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Then just think of this as a gift. To make up for all the Mother’s Days I missed…

Fuck, that line!

I liked this. Especially the interactions between AJ/Rarity, and among the crusaders. I thought that there was a little whiplash in feelings -- each time Rarity and Sweetie started making out it seemed a little quick given the situation. But all in all it was sweet and interesting.

So . . did AB ever learn that SB was not actually drunk as Scoots had not spiked the punch?

Man, I wish there were more stories like 'Dear Sweetie Belle' that explored the idea of Sweetie being Rarity's daughter.

Monkey's paw: (finger curls)

Honestly, nice story. Really enjoyed the Rarity/AJ dynamic.


You will be telling us how Scoots knew that bit about the laws, right?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Excellently-done. Quite good drama, and some nice sex scenes.

"I refuse to let my inner peace come at the expense of her happiness." Rarity clenched her first, steadfast on that point. "If it makes Sweetie feel even a modicum worse, then it doesn't matter how much better I'd be."

Rarity clenched her first, steadfast on that point

you were right, i love it
lots of pain/angst, and I got some dokis and warmth too.
however did you know?

This was a really good story!

Now write them loving and caring for eachother in a healthy sisterly manner.

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