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It was "supposed" to be another day at game con as my favorite persona Izanagi from Persona 4, buuut I HAD to buy from that stupid merchand, now I am in equestria as a fricking statue in her highness labyrinth, well look on the bright side I AM Izanagi

"This is a fun fiction created by a fan MLP:FiM is property of hasbro while SMT:Persona 4 belongs to Atlas please support the official release"

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Ohh i am actually so excited for this type of story. Some grammars could be fixed but my god oive the concept and story so far.

Actually the only problem is Luna's speech because... Well... I don't speak royal :twilightsheepish: other than that I just need to turn off the Google correct, drink tons of coffee, keep banging my head on a table until I got an idea, smell some cocaine and voalá I am good to go

I'm loving the story, I will be seeing more of it

It's not royal that you can't speak, rather ye olde English. (really though that is old language within the medieval era and it's best you use that as a reference when luna is talking.)

Nice let me know when you do a crossover.

Speaking ye olde english is difficult if you don't have a spread sheet of what each word means.

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