• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Lord Of Flames! Lord Spryzen!

Adagio and Sonata were currently sitting down on the couch, their mom was in the other room on the phone talking to someone. Both of them were scared for Aria, they had not been able to find Aria no matter where they looked. It was starting to get dark which was going to make the hunt for Aria even harder. The silence in the room soon changed as Sonata started to cry.

"Dagi... is Aria going to be okay? They'll find Aria and bring her back home right?" Sonata asked Adagio.

Adagio turned her head to face Sonata, the tears were visible in Sonata's eyes. As much as Adagio wanted to say yes to her sister, she couldn't. "I'm not sure Sonata, as far as we know, Aria might not even be in the same town anymore. But I'm sure with Tom's guards and police looking for her, we'll find her and they will we be reunited once again."

Sonata just nodded her head hoping her sister was right. However what Adagio wasn't going to tell her was that even she wasn't sure about her comment. Just then Sunset walked back into the room, she had an unreadable expression on her face which worried Adagio and Sonata. Sonata then ran to Sunset and hugged her.

"D-Did they find Ari yet? Is she safe? Can she come home?"

"That was a call from Luna, she said she found Aria. But Aria didn't want to come home just yet, so she will be staying at Luna's until she feels like she wants to come home again." Sunset said.

Adagio and Sonata felt like a weight had just been lifted off of their body. They felt better knowing that Aria was safe but they also felt sad knowing that Aria wouldn't be coming back any time soon. Adagio and Sonata still remembered the events from a few hours ago, with how Aria acted she might never return. Now that made Sonata and Adagio feel sad, Sonata was already starting to miss her sister. Just then Tom walked into the room, he had heard everything from the other room.

"Well... since Aria won't be with us for awhile, Sonata how about we get started on making your new bey? I'm sure your wanting to get back to blading with your sisters and all of your friends." Tom said.

"Yeah!" Sonata took out the broken pieces of Spryzen and looked at all of them. "Just you watch Spryzen, I'll be sure to make you even stronger than you were. You and me are going to have so many incredible battles after your evolution."

With that Tom and Sonata got to work making a new Spryzen, a one of a kind bey that no one had ever seen before. The bey would be a balance type just like it's past evolution. It would also be able to change from left to right spinning and be able to change from every Beyblade type imaginable. The bey would be heavier than before which would also increase it's attack and defense power. The driver would has a special lock attached in it to make it tighter and harder to burst, almost like the Turbo Awakening.

'Just hang in there a little bit longer Spryzen. Before you know it you and me will be blading again side by side. I promise that you will never feel the pain you did in our last battle against Gabby. The next time we battle her she will be the one to suffer a burst finish!'

Sonata then though back to all the fun adventures she had of battling with Spryzen. From going to everyone's house and battling them, from the tournament, battling strong people such as Frizzle, Leon, Dean, Aria, Adagio and then to her very last match with Gabby where she ended Turbo Spryzen's life.

Snapping out of thoughts, Sonata smiled at what was in front of her eyes. "It's finished! Introducing the new and improved Spryzen, Lord Spryzen! And it's first match will be against none other than, you Adagio!"

Adagio smiled and held out her bey. "Your on Sonata! Me and Achilles will bring out you and Spryzen's full potential! But don't be surprised if you can't win so easily."

Both Sonata and Adagio go to the stadium and get into position. Sonata was determined to win against Adagio, she was going to do it for her new bey Spryzen. She owed it to Spryzen, it was her fault that Spryzen was destroyed by Gabby. If only Sonata had been stronger Spryzen would have never of felt that pain of being destroyed.

Adagio and Sonata then engaged in some battles. However, things weren't going as Sonata had planed it to go. Every battle so far had ended in Adagio's victory. Sonata hated to admit it but Adagio was in another league of her own ever since she won the tournament. She had beaten bladers like Bael, Phoebe, Joy, Aria, Leon, and Gabby.

It was currently the 7th battle and Achilles and Spryzen were in a head to head collision. However Achilles was able to push through Spryzen and Spryzen was sent flying out of the stadium. Sonata was panting like a dog, getting the hang of her new bey was harder than it looked. Sonata picked up Spryzen and looked at Spryzen.

'What are we doing wrong Spryzen? No... this is my fault, I'm still not strong enough for you. If only I was stronger then maybe we could actually win some battles. Maybe I'm not worthy of you as a blader.'

"Where's the Sonata I know and love?"

Sonata looked and saw her bey shining and then she was blinded by the bright light. Sonata opened her eyes to see none other than Spryzen right in front of her looking at her.

"Spryzen... your... your back! I've missed you so much!"

"As have I. But now it seems my absence has changed you. Where's the Sonata that would roar into battle with all of her might and push herself to get better and stronger? Didn't you promise me that you would make me the strongest bey ever and that we would be the greatest team ever? Don't tell me you forgot about our promise to one another." Spryzen said.

"I haven't forgotten about our promise. I'm just not sure on how to keep my promise. I do want to make you the strongest bey and become the greatest team with you I'm just unsure on how to do that. Do you have any ideas on how we can achieve that goal Spryzen?"

"Only you know that answer. The key to finding the answer is by looking deep within yourself and finding that power you once had and unleash it once more. Once you can do that you will be able unlock all kinds of new powers you would have never of expected."

Sonata then smiled and then she opened her eyes to be in front of Adagio. Sonata looked at Adagio and then at Achilles, Achilles had the sword equipped and it was in Stamina mode. Sonata smiled and changed Spryzen to right spinning Attack mode. Sonata then looked at Adagio with a fire in her eye, she was determined to win this match no matter what.

'Adagio as long as I can remember you have always been the leader, you were always the better, stronger, sister between the three of us. Between you and me, you were miles ahead of me while I was always lacking behind you and Aria. I've always wanted to be like you and one day be one the same level as you. Today, I will beat you and then finally I will have gotten to your level!'

"Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys landed in the stadium and raced towards each other were they would collided with a flurry. Neither Sonata or Adagio wanted to lose but eventually one would lose.

"Knock them asides with Unison Breaker!"

Spryzen was sent flying it looked as though it was going to be a ring out finish but Spryzen hit the wall making it able to survive. Spryzen then sped up and charged after Achilles, a small golden light blossomed over Spryzen. Adagio's eyes widened at the sight.

'It's like a weaker version of mine and Achilles Hyper-Flux.'

"Let's go! Achilles!"

Achilles also sped up and charged after Spryzen, Achilles went into Hyper-Flux making it go even faster.

"Take them out with Unison Sword!!"

"We will win this thing no matter what! Now Spryzen! Counter Break!!"

The two beys collided in the center. Both beys were pushing each other with all of their might, neither of them wanted to give up. Adagio and Sonata were getting pushed back from the sheer force of their beys colliding with one another. But because of Sonata brute force to win, Spryzen was able to burst through Achilles securing it's victory. Adagio gasped as pieces of Achilles hit the floor of the stadium.

"That's Lord Spryzen with a burst finish! With a final score of 2-0, Sonata is the winner!"

"Alright! We did it!" Sonata picked up Spryzen and looked at it. "We did it Spryzen! We actually took down Adagio and Achilles, we've token down the Champion!"

"I have to say, you caught me off guard. You and Spryzen are far stronger than you two were before. However, don't get happy after one victory, the next time we battle I'll be sure to take you down! But... you and Spryzen still have a long way to go if you think that was you two at full power."

Sonata looked at Adagio and then down at Spryzen. "Your right, I'll keep getting stronger with Spryzen and then we'll become the strongest in the whole world! Come on Adagio let's go again!"

"Your on Sonata!"

For the rest of the day Adagio and Sonata battled with one another. Each of them having fun and getting stronger after every battle. Sunset watched her daughters from afar and smiled seeing them so happy. However there was still one thing missing... Aria.

Preview: After getting word from their mom, Adagio and Sonata head over to Dean and Derek's house for a battle. There they will not only get to see and battle their new beys but they will also uncover new found potential with their new beys. The four will engage in a Tag Team Battle, will the sisters win like before? Or will the brothers overwhelm the sisters with their new beys?

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