• Published 1st May 2021
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New Beginnings - Monotonality

A new student, Afterglow Eventide has moved into the Canterlot area, and attends the Canterlot high school for the first time.

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Afterglow had been asleep within his bed. He wouldn't have any dreams, for he had been far too worried about the first day at new school he was going to, Canterlot High School. He had been lucky to awaken before his alarm. It was 6:28 AM. He'd lazily turn the alarm off before it began.

"Ugh...fuck...fuck my life." he uttered to himself as he rolled himself out of bed. Completely naked as usual, he always slept naked. It was the only way he would be comfortable. He awoke with a stuffed nose, and a dry throat. But he had other things on his mind. What would his new school be like? Would it be better than his old school, or worse? Who would he meet? Tons of questions ran through his tired mind.

He glanced over at the clothes he set on his shelf. Socks on first, then underwear. He was sure to pick the better looking of his summer wear. It was still summer after all. He flicked on the light, getting his clothes on and then made the bed. He looked about his room. He missed how large his old room was. This room was rather small but still, it was the largest room in the new house. He had gotten the master bedroom. His parents let him have it, he always felt like he didn't entirely deserve it but who was he to deny it? He'd open up the blinds. It was still dark out but he could see the faint crimson light of the sun shining over the horizon. One of his windows had the perfect position to watch the sunrise.

He overlooked his room. His bed, his computer and his various flags and maps were on the wall too. He had hung those flags up and was rather proud of them. The family moved in over the summer so he was mostly settled in by now. Afterglow was honestly rather glad this house was brand new. While his old home had the family history, his Aunt had bought it so he knew it would be in good hands.

Sure enough, there was a knock on the door. It was his mother, Scarlet. She was always loud when knocking and he could tell by the footsteps that it was hers.

"Afterglow! You awake, honey?" she'd open the door to see her son already awake and looking out the window.

"Indeed I am." he'd say with a grunt, but a slow curtly smile.

Scarlet brushed his look aside. "Time for school. I already packed your lunch for you. You should get ready." she said with a warm smile.

"Well, I was already going to do that but thank you." he said, and she walked away. He proceeded to brush his teeth, comb his hair. Of course, he also put his deodorant on all in front of the mirror. He wanted to make himself look absolutely perfect. Having done a full body shave yesterday, he was ready for school.

He walked out into the living room, and overlooked the driveway. It wasn't as long or extensive as the one of his old home. Nor were the houses as far apart as they were. His mother, Scarlet overlooked him.

"Thinking about home?" she'd ask, as if already reading his thoughts.

"Yes, it is hard not to. I'll never forgive those city bastards for those high taxes, nor will I forgive them for ruining our life there previously." he stated with a disgusted scowl on his face.

"I know, I know. I won't either but we have to move forward. It's been hard for us but we will make it through. You said you wouldn't miss your school, so always look on the bright side." she'd smile.

"I guess so. I just don't know how I will handle it. We've never been here before so I don't know anyone here. I hope this school isn't like the old one. I don't want to deal with the cringy jocks and all of them, as well as all the petty drama." he'd roll his eyes.

"Who knows how it will go, but you have to look on the bright side. It likely won't be like that I hope. Either way, it's a new start for you. I know you had friends at the other school but you never hung out with them. Maybe you can find some new friends." she'd smile wider.

"I-I suppose so. I should probably get waiting for the bus. The bus comes at 6:50 so I should get out there and wait." I'd say.

"Here is your backpack. I even packed your bag for you too.", Afterglow grabbed his bag and put it on. "Thanks, mom." he said with a small smile.

They went outside, his father was in his work truck in the driveway there. Surprisingly enough, his father would leave work around the same time he would leave for school. Scarlet just sat down on one of the chairs to let him speak to his father. He walked up to the truck where his father was sitting.

His father was smoking a cigar, he had the same deep indigo skin color and wispy darkened, almost grey hair. He hadn't shaved in a while so he had a short, messy beard. He glance down at his father's fat fingers enveloping the cigarette and took notice of his wedding ring.

"So, ready for school?" his father would ask in a rather cheerful manner.

"As ready as I'll ever be. You know you shouldn't smoke in the truck like that, though." he said and tried not to breathe in the smoke from the cigarette.

"I know, I know." he'd say in a sort of drawn out manner. "You'll get through, don't worry. Just don't talk to anyone suspicious or get involved in the bad crowds. I know I was, and that's why I still smoke to this day. You don't want that, do you?" he'd ask with that cheerful grin of his.

"Well, of course not. I'm dead set against it but...whats the plan for your work today?" Afterglow asked in a slight dismissive manner as if not wanting to talk about that.

"I'm going to the Crystal Academy today to service their internet cables. We are installing a new satellite antenna today, shouldn't be too bad, how about you? What classes do you have today?" he'd ask, maintaining his grin.

"Well, good luck with that. I have Honors English, Chemistry and Integral Algebra, with a study hall at the end of the day." he'd say, it sounded like a hard day though and he didn't like imagining all the work he would be doing.

"You'll do good, you will. I've been there myself back in the day. Hang with the right crowds, find friends, do your best. It's what I did and it went by smoothly. I never got past 9th grade Algebra myself, and you got through it and your other classes just fine. Nothing to worry about!"

"I'll do my best, as I always do." Afterglow concluded. He'd talk a bit with his parents a bit more before the bus came and stopped. He'd look back to his parents and waved, they waved back. He boarded the bus and would see the faces of Canterlot High school students for the first time.

There weren't that many on the bus, the bus driver was an older woman. In the back were Roseluck and Derpy. Octavia was also in the back too, in the smaller seat on the back right of the bus. He didn't know where to sit and as he walked, the only open seats were by the back by where Roseluck and Derpy were.

Roseluck and Derpy were both on their phones while Octavia was looking out the window with a neutral expression. Something about Octavia really sparked his fancy. Whether it was the way her hair was, her ballerina flats or just everything about her in general. He knew he liked her already but. She didn't notice him although he got on his phone and just texted his online friends about what was going on.

It was in the morning, first day of school so everyone was mostly quiet besides some middle schoolers or freshman up in the front. Afterglow blocked them all out of his mind, occasionally glancing up to watch the sites of the city roll on past. It was a clean city, well kept. That was a plus. Where he was from, the nearby cities were trashpits. He could see the sun rising as they drove past, illuminating the sky in brilliant shades of oranges and reds. He always liked seeing the sun rise. Still of course, he was extremely nervous.

The bus parked in front of the entrance of the school. There were other busses there, who were also waiting. This reminded him of his old school so there was a sense of familiarity. Principal Celestia's voice came over the radio of the bus.

"Good morning all students! Bus drivers, you may dismiss your students! We hope everyone enjoys the first day at Canterlot high school!" with that said, all the students began piling out of the busses and heading to their first class. Afterglow pulled out his schedule card and tried to remember where his first class was. As he walked, there was a large crowd of students on the sidewalks. Over the crowd, he could see Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna with their walkie talkies.

Afterglow was too nervous to go ask them though. Ontop of that, they were also showing Freshman where their classes would be. He had to find someone to ask about where his classroom was, he was in a new school after all and had not been in the school once before. He didn't know who to ask. He would walk into the entrance, the various students of the school fanned out into the halls and headed into various directions.

His first class was the Honors English class. He did not have the slightest idea where it was. It was number 122 and he didn't know where that was, let alone where the wings of the school were. He stood there as if not having a clue in the world. His heart raced, and he sweated a bit in nervousness. He had to find someone to ask. He was too nervous to ask any of the students here, he didn't want to seem like 'the new kid' and embarrass himself.

However Afterglow did see a janitor who was cleaning the floor by one of the bathrooms. She had hair of various blue shades and was dressed in a rather dingy manner. She seemed very unhappy. Afterglow gulped. It was the only lead, and he didn't want to be late. He walked up to her with the card.

"H-hey um, can you help me find my class?" he'd ask nervously and innocently.

The janitor would stand up. "Can't you see I am doing something here? But fine, I will." she said somewhat harshly before softening up a bit. Afterglow handed his card to her and she looked at it, her eyes narrowing. She looked at it.

"U-um what's your name? Thank you for helping me out here, I'm new here and I don't know where anything is...my name is Afterglow." Afterglow stuttered in his words.

"You may call me Magnolia. Now, I'll take you to your first class. Come, Afterglow." she'd say with a hand gesture, and would lead him to the English Wing. There was an awkward silence between them as they walked. Some other students noticed them walking together and seemed weirded out. Afterglow noticed this but did not speak anything of it. Magnolia was a very intimidating sort, but she had helped him out. After all, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Magnolia walked him to the English wing. He looked into her eyes as they walked, she didn't look back but her eyes were a shade of magenta. She seemed like the type that worked very hard, but was absolutely miserable. They soon reached the hall. Magnolia pointed to the room at the end of the hall.

"First one at the turn. You won't miss it." she'd say, handing his card back to him.

"T-thank you again, Magnolia." he gulped, her gaze narrowed. "H-have a nice day." he'd say nervously, to which Magnolia would smile. "You too..." she'd say in a droning off manner before walking a way.

He then would walk to the classroom and enter. He noticed the seating chart and sat down where he was sat. Mr. Script was sitting at his desk and watched as the students entered.

He would begin his first day, at Canterlot High school. He didn't see anybody out of the ordinary in this class. Nobody all that interesting, though.

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I wasn't expecting to see this! It's a nice introduction to Afterglow, and I can tell you were inspired by my story! :twilightsmile:

Two things though: I'm not sure how Afterglow would already know the names of all the girls on the bus, and a room number starting with a 1 would be on the first floor, not the second.

Thank you!

I'll fix what you said there lol

I think this story needs a T rating cause f bombs usually aren’t allowed in E rated stories


Fixed it, I literally cannot write without swearing!

Also, I see that Magnolia is the janitor :twilightsmile:
Hopefully she won’t get too angry about it someday :duck:

Never expected an Equestria Girls story from you! Afterglow's a very relatable character so far! :heart:


Afterglow is a self insert of myself!

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