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My Little Pony: Friendships are Magic - professor space n time

A fan rewrite of the series . Including my own OC and some additions to the lore.

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Chapter 6 (The Ticket Master)

Twilight and Applejack walked back to the barn each carrying two baskets laden with apples, meanwhile Spike was lying on Twilight's back as he searched through the apples in the basket "No. Nope. Nope..."

"Thank you kindly, Twilight, for helping me out. I bet Big McIntosh I could get all these Golden Delicious in the barn by lunchtime. If I win, he's gonna walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny's girdles. Heh, heh!"

"No problem at all, Applejack. I'm glad the goal is lunchtime. All this hard work is making me hungry."

"I know, right?" Spike said throwing an apple that fell on Twilight's head, Twilight stared at him with a raised eyebrow that showed her anger, Spike just smiled awkwardly.

"Puh-lease, Spike. You've been lounging on my back all morning while we worked."

"Exactly. You two are taking so long, I missed snack time."

Twilight's stomach growled and she laughed nervously "Eh, I guess we better get some food."

Spike went back to his search "Nope. Worm. A-ha!" He cried out triumphantly when he found what he was looking for, a huge, deep red apple, perfectly ripe and juicy, it was a physically perfect apple and totally palatable to the eye.

Twilight's mouth was watering "Oh Spike, that looks delicious!" She said, immediately Spike ate the apple in one bite, squeezing its juices that fell on Twilight's face "Spike!."

"What?" At that moment Spike burped a green flame that turned into a scroll tied by a red ribbon and a gold seal.

"It's a letter from Princess Celestia." Said Twilight.

Spike got off her back, opened the scroll and cleared his throat "Hear ye, hear ye. Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria, is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, on the 21st day of, eh, yadda yadda yadda, cordially extends an invitation to Twilight Sparkle plus one guest."

"The Grand Galloping Gala!" The two mares shouted in unison "The Grand Galloping Gala!" they shouted again as they cheered.

Spike simply made an expression of disgust and disdain before burping another green flame materializing two golden tickets "Look, two tickets."

"Wow, great! I've never been to the gala. Have you, Spike?" Asked Twilight.

"No, and I plan to keep it that way. I don't want any of that girly frilly frou-frou nonsense."

"Aw, come on Spike. A dance would be nice."

"Nice? It's a heap good more than just nice. I'd love to go. Land sakes. . ." said Applejack "If I had an apple stand set up, ponies would be chowin' our tasty vittles 'til the cows came home. Do you have any idea how much business I could drum up for Sweet Apple Acres? Why, with all that money, we could do a heap of fixin' up 'round here. We could replace that saggy old roof, and Big McIntosh could replace that saggy old plow, and Granny Smith could replace that saggy old hip. Why, I'd give my left hind leg to go to that gala."

"Oh, well in that case, would you like to-"

"Whoa!" A figure shouted from the heights, suddenly Rainbow Dash fell on them throwing them to the ground next to the apples and raising a cloud of dust "Ugh. Are we talking about the Grand Galloping Gala?" She asked.

"Rainbow Dash. You told me you were too busy to help me harvest apples. What were you busy doing? Spyin'?"

"No, I was busy. . . napping. And why are you upset with me like that? Amara is supposed to be here too and I haven't seen you reproach her"

“Because she had already told me that she had princess things to do and that she would come to help me next week. Anyway, what do you want?" she asked as she put herself up.

"Well I just happened to hear that you have an extra ticket, Right?" she asked to Twilight.

"Yeah, but-" Twilight couldn't even finish her sentence before Rainbow jumped in flight triumphantly.

"YES! This is so awesome. The Wonderbolts perform at the Grand Galloping Gala every year. I can see it now. . . Everyone would be watching the sky. Their eyes riveted on the Wonderbolts, but then in would fly Rainbow Dash!. I would draw their attention with my Super Speed Strut, then, I would mesmerize 'em with my Fantastic Filly Flash. And for my grand finale, the Buccaneer Blaze! The ponies would go wild! The Wonderbolts would insist that my signature moves be incorporated into their routine, and then welcome me as their newest member. Don't you see, Twilight? This could be my one chance to show 'em my stuff. You gotta take me!"

Applejack immediately pulled her by the tail "Hold on just one pony pickin' minute here." She muttered, at that moment she let go of her tail "I asked for that ticket first."

"So? That doesn't mean you own it."

"Oh, yeah? Well I challenge you to a hoof-wrestle. Winner gets the ticket."

Immediately the two began their fight, only to be stopped by Twilight who pushed them apart "Girls, these are my tickets, I'll decide who gets it, thank you very much. Whoever has the best reason to go should get the ticket, don't you think?"

"Drummin' up business for the farm?"

"A chance to audition for the Wonderbolts?"

"Money t' fix Granny's hip."

"Living the dream."

"Oh my, those were all pretty good reasons, aren't they?" then her stomach grumbled "Listen to that, I am starving. I don't know about you, but I can't make important decisions on an empty stomach, so I'll, uh, think about it over lunch and get back to you two, okay?"

"Okay." they both reluctantly said.

Spike got on Twilight's back and Twilight began to walk away slowly, at the same time Applejack and Rainbow resumed their hoof fight.

The two of them were walking silently down the main street while Twilight was with an uneasy expression not only because of how hungry she was, but because of the decision she had to make.

"Twily!" Amara yelled, shaking her front hoof high as she entered the street to the right, carrying bags of groceries and lab supplies with her.

"Hi Amy! Have you finished your royal chores yet?" Twilight asked her.

"Yes, luckily the redistribution of funds was not so complex this year, do you mind if I accompany you to lunch? I can tell that you are hungry" She said and began to walk silently with Twilight.

"So, who are you gonna give the ticket to, Twilight?" Asked Spike.

"Ticket? What ticket?" Amara asked.

"Princess Celestia gave me two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, Spike doesn't want to come, so I offered Applejack the ticket, but it turns out that Rainbow wants it too" said Twilight.

"Those two want the ticket? I would never have imagined it, it's not something I would expect from them, it would make more sense if it were Rarity" Amara commented.

"Well, they both have good reasons, and I don't know which one to choose."

“Perhaps I can help you, it is good to bring a neutral factor when making important decisions to be able to understand things from different points of view, that is why mom has counselors, although they are not always helpful. Anyway, what are their reasons?"

“Well, Applejack wants to go so she can set up a stall with her food and get money to repair the barn roof, buy a new plow, and pay for surgery to fix Granny Smith's hip. Rainbow wants to go so she can meet the Wonderbolts and show them her stunts, hoping they will allow her to join the group." She said with a frustrated expression.

Amara chuckled “Twilight, my dear, the answer is so simple that I can't understand why you haven't decided already, it's obvious that Applejack is the one who deserves the ticket, good housing, working conditions and health is clearly more important than Rainbow Dash's dreams, the Wonderbolts are not a priority. Still, there's something they don't know about the Grand Galloping Gala, you see-"

At that moment the three of them were thrown to the ground by Pinkie Pie who jumped through the door of Sugarcube Corner, the tickets slid through the air until they fell in front of Pinkie's eyes, who when she woke up jumped and began to run in circles "Gah! Bats! Bats on my face! Help! Wait," She said stopping in her tracks "these aren't... tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala?! It's the most amazing incredible tremendous super-fun wonderful terrifically humongous party in all of Equestria! I've always, always, always wanted to go!"

At that moment Pinkie began to sing, but nopony paid much attention, Twilight was more focused on her stomach, Spike was dusting his scales and Amara had an expression of bewilderment and confusion, how was it possible that so many ponies had an idea so wrong about the Grand Galloping Gala?

"Oh thank you, Twilight, it's the most wonderful-est gift ever." Pinkie said jumping happily.

"Um, actually-" Twilight said in a nervous and embarrassed tone, only to be interrupted by Amara.

"Pinkie, you don't know what you're saying, the gala isn't-" at that moment they were interrupted by a loud gasp from Rarity.

"Are these what I think they are?" She said looking the golden tickets in Spike's claws.

"Uh-" Was the only thing Twilight could say.

"Yes, yes, yes! Twilight's taking me to the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot." Said Pinkie.

"The gala? I design ensembles for the gala every year, but I've never had the opportunity to attend. Oh, the society, the culture, the glamour! It's where I truly belong, and where I'm destined to meet him."

"Him!. . . Who?" asked Pinkie.

"Him. I would stroll through the gala, and everyone would wonder, "Who is that mysterious mare?" They would never guess that I was just a simple pony from little old Ponyville. Why, I would cause such a sensation that I would be invited for an audience with Princess Celestia herself, and the princess would be so taken with the style and elegance that she would introduce me to him, her nephew: the most handsome, eligible unicorn stallion in Canterlot. Our eyes would meet, our hearts would melt. Our courtship would be magnificent. He would ask for my hoof in marriage, and of course I would say, "Yes!" We would have a royal wedding, befitting a princess, which is, Heh! heh!, what I would become upon marrying him, the stallion of my dreams. Twilight, I simply cannot believe you would invite Pinkie Pie so she can... party, and prevent me from meeting my true love. How could you? Hmph."

"Rarity, you have no idea how wrong you are" Amara said with a clear anger "He's not-" She was suddenly interrupted by Spike.

"Hey!" He yelled, seeing how Angel ran at full speed with the tickets in his mouth and jumped until Fluttershy's head.

Fluttershy gasped "Angel, these are perfect."

"Uh, listen guys, I haven't decided who to give the extra ticket to." Twilight said a little annoyed.

"You haven't?" Pinkie and Rarity said unison.

"Um, excuse me, Twilight. I would just like to ask, I mean, if it would be all right, if you haven't given it to somepony else. . ." Fluttershy said prudently.

"You? You want to go to the gala?" Rarity said indignantly.

"Oh, no. I mean, yes, or, actually, kind of. You see. . .It's not so much the Grand Galloping Gala as it is the wondrous private gated garden that surrounds the dance. The flowers are said to be the most beautiful and fragrant in all of Equestria. For the night of the gala, and that night alone, would they all be in bloom. . . and that's just the flora! Don't get me started on the fauna. There's loons and toucans and bitterns, oh my! Hummingbirds that can really hum, and buzzards that can really buzz. White-blue jays, and red jays, and green jays, pink jays and pink flamingos!"

"Gee, Fluttershy, it sounds... beautiful...?"

At that moment Amara touched her shoulder “Twilight, leave this to me. Girls, I know the gala is very important to you, but I'm afraid it's not what you think. Pinkie, the gala is not something like a huge birthday party, it is a gathering of high class ponies who do nothing but talk, eat, drink and listen to classical music, they are ponies with sophisticated manners. There will be no games or even music that can be danced, except for a waltz or two."

"Aww. . ." Pinkie sighed.

“Fluttershy, the animals may be adorable, but the gardens are not like a petting zoo, they are shy and delicate creatures, I have been in all the galas for as long as I can remember and even then the animals still run away from me. Also, as you said they are very exotic animals, I don't think you know how to treat them, do you know how to take care of toucans? Or spider monkeys? What about a Wallaroo?"

"Well. . . I-I. . ." Fluttershy tried to formulate an answer, but she had no words.

"And finally there is you, Rarity, my cousin Blueblood is not interested in mares like you, it is because of mares like you that he became a narcissist, when we were young he was sweet, respectful, chivalrous and tender, but with the years they came more and more crazy mares who claimed to love him without knowing him, just for being a prince they idealize him as if he were a perfect being, and that depressed him, the boy thinks that he will never be able to find love, or friends, or just be happy, so he took refuge in the only safe thing he had, his title and wealth, he acts like a heartless jerk in front of everypony so that others get away from him, but that simply makes him more alone, the only times he acts normal is in private gatherings with family members exclusively. So don't even try it."

Rarity was about to start a drama about how her dreams had fallen when suddenly someone screamed from on high "Wait just a minute."

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight yelled. "Were you following me?"

"No. I mean, yes. I mean, maybe. Look, it doesn't matter. I couldn't risk a goody-four-shoes like you giving that ticket away to just anypony."

"Wait just another minute." said Applejack.

"Applejack, were you following me too?" asked Twilight.

"No. I was followin' this one to make sure she didn't try any funny business. Still trying to take mah ticket."

"Your ticket?" Asked Rainbow.

"Why do you want to go to that gala?" Pinkie asked. "That place is full of ponies who don't know how to party."

"And the animals are too shy to meet." Fluttershy added.

"Not to mention that most of the royals care for nopony other than themselves and the others don't want to talk with us common ponies." Rarity said.

"You shut up, you weak marshmallow!" Rainbow Dash said "Your mind tricks won't work on me, I know you just want to get the ticket"

"Marshmallow?! Weak?! How dare you!!"

They all immediately started arguing with each other, Twilight flinched into place and Amara was starting to feel sick from the mix of negative emotions "Girls, please stop this." No one paid attention to her, she felt increasingly ill and her thoughts were clouded in irritating pain “Girls! Stop! " She screamed, even so, nopony heard her, her blood boiled.


She screamed with all her might, her voice had a reverb and her eyes glowed green as her long fangs were exposed to view with her long green pointy tongue hissing like a snake's.

The girls were silent, in fact, the entire town was silent, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop from a kilometer away.

Amara covered her mouth with her hooves as tears ran down her cheeks "I-I'm sorry. . . I-I just don't like discussions" she immediately turned around and started running at full speed.

"Amy wait!" Twilight screamed, but in a second she vanished with a green glow.

The girls looked at each other "Can anypony explain what's going on?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight walked slowly towards the library accompanied by Spike, when she reached the door she stopped dead, with her magic she took the key out of her backpack, put it in the lock, turned it and stopped, she doubted whether to enter or not, finally she raised her forehead and slowly opened the door "Amy? Amy are you here?" she asked followed by Spike.

They walked through the library, through her room and through the kitchen, they did not find her anywhere, finally Twilight directed her steps towards the door that led to the basement turned into a laboratory, she went down the stairs and was greeted by tables full of tubes, chemicals, machinery and shelves full of books "Amy?"

Amara was sitting in the corner of the room crying, Twilight slowly walked over and sat next to her "Amy. . ."

Amara raised her head to see her, her eyes filled with tears "Twilight. . . I'm so sorry. . . I-I-" Twilight covered her mouth with a gentle gesture.

"Shh. You don't have to apologize for anything. " Twilight sat next to her "I explained to the girls all about how arguments greatly affect your health and your judgment, it was not your fault."

"Yes it was!" she said starting to cry again "I lost control in front of my friends, what kind of friend does that?"

"Oh my Celestia!" Twilight said "We both know what could happen to you if the argument continued, you would have been bedridden for maybe more than a week while hallucinating."

"And who cares about my health?!" She replied “what matters is them, they did not deserve that. . ."

“Amy, please stop treating yourself like this. You tried to stop them the good way, and they did not listen, yes, maybe insulting was not the best option, but what else could you do? Do not worry about anything, the girls are not upset with you. Now come with me, I invite you to lunch, I'm starving."

"Thank you" Amara said wiping her tears.

The three of them were sitting at a table outside a restaurant, each browsing the menu.

"Have you made your decision?" asked the waiter.

"Oh. I would love a daffodil and daisy sandwich." Twilight replied.

"Do you have any rubies?" The waiter just stared "No? Okay. I'll have the hay fries, extra crispy." Spike said.

"Please give me some pasta carbonara with extra bacon and an extra addition of Parmesan if it is not too much trouble" Amara said as the waiter retired.

"Then who will you give theticket to Twilight?" Spike asked.

"I don't know Spike, at least I don't have to worry about the others thanks to Amara, but I still have to decide between AJ and Dash" she said.

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk about, you see-" Suddenly Amara was interrupted.

"Girls! Over here!" when they turned around they were welcomed by the rest of their friends.

"Oh hello girls," Amara said.

"Hi Amara" said Fluttershy "We want to apologize for a while ago"

"On the contrary, I am the one who wants to offer my apologies." Amara turned to Rainbow Dash and Applejack "I need to talk to both of you."

"Okay, but let's do it inside, there's a rain scheduled for a few minutes." Dash said.

The eight entered the restaurant and sat by the window, at which point the waiter brought their plates and Amara thanked him politely. "So. . . What did you want to talk to us about? " Applejack asked.

“About the gala, you two want to go, but I don't recommend it, I know that both of you have reasons, some better than others, but you will not achieve any of your goals, believe me. Let's start with Dash, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I don't think the Wonderbolts care about you, let's see it from the logical point of view, do you really think they will accept you, even though you have no prior training? I mean, maybe your stunts are good, but you have no real experience, you are a fan, you work in the rainbow factory and with the weather team. Also, your stunts are too risky and reckless to do in presentations all the time, you have to keep in mind that Wonderbolts are a business and it is not profitable for stunts to put team members at risk. What I would recommend is that you try to sign up the old-fashioned way and wait, I'm sure they are competent enough to recognize the talent of somepony like you."

"Oh. . . " was all Dash said.

"And then there is you, Applejack, of all I think you have the best reasons to go, but it won't do you any good. You see, the food that your family makes is delicious and your apples are of the highest quality, but something that you do not take into account is who you are, you are a farmer, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the nobles do not think like that, they will not buy anything that you offer them for a simple reason, your food is very simple, it is delicious, but it is not haute cuisine, it also has no presentation and unfortunately those ponies eat with their eyes, the only thing they get into their throat is what looks fine. So unless you manage to make your food look elegant enough to compete with haute cuisine, I don't think you'll have much luck."

Applejack just fell silent staring at the ponies coming out of the kitchen carrying trays full of dishes, her expression thoughtful, she had nothing to say.

Rainbow Dash glanced at Amara's plate, without warning she grabbed the fork and grabbed some pasta "Hey, can I try this?" She didn't wait for an answer and put the bite on her mouth.

"Wait!" Amara said, but it was too late.

"My Goodness! This is delicious! What is it?" Rainbow Dash asked impressed.

“Pasta carbonara. . ." Amara said dumbfounded and immobile.

"And what does it have?" Rainbow asked.

"Carbonara sauce based on egg, olive oil, salt, pepper and. . . bacon"

"Bacon? What's bacon?" Dash asked confused.

"Pork meat" Amara said staring into her eyes.

Rainbow started to spit and wipe her tongue "Meat?!!, You eat meat?!!"

"Strange, right?" Said Amara with a mocking smile “There is a reason why I have fangs, if you know anything about biology you will know that only carnivores have them. How we discovered it was something very curious, when I was four or five years old, Mom was discussing a trade agreement with the Griffons, I was hungry and bored, so I began to search the ambassador's suitcase and found a bag of jerky, the rest is obvious. You shouldn't take other ponies' food without asking."

Rainbow did not pay attention, took the glass of water from the table, and drank it to clean the taste "Anyway, then who will get the ticket to the gala?"

"Wait, what ticket? What gala?" Asked a waitress who was passing near them.

"You didn't know?" Pinkie Pie asked, "Twilight has a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala!"

"The Grand Galloping Gala?!!" yelled the whole restaurant at the same time.

Amara approached Twilight "As a good friend of mine with a pocket watch and loves to eat jelly babies says: RUN!"

Immediately Twilight jumped from her seat followed by Spike at the same time that the ponies around her began to offer favors and compliments, Twilight opened the door with a bang and ran out being chased by the crowd of ponies, they ran from side to side through the streets of the town until they reached the market.

"What the heck is going on?!" Shouted Carrot Top.

"Twilight has an extra ticket to the gala!" yelled somepony in the crowd.

The ponies in the market looked at each other for a few seconds and in less than a blink all the ponies were running after Twilight, in the end she was cornered next to Spike in the corner of a warehouse, the ponies were slowly approaching, Twilight looked in all directions looking for a way out, an idea suddenly formed in her head, an idea so risky that it just might work. Twilight closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could, her horn lit up and the two disappeared in a flash of light leaving the ponies bewildered.

The two rematerialized in the library, with an impressed expression, Spike had taken the worst of it, he was covered in soot and ash and some of his scales had caught fire "Ugh. . Warn me next time you're gonna do that."

"I didn't even know it was gonna happen. Now quick, lock the doors!"

"Maybe we will be of help to you." commented Amara who appeared next to the girls, Amara made a sign with her hoof and they immediately closed the windows and doors.

"How did you know I was here?" Twilight asked.

"Whenever something bad happens or you don't know what to do, you hide in the nearest library." she said.

Twilight sat up and rubbed her hoof across her face with a frustrated sigh "What am I supposed to do now?"

"That is up to you, none of the girls want to come now, so you could give the ticket away, or you could sell it." Amara commented.

Twilight was thoughtful for a moment looking at her friends and then at the tickets "Spike, take down a note. Dear Princess Celestia, I've learned that one of the joys of friendship is sharing your blessings, but when there's not enough blessings to go around, having more than your friends can make you feel pretty awful. So, though I appreciate the invitation, I will be returning both tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala."

"WHAT?!!" Screamed all unison.

"If my friends can't all go, I don't wanna go either." Twilight finished.

"Twilight, you don't have to do this, we don't even want to go to the Gala anymore," Applejack told her.

"Nonsense, I already made my decision, I do not feel good about myself knowing that I manage to go to the gala while you are left with the desire, also, what am I supposed to do at the gala? You are my only friends and until a few weeks ago I was the most antisocial pony in the world, I still don't know how to start conversations and not even talk about my dance, all I would do is sit in a corner, eat and drink until the party is over. Spike, send the letter."

"Wait" Amara interrupted "Send this one too" she said passing him another scroll.

In a second Spike wrapped the letters in green dematerializing flame that went out the window snaking in the air, the girls shared a hug at the same time Spike began to regurgitate "Hgh. . .hgh. . .urk. . .urk. . ."

"Well wallop my withers, Spike. Isn't that just like a boy? Can't handle the least bit of sentiment."

"Applejack don't be dumb, don't you see he's about to spit out a letter? Isn't it obvious seeing the spasms of the dorsal scales?" Amara told her with sarcasm, immediately Spike spat out a scroll with the royal seal on it.

"A letter from the princess? That was fast." said Twilight.

Spike cleared his throat "My faithful student Twilight, Why didn't you just say so in the first place? Seven tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala."

"Now we can all go!" announced Twilight.

"Including Spike" Amara commented in a low voice, she turned to see the dragon and winked at him, then she turned to see the girls "Well, since you will all go I will make sure it is the best night of their lives. Pinkie, I can teach you some more formal dance steps and maybe I can convince the orchestra to play something a bit more. . . "Moved" Fluttershy, i can I lend you some books on exotic animals, I'm sure you'll learn their behaviors in no time. AJ, I can give you some recipes for simple but still fancy food. Dash, I still recommend filling out a registration form, but I still think I could introduce you to the Wonderbolts in person, that will make a good impression on them. And Rarity, I know a few nobles who might be of interest to you. What do you think?" The girls gave Amara a big hug as a sign of gratitude, Amara returned the hug "Now, what do you think if we go to dinner? I invite! You can order whatever you want, but we have to return before ten o'clock, I have experiments to finish."

The girls took their respective tickets and headed for the main street through the cold night fog with a smile on their faces.