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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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A Dazzling Discovery!

The Dazzlings, along with everyone else had arrived home after Gabby and Adagio's showdown. Sunset had told everyone to take a seat in the living where they would have a "discuss" about what? That was unknown for the time being but the Dazzlings had an idea on what it was about. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata take a seat, their mom and dad were sitting across from them. They could all tell this wasn't going to be no normal conversation.

"Adagio, Aria, Sonata, I'm sure your probably wondering what happened early with the events of Adagio's and Gabby's match." Sunset said.

"Oh no, it's not not like it's unnatural for someone to suddenly sprouts wings and a tail out of seemingly nowhere." Aria said, the sarcasm was unnoticeable.

"Really? Then if so, can I grow wings and a tail like Dagi!" Sonata said. Adagio and Aria look at their sister, make that almost unnoticeable sarcasm.

"No it's not normal to grow wings and a tail out of nowhere. Aria was just being herself like always. And it's not like I was the only one, mom and all of her friends grew their own tails and ears as well." Adagio said.

"Adagio is right, and that is why everyone is here. Girls, there's something that all of us have been hiding from you."

The Dazzlings looked around at everyone else, they all looked sad or upset. What could they have been hiding from them?

"Well... go on. Tell us what's going on."

"Yeah, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I probably just activated my new profound powers by unleashing mine and Achilles bond at the fullest."

"Then how would you explain why mom's friends powered up as well? They don't have beys of their own, and plus unlike you they didn't grow wings. They only grew pony like ears and a tail, you were the only one that grew wings."

"We had a previous life where we were evil girls that tried to take over this world. We came from a previous world called Equestria and came to take control this world and then get revenge on Equestria. We however failed and were put into hiding, then one day someone found us and what kind of environment we were in and gave us the chance at having another life. We all agreed and started our new lives, this live isn't our first it's actually our second."

Everyone turned their head at Sonata in surprise, then were astonished by how correct Sonata was. Sunset's jaw was literally hitting the ground while Pinkie Pie was smiling. Sonata looked around and saw that everyone else looked surprise. She tilted her head in confusion.

"What? You all look like you saw a ghost or something. Is there something on my face?" Sonata then put her hands on her face.

"There's nothing on your face but... Sonata... how did you know all of that?" Sunset then began to wonder if Sonata had actually remembered everything about her past life and if so then maybe Adagio and Aria would to. Sunset looked at Tom, he was just as clueless as she was.

"Oh that? I've been taking guessing classes with Pinkie so... was I right?"

"Y-Yeah... Tom remind me to have a serious talk with Pinkie Pie later."

"I don't think that'll do you much good but whatever you say dear." Tom said.

"Wait. Let me get this straight. Me, Aria, and Sonata have a previous live where we were actually bad guys who tried to destroy this world. Our planned failed and then we were saved by someone who gave us a second live? That sounds more like a fairy tale if you ask me. And even if it was true why are we learning about this now? Shouldn't we have learned about this months if not year's before."

"You were to young to understand, it's too complicated for you 3 to understand. In fact, I wasn't planning on telling you about your past lives until Adagio manifested her new powers. But now the cat's out of the bag and I had to tell you."

"Does that mean me and Ari can now grow our own set of wings along with the ears and the tail?"

"If you two can get to that kind of bond with your beys then you most likely can and will. But only time will tell."

"Is there anything else we need to know about our past lives then?"

"You 3 went by a singing group that went by the name of the Dazzlings. Adagio was the leader, while Aria and Sonata were her helpers. You 3 act the same as you were back then, Adagio is the leader, Aria acts tough, and Sonata is... well... Sonata. You 3 wanted nothing more than to have people under your spell, you three almost got away with it too but with the power of friendship you guys were dealt with."

"If we tried to take control of this world then where you all of you at, when we tried to take control?"

Sunset looked at everyone with a broken expression they just nodded their heads. Sunset then looked back at the 3 Dazzlings, who she had been taking care of for so many years. "We... we were the one's that beat you. You were high-school girls who entered the same school as us because you could sense the magic in us. We had to do what we had to... so we stopped you. None of us ever saw you again after we took you down, it was as if you had just vanished."

"Were we really that dangerous that all of you had to take us down? And then the same people that beat us took us in... even after everything we did?"

Before Sunset knew it Adagio and Sonata ran up to her and hugged her for dear life. Sunset could hear the multiple apologizes from the both of them. She looked up to see Aria who had been quiet for most of the conversation. Aria had her face down her hair was covering her eyes and expression, so Sunset couldn't tell how Aria felt.

"Aria, are you okay? I'm sure hearing all of this must be a lot to take in." Sunset then got up and tried to hug Aria but Aria pushed Sunset off of her.

"Don't you dare touch me. You waited for years to tell us this and now you think it's okay to tell us now?! You should have told us beforehand! Your not even our true mother!!"

"Aria! She is our mother, she may not be our birth mother but she took us in when no one else did. To me she's our mother, you should apologize!"

"Apologize? Apologize?! The only one who should be apologizing is our so called mother. And if she not going to apologize then I don't see the need to be here or follow anything she has to say or offer. I'm out of here!!"

"Your not going anywhere, you are in my hands so until your old enough your my responsibility, Aria!" Sunset grabbed Aria's hand and she wasn't letting go. Just then Aria slapped Sunset's hand off of her's.

"I'm not Aria! I am Apocalypse! Now leave me alone or else I'll end you!"

Sunset stepped back in fear, as did everyone else. Once Aria was free, she ran out of the house and far away from everyone.

"Aria! Come back!"

"Security! Go out there and find my daughter this instant!!"

"Let's all go separate ways and try to find Aria! Now come on everyone!" Celestia said.

Everyone went their separate ways and the search for Aria had began. With Aria on the run, everyone had only one thing running though their minds. 'Be safe Aria and come back home.'

Preview: While Aria's on the run, Aaron and Gabby set their minds on making the perfect bey, making them on step forward on their master plan. Seeing Aria on the run Gabby decides to put her new bey to the test against Aria and Apocalypse.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: The Perfect Bey! Eclipse Genesis!

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