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they told me it would eat my thoughts and leave me full of light


The nation of Equestria is no more.

It hasn't "been" for centuries. The great cities of Equestria are empty husks of their former selves, their only residents being the rats. What's left of the Equestrian people is scattered, isolated, and generally disagreeable.

And Celestia is gone.

Twilight and Spike witnessed this all, of the downfall of Equestria, and they've never quite recovered.

(My eternal gratitude to Pizza Pony for the cover. You can find their DeviantArt here: --> https://www.deviantart.com/provolonepone)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 32 )

An auspicious beginning to an exciting new fic! I'm looking forward to reading more!

This seems like it's going to be an interesting fic. Looking forward to chapter two.

She just teleported her to the more safe place, isn't it?
It looks like beginning of interesting story, I will track it

huh I wonder if this mean twilight will want to make a sanctuary? or is she of mind that no place is safe for long?

Honestly there wasn't much here i might come back later when there's 2-3 chapters and give a proper review

P.S good luck

I like the environmental storytelling. Vivid imagery.

You have my attention.

bridging this into g5? the whole thing about ponies being split into tribes again, the other races being awol and magic being (at least acording to the synopsis) a no show?

I wouldn’t recommend putting the G4 and G5 in the same world

That would only affect the G5.

actualy hasbro has already stated that they 'are' in the same world
several hundred/thousand moons in the future specificly after the adventures of the mane six have faded into legend, stories told to fillies and colts at night to make them feel beter
magic has been lost (this one is a bit ambiguous in the synopsis as its not clear if it means actual magic or the magic of friendship specificly), the elements forgoten, the tribes fractured into seperated comunities once more.

edit: and if you meant the story here rather then the cannon worlds sorry for the misunderstanding

10780830 So Discord just plot-conveniently disappeared. As did all the other creatures. I guess dragons are extinct. And pegasi can't fly or alter the weather. And unicorns are just horses with horns.

Setting the movie in G4s world with such restrictions is TERRIBLE writing. Equestria's world is far too structured on magic to survive without it.

They’ll probably have plenty of hurdles to clear when they come to them. But we’ll only see how the writers have tried to handle this question and others like it when the movie comes out.

10781052 They're going to try to handle that AND have a plot surrounding all-new characters, AND introduce the lore from G4... all in one movie that's like to be 90 mins at most.

I don't envy them at all if they're actually going to put if serious effort to make that work. Pacing at warp speed, with the characters running at full-speed while screaming exposition non-stop in-between explosions might allow them to squeeze it all in. Given kids' severely limited attention spans these days, it might work!

Oooo, really interesting so far. Can’t wait for more

Great story. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

There is one thing I want to say thank you for. And that is for the way you showed immortality. Thank you for not making it a never ending angst fest.

Ahhh, nothing like a post-apocalyptic adventure, Twilight doesn't seem to have been affected so far, but only time will tell if that remains to be the case.

I just hope that little filly is okay and is able to point Twilight towards some new friends, Spike is great, but he can't be there all the time, especially since they both need to eat.

Looking forward to it, I hope it's not a short foray through The End, I really enjoy that environment.

a small pile of some of works stacked up on the corner of the desk


Well if magic is gone at least they don't have to worry about windigoes...

Fixed. Thx for pointing it out

Actually, my friends and I don’t Like That

Hasbro turned pony into a superhero

Another thing... The chapter Title being just a single thin character is difficult to click.

it seems like a good story. Good luck.

I'm already itching for more can't wait for the next chapter loving the idea so far

yes new chapter, very good chapter

Good chapter can't wait for more

Dang, that was a pretty good chapter! I can't wait for the next one!

thank you for comment, very good

Loving this story so far.

There's a very interesting and subtle conflict developing here. From Twilight's "sinful" desire for the freedom of flight at the start of this chapter to when she lifts off at the end only after her friends are asleep and she doesn't have any more immediate obligations, her concern for others seems to be the only thing keeping her grounded—a prisoner of her own empathy.

The imagery continues to be fantastic. I never imagined the post-apocalypse could be so beautiful.

Also, I love that "almost-evening" line. Delightful wordplay.

I'm glad you caught onto that! I put a lot of thought into Twi's development this chapter :)

Thanks for that

You're welcome!

The effort shows. Twilight is recognizable, but clearly hasn't been trapped in amber for a millennium; she's watched everything and everyone around her slowly decay, but everything she's learned from her friendship lessons along the way has prepared her to cope with immortality.

There's a bitter-sweet, nostalgic melancholy here that I think could only have been possible after the end of FiM. It's wonderful.

Man, that hurt to read but in a good way. Such sadness in every line. Can't wait for more

The sheer stoicness radiating from Spike, WOW!

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