apocalypse rushed around the stadium. Dragon started to attack Achilles with a barrage of attacks, while Devolos was in left spin and started to head towards Apocalypse. They were both going in for a head on collision.

"Dragon hit Achilles with a dragon launch."

"Devolos hit Apocalypse with a Shining launch."

Both Dragon and Devolos hit Apocalypse and Achilles with their special attacks.

"Achilles counterattack with a Unison launch."

Now both Dragon and Achilles started to attack one another. While on Aria's end Apocalypse was getting pushed back by Devolos.

"Apocalypse hit it with Omega Blast!"

Apocalypse hits Devolos with it's special attack. Due to that Devolos gets sent flying and it burst! Well Aria thought it burst but she was wrong.

"Alright! One down one to go!" Aria said.

"That's what you think. Devolos can't be beat so easily. Now Devolos use Dual Phantom."

Devolos tip breaks off into two. The clone starts to hit Apocalypse, while Devolos goes to double team Achilles.

"What? How is that even possible? How can a bey possibly be able to do that?"

"So it's tip can break off? That's pretty cool trick you have there, but that won't stop me and Aria. Achilles use Unison Defense to block their useless attacks."

Two shields come out of Achilles, Dragon and Devolos try to hit Achilles, but all of their attacks are pointless. Achilles just kept on parrying each and every single attack from the both of them.

"Apocalypse hit the clone and make it crash into Dragon!"

Apocalypse hits the clone launching towards Dragon. The clone makes contact with Dragon, and with that Ace Dragon burst into pieces, making the match two vs one. Achilles and Apocalypse vs Devolos.

"Ace Dragon has burst making the match a two vs one. Now how will Dean be able to take down both Achilles and Apocalypse?" Sonata said.

"Devolos once again use Shining launch!"

Aria and Adagio look at one another, they shake their head in agreement.

"Prime Apocalypse and Union Achilles combo attack. Sister Strike!"

Apocalypse and Achilles collide with one another making sparks fly into the air. They then charge into each other and crash into Devolos. All three beys get sent flying out of the stadium, midway in the air Apocalypse and Achilles hit one another causing Achilles to burst. But Achilles wasn't the only one to burst, Devolos also burst. Both Achilles and Devolos both burst midair while Apocalypse lands on the ground right after them.

"It was a close call to make but Apocalypse hit the ground a second after Devolos and Achilles burst in midair. So there for, Adagio and Aria are the winners of the match." Sonata said, pointing her hand towards Adagio and Aria.

"So close, we almost had it. Good battle you guys, we gave it our all." Derek said.

"Yeah, I didn't expect you to use my own bey for your own weapon. Where did you guys learn that new move all of a sudden?" Dean asked. "You know what was that move called? Sister Strike was what you called it?"

Aria and Adagio look at each other and start to laugh. "We made it up right now."

Derek, Dean, and Sonata look at them in surprise. They couldn't believe what Aria and Adagio had just told them.

"So you two just took a chance with that move? That move could have backfired on you guys but you still took the chance?" Sonata asked.


"If you guys like to take a chance, you guys should go face off with Joy. She loves to take chances and risk in bey battles. Her bey is a right spinning balance type, but her bey is... well... different." Derek said, but he sounded very confused.

"Different? How is her bey different from all the others?" Adagio asked.

"Her bey moves differently. One second her bey is somewhere the next it's somewhere else. Her bey has some very erratic movements. You won't be able to think of a plan to beat her beforehand."

"Well, we're think of a plan no matter what! You guys want to help us in thinking of a way to beat her? Either if we have to take a chance or not."

"Sure, why not. We're be glad to help you guys in beating Joy." Dean said.

"Let's do this girls... and guys!" Adagio said.

"Yeah!" Everyone else yelled.

And with that for the rest of the day, the Dazzlings and the two brothers trained all day. Thinking of a way to beat Joy and her from what Derek said, "different" bey. All having fun with one another and enjoying one another's company. The Dazzlings next stop on their journey was none other than Joy!

Preview: The Dazzlings next stop is Joy. There the Dazzlings will have to take a chance with luck with battling Joy's bey.

Next Time on the Dazzling Bladers: Take A Chance! Judgement Joker!

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