• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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The Strongest Sword And Shield!

The Dazzlings arrived to the tournament arena. Adagio and Sonata walked over to the stadium but when they got there Gabby and Leon were already there.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! It's time for the moment we've been waiting for. It's time for the Semi-Finals to begin. Our final four! Gabby! Leon! Adagio! And Sonata! This four will battle it out to see which ones will move on to the Finals!" Tom said.

"Your going down, Adagio!" Leon said.

"Not if me and Achilles have anything to say about it." Adagio said.

"Gabby! Me and Spryzen have gotten stronger since our last battle! We're going to beat you this time." Sonata said.

Gabby just looks at Sonata and then walks away.

"Let's get our first match underway! Adagio the leader going up against Leon the Dragon Tamer! The Semi-Finals will be a first to 2 points while the Finals are a first to 3 points!"

Sonata follows Gabby and leaves the stadium while Adagio and Leon get ready for battle.

'I can't beat him in a battle of attack, so I'll have to take him on in a battle of stamina.'

Adagio puts Achilles in defense mode without the Unison Sword equipped. She was going at Leon with all she had, Adagio was going to make it to the Finals no matter what.

"Bladers! Get ready and set!" The referee yelled.

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!" Everyone yelled.

Achilles and Luinor crash onto the stadium floors. Achilles took the center while Luinor climbed onto the upper deck. Luinor then gains speeds and races off the upper deck to collide with Achilles.

"Now Zone Slam!"

"Defend it with, Unison Defense!"

Luinor then starts pummeling Achilles with a volley of blows. Albeit, Achilles parried every one of Luinor's attacks. Luinor then uses the slope and collides with Achilles sending both beys flying. Luinor and Achilles both land on the upper deck and both were charging up for a head on collision with each other.

"Unison Breaker!"

Achilles and Luinor slam into each other. Achilles falls back to the lower deck and takes the center, while Luinor crashes into the upper deck walls. Luinor aligns and races off the upper deck.

"Now Luinor! Zone Hammer!"

"Parry it with Unison Shield!"

Luinor and Achilles clash with one another, however Luinor gets the better of Achilles and sends it flying out of the ring.

"Zone Luinor with a ring out finish! The score is 1-0, Leon takes the lead!"

The crowd cheers as Adagio and Leon pick up their beys. Adagio looks at Leon, he was oozing with power and it made Adagio worry. She was already done a point, and she couldn't afford to lose another. She was going to have to come up with something and fast.

"Achilles. What are we going to do?"

Achilles brights up and Adagio is brought into a realm with just her and Achilles.

"Achilles... is that you."

"Yes it is. I've always been here." Achilles said.

"Achilles what are we going to do? Leon is so strong and we're already done a point. I'm doing my best but even that might not be enough to take down someone like Leon and Luinor."

"I am Achilles. I have a sword and shield. In order to win against a bey like Luinor you must use my Sword and Shield during this battle. You can't just beat Luinor with my Shield alone. Can you do that?"

"Your Sword and Shield? Yeah! I'll show everyone the greatest Sword and Shield ever!"


Adagio is then brought back, she then adjusts Achilles. Achilles is now in Stamina mode with the Unison Sword equipped to it. Adagio had a plan that was flawless. Leon looks at Adagio and then he smiles.

'I'll take her down and show her who's the better blader!'

"Bladers! Get ready and set!"

"Three! Two! One! Let it Rip!"

Both beys take to the stadium. Once again Achilles takes the center while Luinor races around the stadium and starts attacking Achilles.

"The same thing is happening from round 1. Will Leon take this battle just like the last one or will Adagio turn things around? It's Luinor's heavy attacks going up against Achilles Sword and Shield! Who will win and who will lose?"

Luinor continues to strike down on Achilles, while Achilles continues to defend it's attacks. Leon and Adagio both smile as they knew the end was near. Luinor uses the slope to speed up and heads towards Achilles.

"Now Zone Slam!"

Luinor and Achilles collide with each other. Both beys go flying onto the upper deck and then the same thing as last time. Achilles and Luinor go in for a head to head collision in the upper deck and collide with a clash! Achilles go flying to the lower deck and takes the center while Luinor hits the upper deck wall and aligns. Leon smiles while Adagio looks in surprise.

"It's all over, Adagio! Now Luinor, Zone Hammer!!"

"Quickly! Unison Shield!"

Luinor comes racing down and collides with Achilles. Luinor breaks through Achilles defense and sends Achilles flying high into the skies. Leon smiles while Adagio looks in shock. She then smiles and Leon notices. What Leon didn't know was that, he just fell for Adagio's plan all along.

"Now Achilles! Unison Sword!"

Achilles comes flying down and falls onto of Luinor! Luinor goes flying into the air and bursts while Achilles races around the stadium. The crowd is silent but then they cheer for Adagio.

"Union Achilles with a burst finish! The score is 2-1, Adagio is the winner!"

"After an amazing comeback victory, Adagio has taken out Leon and will be moving onto the Finals! Where she will either battle Sonata or Gabby in the Finals! Now it's time for the 2nd match in the Semi-Finals to begin! Sonata and Gabby please arrive to the stadium!"

Up in the stands Aria, Sunset, and Sonata were celebrating for Adagio's victory.

"So Adagio was actually able to take down Leon for me. Guess she's the better blader between the two of us. But one day I'll take down her and Leon, then I'll be moving onto the Semi-Finals." Aria said.

"I must agree, Adagio is an amazing blader. But all 3 of you are amazing in my eyes. All of you have potential and I know one day all 3 of you will make it far one day." Sunset said.

"Guess it's my turn. I'll take down Gabby and then I will have kept my promise to Adagio!"

"Good luck Sonata!" They both said.

Sonata was making her way to the stadium when she ran into Adagio. Adagio was walking back and heading to watch in the viewing stands.

"I told you I would beat Leon and Luinor. Now it's your turn Sonata. I know you can take down Gabby and Genesis, and then I'll be waiting for you in the Finals with Achilles!"

"I'll take down Genesis and Gabby for sure! Then I'll take you on and beat you and Achilles with Spryzen on my side."

Sonata and Adagio then high-five and then go their ways.

Gabby and Sonata arrive to the stadium, Sonata smiles while Gabby looks at Sonata. Just then Gabby looks up at Sonata and Sonata could tell something wasn't right.

"Sonata during this battle... your precious bey will be destroyed. Turbo Spryzen will meet it's fate!"

Gabby then darkly smiles while aura surrounded her. Genesis then appears behind her, Sonata takes a step back in fear. This was going to be her hardest battle yet. Sonata then looks down at Spryzen and smiles.

"Sorry Gabby, but I made a promise and I intend on keeping it! The only one who's going to win is me and Spryzen! Spryzen ain't going nowhere anytime soon!" Spryzen then appears behind Sonata and aura surrounds Sonata.

This was going to be one fiery hot battle. But the question on everyone's mind was; who was going to win and move onto the Finals with Adagio?

Preview: The 2nd round of the Semi-Finals is about to begin. Gabby and Sonata go head to head to see who will take the last spot in the Finals and battle Adagio. While the battle enters the climax, Gabby unleashes a new mover that'll surprise everyone.

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