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Woodrow Wilson

Sa dude, what's up? Nothin? same. I got some writing, I think. Not professional, just like doing it. Anyway, see ya. Cheers.


Franziskus wants to think he's in control, but until now he was unaware that freedom is slavery. In a bizarre world disconnected from the Galaxy as a whole, Franzis leans on what he knows to find his way around, only to be quickly corrected by his total incompetence. In a realm of Chaos all alone, this Alien finds themselves at the whim of a prison of their own construction with Luna as the Warden.

The playlist I wrote this to.

Chapters (4)
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What does IN·ICTV·OCVLI stand for?

"In The Blink of an Eye" in Latin.

I love this please make more.

I love the new chapter

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