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Found this website through a YouTuber, I got an idea, began writing. So...uh...life is odd.


In a world where Marvel and DC characters co-exist, the Nightwatcher, aka Matthew Wilson, is a mutant teenage assassin for the CIA. When an old enemy, named Hamato Kornata (Headhunter) escapes the Arkham Asylum and escapes to another dimension, he pursues him with a group of other mutants with various powers. Expecting to arrive in Earth-2, the group arrives in a completely different dimension.

This story is my very first fanfic. I wrote this when I was in junior high but through two painstaking years, I finished the book. Also, I had an obsession with the heavy-metal rock band named Skillet. Instead of Skillet existing, the main characters play their music. If you are turned off by that, my deepest apologies. This version is the exclusive Revised and Edited version. Enjoy.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 11 )

Hm...a descriptive beginning.I like it

Where shall matthews story take us? Let us see....

Dear lord they're bringing a real storm to equestria... Hehehe, hope the main 7 can handle that!

“Look, Jessie, I know how much love me. I do. It's nice to know you worry about me when I go on my assignments,” I soothed. “What if you came with me?”

Should be a you in between much and love

Decent chapter, I see the main man is bringing his crew, any of them that are single are now gonna be subject to the shipping rule...heh.

“Davayte razberemsya, rebyata!”

Heh, I have a close Russian friend on this site named Max Ksenofil, and this line reminds me of him. He has a good story going right now as well.

"My question is why it's horse-themed," Levi added.

Something many mlp fans ponder about Eq girls...why the buck did they make them so horse themed? It was a tad cringey to see.

Good chapter as always, though I'm suorised nobody reacted to the gunshots...I mean, I doubt that city has guns.

“$3.50 apiece,” responded Sweetie Belle.

Thats highway bucking robbery. I could get the same thing for about a dollar at walmart. This is why I dislike girl scouts

“Holy motherfucking shit, man!” Orange shouted. “This is the best fucking equipment that I’ve ever seen! Fuck you, Justice League. Fuck you, Avengers."

Ok, Marvel i can see the hate at, but Justice league? C'mon Orange, their tech is awesome!

“Well, good morning Canterlot City. Man, this week has been the week for crimes. Just two days ago, the Bank of Equestria was robbed by eight men dressed in armored ninja costumes. They were armed with assault rifles and ninja swords. Two security guards were gunned down, and the teller is in critical condition due to a bullet wound to the chest. The thieves got away with $500,000 in cash and gold coins. That doesn't even include the money stolen from the people inside that bank. The thieves are still at large. Yesterday, city councilmen Hoarse Hooves was assassinated by an unknown sniper. When Councilmen Hooves was giving a speech when he was shot. The sniper is also at large. I have just been given information about a decapitated male, dressed in the clothing as the armored ninjas, who was found in a dumpster near a local cafe. The autopsy report said he died around 7:25 this morning. The owner of the cafe, Mrs. Cup Cake, told the police a group of kids entered the cafe around the same time. They ordered some food and sat down. A little while later, one kid ran out of the cafe. A few seconds later, there were two gunshots. A little bit after that, three kids ran out. Not long after that, everyone left. Within ten minutes a group of vehicles; including a black, jacked-up truck, left. They are on the look…”


Funny thing: When I see the name "Nightwatcher", I tend to think of Raphael's vigilante identity from the 2007 Ninja Turtles Movie.

And you DO know that the name "Hamato" belongs to Viacom/Nickelodeon/IDW Publishing, right?
It's been the family/clan name of the Ninja Turtles ever since their Mirage Studios/Publishing days, after Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created them WAAAAAYYYYY back in 1984.

I didn't know that. I never really watched TMNT. I came up with the name Nightwatcher because, as bad as this excuse sounds, it popped up in my head. It's only when a friend told me about the 2007 movie did I realize who the Nightwatcher was. Sorry if I sound like I'm justifying myself.

10796790 Hey, no big.
Some folks don't, if they're NOT into the TMNT verse, so it's cool.
Heck, I bet that THAT was the reason that 2007 movie Raph chose it for his vigilante gig, because it DOES sound so badass!
And you're absolutely not.

"That's the Japanese for you," Brody said.

Man, this had bo right no make me laugh. but it did.

“Haha...yeah...okay. I...you know...thought I'd ask,” Flash said, kind of embarrassed. "Keep in rocking it."

Should be keep ON rocking it.

That bunny has comitted treason for drawing a knife on Fluttershy...kill 'er with fire.

“The Sirens were dangerous female creatures that lived on an island at sea. They lured nearby sailors, with their enchanting music and voices, to wreck their ships on the rocky shore. In a sense, the sailors were put under a deadly spell," Orange Bunny explained.

Welp, thats hitting the nail on the head.

Heh, the more I read about that orange bunny, the more I like her. Though she still has some negative points for almost attacking Fluttershy.

As we walked up behind Flash, I saw Justin speed walk to get to Flash. Instead of tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention, he hit Flash on the side of his head. Flash fell to the ground, unconscious. His phone clattered to the ground and the screen shattered.

That alone makes this chapter the best one so far.

heh heh, flash aint used to the DC way of doing things...though pointing a gun at Twilight might've been a tad overkill, it got the job done.

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