• Published 2nd May 2021
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Dazzling Bladers - Joshua the Dragonslayer

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A Rise Of A New Era! Dazzling Bladers!

Author's Note:

If you have not seen A Dazzling New Life then I highly recommend to read it before reading this. If you don't care then fine by me, it won't be my fault if you don't understand some things later on it the book. Hope you all enjoy!

It had been a year since Sunset and Tom had gotten married. Since then Sunset and the Dazzlings moved out of Celestia's house and moved into Tom's house. The Dazzlings were currently off for their summer break, they were going to 6th grade. Nothing incredible had happened since summer started but what the Dazzlings didn't know was that their summer was going to become the best summer they'll ever have.

The Dazzlings were currently on the couch like they had been for the past few days. Adagio was skipping over shows to find something that might be interesting. She was about to skip another channel but something caught her eye.

"Aria, Sonata, come look at this." Adagio said

Aria and Sonata come from downstairs to see what Adagio called them for. What they saw also caught their eyes. Tom and Aaron were giving a speech of something that was sparking interest to the world.

"It seems as thought a new era has risen. It's popularity has caught the interest of many people. There for, we would like to tell and show you all what this new era is." Aaron said

"This new era is Beyblade! All over the world Beyblades are being made. They are called Gamma beys. Each one of them holding different capabilities and powers. Bladers and Beys must have a strong bond in order for a beys full potential to come out. There is a store near by that is selling beys, if you would like a Beyblade go ahead and get one. That is all, thank you." Tom said

With that Tom and Aaron got off the stage. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata all look at the TV with sparkles in their eyes. The TV showed where the Beyblade store was and what Beyblades look like. To the Dazzlings Beyblade looked like the coolest thing they had ever seen. Once the little speech was over the Dazzlings heard their mother walk down the stairs. Once the Dazzlings saw Sunset they ran over to her.

"Momma." The Dazzlings yelled

"Yes girls? Do you need something?" Sunset asked

"We just saw Tom's speech about Beyblade. Can we get some from that store?" Adagio asked

"You sure you want Beyblades? Isn't that like a boy thing?" Sunset asked

"Tom said that anyone could do it. And we want to try it." Aria said

"Please momma." Sonata said giving the deadly puppy eyes to Sunset

"Ok, ok. We'll get all of three of you some Beyblades. Come on, we don't want to get there and then their all out of Beyblades." Sunset said grabbing the car keys

Sunset and the Dazzlings get into the car and head off to the Beyblade store.

Once Sunset and the Dazzlings get to the store it was empty. Now that was something that confused the Dazzlings. Did people just not like Beyblade or was this the wrong store? The Dazzlings and Sunset get out of the car and walk into the store. The store was full of Beyblades everywhere you look you could see Beyblades.

Beys from every shape and color where in this store. A guy walks up to Sunset and the Dazzlings. He was the owner by his tag on his shirt.

"Hello. Are you girls looking for a Beyblade?" The owner asked

"Yes we are. We're just looking around for right now." Sunset said

"Well, when you three find some beys that you would like just come to me. If you have any questions just come to me." The owner said

"Now you heard the man, you girls go ahead and look around for a Beyblade you might like. If you have any questions just go up to the man and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you." Sunset said

"Ok momma." The Dazzlings said

The Dazzlings walked around the store. Each Beyblade had a little piece of paper under it that had all of the Beys information about it. The beys name, and it's type.

Aria and Adagio were actually taking it seriously and were looking around for a Beyblade. Sonata however was distracted by all of the pretty colors. Well Sonata was taking it kinda serious but none of the Beyblades were really catching her interest.

"Mom, I think I found a Beyblade I want." Adagio said

"So have I." Aria said

"Well what did you girls get?" Sunset asked

Aria and Adagio give their Beyblades to Sunset. Aria's beyblade was black, on the tag it said the bey was an attack type. The beys name was called Prime Apocalypse. It looked like the perfect Beyblade for Aria to have. Adagio on the other hand had a red Beyblade. It's name was Union Achilles and it was a balance type. It came with some sort of blue sword thing. Yeah, Sunset was going to ask the owner what that was for.

"These beys look like their make a perfect decision for you. Now all we have to do is wait for Sonata. Sonata have you found a Beyblade yet?" Sunset asked

"Yeah I found one." Sonata said handing her bey to Sunset

Sonata just like Adagio got a red Beyblade. Her Beyblade was called Turbo Spryzen it was a balance type like Adagio's.

"Well, I guess now all we have to do is pay for them." Sunset said

"I hope you three found everything alright. Do you three have any questions about your beys?" The owner asked

"Yeah, are there any things we should know about this beys?" Sunset asked

"Well yes actually. Turbo Spryzen has something called a turbo awakening, it has turbo blades that come out if launched strong enough. The turbo awakening is so strong that it stops Spryzen from bursting. Also it can change from right spinning to left spinning. Prime Apocalypse has a burst prevention system where it can go 360 degrees without bursting. The only way it can burst is if you hit that sword strong enough. As for Union Achilles that blue thing is a extra boost in power. With the sword the attack power of Achilles rises but without the sword Achilles is more defensive. Also since Achilles and Spryzen are balance types they can change modes from attack, defense, and stamina." The owner said

"Wow, okay. Girls I hope you remember that cause I know I won't. Well thank you so much." Sunset said handing him the money

"No, thank you. I hope you girls enjoy your beys." The owner said

The Dazzlings walk out of the store with their new beys and launchers. Their summer was going to finally get fun with their new beys. Fun adventures were in store for the Dazzlings. Awesome battles were yet to come their way

Preview for Next Episode: The Dazzlings get word from Frizzle to come over. When they come head over they were in for a surprise. Frizzle has a Gamma bey of her own.

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