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Afterglow Eventide is from out west, more specifically he is from the town of Centralia. Centralia is a farming town nearby to a group of other towns. His family has decided to move for better work opportunity and moved to the City of Canterlot. His old school wasn't that great. It was full of jocks, druggies, and a general crowd he didn't like. While he did have some girls he liked, and life long friendships there...it just felt dull. Upon moving to Canterlot, he is granted with New Beginnings.

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Comments ( 7 )

I wasn't expecting to see this! It's a nice introduction to Afterglow, and I can tell you were inspired by my story! :twilightsmile:

Two things though: I'm not sure how Afterglow would already know the names of all the girls on the bus, and a room number starting with a 1 would be on the first floor, not the second.

Thank you!

I'll fix what you said there lol

I think this story needs a T rating cause f bombs usually aren’t allowed in E rated stories


Fixed it, I literally cannot write without swearing!

Also, I see that Magnolia is the janitor :twilightsmile:
Hopefully she won’t get too angry about it someday :duck:

Never expected an Equestria Girls story from you! Afterglow's a very relatable character so far! :heart:


Afterglow is a self insert of myself!

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