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Joseph is a Brony who likes reading MLP fanfics . He has a good life but he has some problems. He gets transported to Digital Equestria and learns why he is there and tries to solve his problems and maybe help some ponies

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I know Its kinda boring, it's my first incomplete first chapter after all

I would like to have honest feedback

I can never resist a good bit of wish-fulfillment. :twistnerd: For a first effort, I think this is not too bad; your narrative voice flows nicely and you keep the tense consistent all the way through. There are a few grammar errors, mostly missing periods at the ends of sentences, incorrect spacing at the ends of dialogue, and not using question marks for questions.

Jacob as a character is fairly bland, and writing about writing a story is a metafictional device that's usually deployed only sparingly (as it is somewhat of a cop-out), but I didn't dislike the character and found his curiosity somewhat endearing.

The infodump provided by CelestAI is a little dull, simply telling a whole lot of exposition directly to the reader, although in fairness if anyone's going to do it that way, it's an AI. :) The ending of the chapter is somewhat abrupt, too - this does not really feel like a natural place to end the conversation that they're having.

Aside from these issues I think you created a nice hook to begin with, teasing a digital world with the promise of more to come. Not a bad way to start. :)

Thank you very much for your helpful feedback.
Regarding the Abrupt ending It was because I was in a bit of a rush and wanted to submit the story for the “ Friendship is Optimal contest “ as soon as possible so it's not even a complete first chapter but soon I will complete it.
It the same reason why their are some writing and grammatical issues

Just note that English isn't my mother tongue

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