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This story is a sequel to Sunbeam

Long days at the shop are made at least somewhat more bearable by friendly voices on the phone, and Kat is no exception. That she’s far more competent than most parts people is the cherry on top.

We work on fleet trucks, mostly, and a few company cars and favors for the boss cars. So when Kat called and wanted me to look at her car, I didn’t know what to expect.

It wasn’t what I was expecting.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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You're gonna have to write another sequel about their second date, you know. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, Dennis... A pretty girl mare doesn’t take you out for pizza in her classic British roadster if she just wants to be friends.

Pack a toothbrush if she invites you over for that hoof-made plakous.

“I take what fun I can find on the few twisty roads where I can get some speed up.”

From an old comedy routine
"Where am I going to find a place to go 100 mph?"
"Any side street in town".

This is cute! :twilightsmile:

There was a long enough pause that I thought I’d said something wrong.

I hate those pauses. :twilightoops:

Georg #6 · April 24th · · ·

Mechanics have odd dates.

I love how you managed to get me so invested in these characters in only a combined 6000 words! Your PoE universe is really the best on this site!

part 3 or riot

Toothbrush? What's that for?

This is a really cute story. Sweet stuff.

“You bought kitchen appliances with your name on them?”

“Of course I did.” She reached up a hoof and booped my nose. “You’d’ve done the same if there were appliances with your name on them.”

Now we know Dennis's last name isn't Cuisinart.

An open convertible in New York? I hope this story takes place during the summer, especially once night falls. I don't like the cold, so I can't imagine owning a convertible in a northern state, where I wouldn't get to take advantage of the car nine months out of the year. Although I suppose ponies, with their natural coats, would enjoy having the top down further into the spring and autumn.

Did Sunbeam actually have to work late or did it just take her an hour to work up the nerve to call?

I like the story, but just a comment: the shop talk in the beginning went on way too long. I went into this with a smile on my face because I remembered the first one, but by the time Sunbeam showed up in this I was ready to do a text search and skip ahead.

I waited until I saw her taillights vanish on River Road before starting my truck, wondering what had just happened.

I think it's called a "date"

Given how friendly they are she could just want to be friends. She doesn’t, but it is possible.

From the description: "That she’s far more competent that most parts people is the cherry on top."

Do you mean "than most parts people"?

Date that unicorn already Dennis. :twilightsmile:

Or rather date her again. :rainbowwild:

I take what fun I can find on the few twisty roads where I can get some speed up.

Central PA or WVa might have what she's looking for ...

Daaaaamn, I'd never thought I'd hear Niagara, Tonawanda, and Batavia in a horse fic. :pinkiegasp:

There's a little too much automobile jargon for me to follow, but overall this is a nice classic human-meets-pony slice of life.

Also, are you sure this is a fic about cars? Because I think I see a ship sailing in the background. :raritywink:

I waited until I saw her taillights vanish on River Road before starting my truck, wondering what had just happened.

By the time I got home, I still didn’t know.

You got booped, dude.


SE Pennsylvania is pretty up and down twisty once you get out of all the towns. More people though, so you'd likely be risking a lot more taking blind curves at speed.

D'aaaawwww how cute.

> It’s a Dorman so we can list it and sell it even if it’s crap, someone will want to buy it.

That still has me chuckling.

Loved the story.

Seeing a sequel pop up for such a fun and uniquely detailed story made my day !

In both this story and the original, the finer details with part numbers and job descriptions made for a good story while managing to stay away from the common writer’s sin of being over-descriptive. The way it’s written just works.

We all love Kat.

This is wonderful and I would love to have more if you feel like it :twilightsmile:

This is short and sweet and absolutely delightful. I know nothing about cars, but the details in this give it a level of realism that just works. Chill slice of life that's just good for the soul. :heart:

This story of Kat will blow your brains out! And you'll never see it coming!

(Yes I'm referencing a decade old videogame shut up)

I hope we don't have to wait another two and a half years for that sequel. :twilightoops:

It's weird to see city names from around here come up in a fanfic - the concept of a unicorn cruising around western NY in a cool old import car never crossed my mind before now lol

I do like the shop talk, but then it's familiar. It'd be like talking about mixing drinks in a bar setting and I was a bartender or someone that hung out at bars. Even if I didn't it lends atmosphere and 'reality'. (write what you know I think it was Spider Robinson that said it) Its another reason why I follow your escapades in your shop talks. It brings back memories and you write them so well. The motorheads will like this one... but I could see those without any knowledge of cars or trucks being a little lost; because you write about such varied things it forces me to look stuff up, too, and it doesn't bother me at all. I guess not everyone was tearing brakes apart at 7 and pumping gas, but then most people don't have pilot licenses or CDLs either and reading about them is interesting, too. Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thanks for the entertainment.

“Smells like success.”

“You sure? There’s a big puddle under it.”

“No there isn’t.” But Jayson leaned down and checked anyway, then gave me the finger.

Ah, banter.



Toothbrush? What's that for?

For when she asks him to stay the night at her place. Of course if when that happens, Dennis' co-workers are going to needle him relentlessly for details.

"Details man! You cannot just disappear off with a flippin' unicorn to her house overnight and not have some juicy tale to tell!"

"Fine! Do you really want to know? We made sweet love, had sex, rutted! Hot, sticky, steamy sex all night long!

"We did things that would make your toes curl, things they do not have names for and would get you censored from 3 major religions and 6 minor ones. They will have to invent new similes for this level of exuberance! We made rabbits look inadequate!

"It was so passionate the neighbours smoked a cigarette when we were done. We ploughed each other so vigorously, so thoroughly, I am surprised we can see straight, let alone walk!


"Whoah... Really?"

"Nah, we played parchessi, and I gave her coat a good currying, and then we went to bed."

I'd be upset if there wasn't more, this is some good stuff

“You bought kitchen appliances with your name on them?”
“Of course I did.” She reached up a hoof and booped my nose. “You’d’ve done the same if there were appliances with your name on them.

Very true. :eeyup:

I waited until I saw her taillights vanish on River Road before starting my truck, wondering what had just happened.
By the time I got home, I still didn’t know.

You, my dear shonen-level dense protagonist, just had a date. :facehoof::derpytongue2:

Awesome sequel, loved it. :twilightsmile:

Sunbeam III

"Hey, Bud."

I looked up from the maze of wiring that I had pulled out from under the 2015 Ranger. Somewhere in the spaghetti was at least one place where a pack rat had lunch, and it was proving elusive. "What's up?" I called back at the manager, who was standing in the open bay door, looking up into the sky.

"Your girlfriend got a pegasus friend?" he asked.

That was worth putting the wiring mess down for a minute and going over to see what he was seeing. I looked up into the bright morning sky for a few minutes with a gradually sinking sensation. "Maybe," I responded.

"Better give her a call this weekend." My manager vanished into the building, most probably to get his cell phone to get a picture like I was afraid several hundred other humans were doing at that very minute. Above us, a line of clouds spelled out the reason.


"Grind it! Grind it, just grind it some more!" That cracked me up. The one about nothing but left gloves, though... that hit close to home so that one really got a belly laugh out of me!

This should be in the sequel, Admiral.

Next week, maybe? :pinkiehappy:

That was good and it was funny.

I kind of got the context when I read the original story, and liked it well enough.

Having since worked at an unnamed auto parts store since, BOTH pieces hit home a lot more.

I hope to see yet more. Excellent work, dude.

The urge to just ship is always a strong one, and I constantly find myself drawn into both writing it, and encouraging others to do so.

I wouldn't say he is oblivious, but a bit slow on the draw. Don't worry, he will figure it out soon enough.

I wanted to ask her where the phone had come from, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. Some things were best left a mystery.

There are MANY things about ponies best left a mystery.

“It’s fine, I had fun. All I was going to do was watch sports highlights on ESPN anyway.”

“You sound like a guy who needs to be rescued from himself.” Kat leaned over and nuzzled my arm. “Goodnight, Dennis.”

This was definitely a better deal: I can't stand sports CNN these days.

D'aww. :heart: I ship it.

Honestly? Part of me expects that's exactly how it'd go down--play some parchessi, brush da pony, and then sleep. :rainbowlaugh: But then, these two don't seem like the type that need flashy fireworks to have a fun night anyway. :twilightsmile:

I like to think sunbeam also has this vintage sunbeam toaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OfxlSG6q5Y

You went to bed? Details! Her bed or on the couch? Did you two snuggle?

Ahh it’s so good just like the first one! Can’t believe we gotta wait another 3 years for the trilogy ender! :raritydespair:

These little "we got everyday troubles at the garage - oh and the occasional unicorn" semi-short stories made me think of the initiating concept of the webcomic - The Whiteboard. :rainbowlaugh:

Your everyday humour is wonderfull and I dig the amount of research and silly real world facts you've woven into these.

"If you cross the rails or end up in the river you've gone too far" :rainbowlaugh:
I've driven (on bike though) after similar directions before :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, dear, some human is in so much trouble and has no idea. This is going to be hilarious. I'm looking forward to WHEN YOU WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTERS!

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