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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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Finals: Adagio vs Gabby!

"Spryzen... Spryzen! Where are you?" Sonata called out.

Sonata was in a dark void looking around for Spryzen. She walked around for a while until she noticed Spryzen looking away. Sonata happily ran to Spryzen.

"Spryzen! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! Come on, let's have a battle with someone!"

Spryzen stays quite, it didn't even turn his head to notice Sonata. Soon enough, Spryzen started to fade away.

"Spryzen? Spryzen! Come back! You said we were going to be the strongest team ever! Please come back!!"

Sonata woke up in a cold sweat. When she woke up she noticed she was... in the air. She looked and noticed she was actually being carried by Sunset. Why was she being carried? She had no clue. Sunset turned her head and noticed Sonata had woken up.

"Have a good sleep Sonata? You've been asleep so long I though you were going to sleep through Adagio's match." Sunset said. She places Sonata back on the ground. Sonata looks around and notices she's right in front of the tournament arena, they were currently outside. Sonata also noticed Aria and Adagio was nowhere to been seen.

"Where is everyone?"

"Aria and Adagio went to go train before the match. As for my friends I told them to go inside and wait for me."

"Why are we outside exactly? Shouldn't we go in to see the match?"

"We're waiting for some certain individuals to arrive."

Sonata looked at Sunset confused. Who were the "certain individuals" they were waiting for? Sonata looks around for a while until her eye catches something... whether some people. Sonata smiles and starts to run in their direction.

"Auntie Celestia! Auntie Luna!"

Celestia picks up Sonata and smiles.

"Well hello to you to Sonata. We shall how well you did, making it to the Semi-Finals is amazing. Don't worry about Spryzen being broken because with the help of your family your just make a better Spryzen." Celestia said.

"Yeah! I'll rebirth Spryzen and then I'll be just as strong as Adagio!"

"Indeed, Adagio is a force to be wrecking with. But then again, a sinister darkness has awakened inside of Aria." Luna said.

"Celestia, Luna, it's nice to see you after all this time. I hate to rush you guys, but if we want to make it in time to Adagio's match we better get going."

"Yeah! Come on Auntie, let's go! Follow me!"

"Alright, take your time. We don't you falling now do we?"

Celestia, Luna, Sunset, and Sonata take a seat next to Sunset's friends and Aria. Aria looks up to see Celestia and Luna, she gets up and hugs them.

"It's been a long time Aria. You've grown so much."

"I've not only grown in height but in strength!" Aria said.

"Aria! Be quite, their about to start and I wanna see Dagi beat Gabby!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! After a long time we finally have our last two contestants! In the blue corner we got the girl that has destroyed Devolos and Spryzen, Gabby and her bey Royal Genesis! Facing her in the red corner is the natural born leader, Adagio and her bey Union Achilles! For the finals, the first Blader to 3 points will be the winner and be crowned the Champion!!" Tom yelled.

Gabby and Adagio make it to the stadium and set up their beys. Adagio had put Achilles in Defense mode without the Union Sword equipped. It was going to be a defense vs defense battle for the first round.

"Adagio, you will suffer the same fate your dear sister felt. Say goodbye to Achilles because this will it's last battle ever!!" Gabby said.

"Achilles ain't going nowhere, not as long as I'm here. The only one that's going down is you and Genesis!" Adagio said.

Both bladers look at one another. Each had a fire burning inside of them, both wanted to win. But there could only be one and that was going either one of them.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!" Everyone yelled.

Genesis and Achilles take to the stadium. They both charge towards the center and fight for center stage. Neither wanted to let it go and they came to a stand still. Their head on collision wasn't letting up any time soon until Adagio came up with a plan!

"Hit it with a Unison Breaker!"

Achilles hits Genesis sending it flying up to the upper deck. Achilles following it climbs onto the upper deck to finish the job. Both beys speed up, Genesis rushes off the upper deck and onto the lower deck while Achilles stayed on the upper deck and hit the wall. Hitting the wall caused Achilles to go flying into the air. Achilles started to fall down raining from above Genesis.

"Now Achilles! Unison Dive!"

"Royal Scream!"

Both beys go flying from the attack. Genesis takes the upper deck while Achilles took the center. Achilles was a little wobbly but nonetheless it stood tall at the center.

"Now Achilles, show them your defense with Unison Defense!"

Genesis flew off the upper deck and towards Achilles, Gabby smiles she had a plan that Adagio didn't know about. Genesis then goes into Superior-Flux and speeds up.

"Now end this with Hybrid Force!"

Genesis speeds up making it go even faster. Due to it having the momentum, Genesis is able to break Achilles defense making Achilles go flying out of the stadium. Achilles hit the floor from below.

"Royal Genesis with a ring out finish! The score is now 1-0, Gabby is in the lead!!"

The crowd cheers as Adagio picks up her bey. Sonata and Aria look at Adagio in worry. She was already a point down, all Gabby needed was a burst finish and this battle would be done for.

Adagio picks up her bey and starts to change it. She put Achilles in Stamina mode without the Unison Sword equipped, not yet at least. She looks back at Gabby, she was going to win no matter what. She made a promise and she intended on keeping her promise.

"Gabby has token the first point of this match! Will Gabby finish things right here and now or will Adagio stop her in her tracks. Gabby has yet to lose even 1 point since this whole tournament began! Will she lose a point in the Finals or will she keep it up and not lose a single point this whole tournament? We're going to have to find out!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

Both beys take to the stadium, Genesis takes the center while Achilles goes in for the attack.

"We're coming at you with all we got! Now Achilles, Unison Launch!"

Achilles starts pummeling Genesis with a volley of strikes. No matter how hard Achilles pushed Genesis didn't budge from the center.

"Take it out of the center with Unison Upper!!"

Achilles hits Genesis finally making it go out of the center. Genesis climbs on top of the upper deck while Achilles claims the center. Genesis speeds off from the upper deck and charges in to attack Achilles.

"Royal Scream!"

"Send it back with Unison Shield!!"

Genesis gets the better of Achilles and Achilles goes flying into the air. Achilles tries to land back but Genesis is there keeping it from landing. Achilles was in the air and it couldn't do nothing but take it. Adagio growled, Genesis wasn't making it easy for Achilles. Achilles never had time to recover so Adagio couldn't do nothing but wait for the perfect moment. Genesis then hits Achilles causing it to hit the upper deck wall causing it to go flying high in the air.

"Now's our chance! Genesis!"

Genesis goes into Superior-Flux and the Hybrid driver goes off causing it to gain a burst of speed. The boost was helping Genesis not only get speed but power. As Achilles was slowly descended from the sky, Genesis was charging up for a finishing blow.

"It's over! Say your goodbye to Achilles, Adagio!!"

The free-falling Achilles was about to get hit by the fast charging Genesis. Time seemed to stop for Adagio, she wasn't going to lose not here not ever! Suddenly, Achilles was able to stick the landing and it engaged in a head to head with Genesis. Achilles started to glow a small gold.

"We're going to win! No matter what you throw at us will we be the winner! Achilles is the strongest bey here, in the world! Now, let's go Achilles!! Unison Sword!!"

Achilles sword lights up and makes Genesis go flying out of the stadium. Genesis flies past Gabby's face and hits the floor below. The crowd was silent but then they burst into cheering. Adagio had done it, she knocked out Genesis! Not only that but she took a point from Gabby!

"Union Achilles with a ring out finish! The score is tied at 1-1!!"

"And Adagio ties things up 1 a piece! Gabby has lost her first ever match! Each blader are a burst finish away from winning the whole tournament! Both bladers are burning with passion, who will win this battle? Will lady luck shine on Gabby or Adagio, only time will tell!!"

"Bladers! Get ready and set!

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!!"

Both beys take to the stadium. Adagio had changed Achilles into Attack mode with the Unison Sword equipped. Adagio was going at Gabby and Genesis with everything she had! Both beys collide in the center both beys fly away but then soon attack each other again. Both send a volley of attacks neither wanted to lose. The center of Genesis turns bright red, and both beys go separate ways. Both beys climb the upper deck and speed up.

'I gotta take down Genesis and Gabby right here and now! Achilles if you can hear my voice, give me your power!!'

"Genesis! Take them down! Hybrid Force!!"

Genesis speeds up and goes into Superior-Flux, it was charging towards Achilles at a high speed. If the attack made contact with Achilles, Achilles would surly burst! Adagio looked at Genesis speeding towards Achilles, it was now or never.


Before Genesis make contact with Achilles, Achilles suddenly sped up and dodged the attack. Achilles then changes from it's normal red color to a bright gold color! But Achilles wasn't the only one that was changing, so was Adagio! Wings appear from behind Adagio not only that but pony ears and a tail also appear on Adagio! Like a chain reaction, Sunset and her friends power-up just like Adagio just did. Everyone looks in surprise at the new Achilles and Adagio. Gabby looks surprised and then she growls.

'How did someone like her unlock a power like my Superior-Flux?'

"You won't beat me! You will shatter like your sister! Now Genesis! ROYAL ECLIPSE!!!!"

"We will win!! Now Achilles!! UNISON WHIP!!!!"

Both beys collide in the center. A whirlwind and explosion happen at the exact same time, people cover their eyes, someone went flying, all while Achilles and Genesis collided in the stadium. Both beys push with all they got, then Achilles gets the better of Genesis slicing through it like a slice of cake. Genesis burst while Achilles raced around the stadium. Everyone looks in surprise and they cheer their hearts out.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! With a final score of 3-1, Adagio is the winner and your Champion!!"

"It's all over! Genesis has suffered a burst finish making Adagio the winner! Ladies and Gentlemen! Your new Champion has been crowned, Adagio is our Champion!!"

The ceremony goes on, Adagio takes gold, Gabby takes silver, while Leon takes bronze. Adagio takes her medal and shows Achilles off to everyone. Achilles and Adagio had reverted back to their normal states, however Adagio had questions about what had happened. However, Sonata and Aria shared the same question. They were happy for Adagio but they wondered about Adagio's "powered up mode." While the Dazzlings were talking about Adagio's victory Gabby looked from afar.

'This isn't over Dazzlings. I will get my revenge and take you all down!' With that Gabby walked out of the arena and away from the Dazzlings.

A new mystery has just awakened. Will the Dazzlings uncover the mysteries of what happened during Adagio's match? Or will Sunset tell them something that'll only uncover for than they asked for? Find out on Dazzling Bladers!

Preview: The tournament is over but the Dazzlings have questions. After years of not telling them, Sunset must tell the Dazzlings about their dark past. How will the Dazzlings react when they hurt about their dark past? To help Sunset tell the Dazzlings about their past an "old" friend comes back.

Next Time on Dazzling Bladers: A Dazzling Discovery!

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