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I just realized everything I write comes back to guilt, shame, regret, or grief. Um... should I be worried about that?

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I loved this story! It contained my kinda interests.

So tragic.

That’s what I had to keep telling myself, after all.

Back before I ruined us with my work. My faith. My duty. My fault.

Makes me wonder what the attrition rate is out of the Knights Mystic (and maybe Jubilant?) and/or out of less "civilized" cities/colonies, especially for Knight-civilian couples. On one hand, I could imagine Knights Mystic being somewhat self-selecting, but on the other hand I'd imagine that the Knights Mystic can't all be iron-hearted zealots.

Also makes me wonder whether analogous relationship strains happens in real life, e.g., with someone in a high-up intelligence position married to a "regular" civilian.


TIL this is actually a word!

“Her foal doesn’t matter. The spawn of heresy and sin. Born in corruption. Nothing good will come of that life, so it will be best to move it on to the next.”

For all the no-interspecies-relationships talk in Rekindled Embers, I had never considered whether the life of an unborn foal might be considered. Is this something left to individual Knights to decide, or is there (technically?) a Diarchy-wide policy on this?

“Because,” I replied, my voice hoarse and broken. “Because your love needs to survive this.”

Admirable, to do so after everything she's been through. I hope she finds peace in the little time she has left...

Reminds me a bit of Steadfast, though he chose a different path...

The dark tag here is not hyperbole.


Admirable, to do so after everything she's been through. I hope she finds peace in the little time she has left...

I promise this isn't the last we'll see of Lady Justice. There will be at least a small window into what she got up to after the events of this story.

Can you believe, in my original plan it was going to be even darker?

Don't worry, future stories in this anthology probably won't be so dark. I do plan on doing a bit of a gory monster thriller sort of thing starring Mercy Song, and then there's also a planned short called "Chewed Bubblegum" about what happens when a young Knight Adamant happens to catch her coltfriend fellating a griffon...

Haha, that second one sounds like a ride.


A ray of hope!

Just hoping said window is an account of her new life outside the Diarchy, but I’m not optimistic :pinkiesad2:

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