It is the middle of the night. Sweetie Belle cannot sleep. She thirsts for a glass of water.

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Excellent new story keep up the good work

Jake is bored.
He logs onto FIMFic.
New story from Skirts.
Jake smiles.
He sees the story stars Sweetie Belle.
Will she be a pencil sharpener?
He reads the story.
Confusing style.
Yet Jake cannot stop reading.
Disjointed words, and yet a narrative shows through.
Fever gone but itchy.
Hungry and eat doggy food.
Itchy itchy Scott came.
Ugly face so kill him
The story ends.
Jake smiles and upvotes.

Fascinating. Perhaps not the best candidate for this test (if it even was a test and not simply an attempt to communicate,) but a fantastic portrayal of interaction with the truly alien. Thank you for it.

A dream of a synesthetic non orthogonal transition to a dimentionally displaced civilisation?

That, and the picture is the one onthe Voyager space probe that pinpoints the location of Earth relative to a set of pulsars, whose duration is defined in the binary value of the frequency of the neutral hydrogen molecule? Which gives the Earth duration of one second?

A fresh pressed hanky if I sneeze.

I never know what I'm going to get when I click "Read" on a SSaE story. You continue to surprise us all.

That sure was some surreal dream. And one connected to puberty?

What does SSaE stand for, if anything?
It is a term that I haven't seen before.

SSaE= Short Skirts and Explosions

For some reason, Sweetie Belle is always the first one alien visitors try to contact.

Unique and interesting.

I feel like I'm having a fever dream reading this. 10 :unsuresweetie: out of 10.

I, uh...yeah.
At one point I thought I was reading about Dihmers...

That's a story all right. Or words at least, maybe colors. What's the difference again?

That’s the picture on the voyager craft that directs people to earth

I would like to see a sequel on this just for the follow up. A wonderful story that leaves more questions than answers.

That's something I don't miss about living in the south. Too many spiders.

And alien abductions. Those got annoying.

I think we’ve all had days like this. :moustache:

On a side note, the Sweet sweet substance known as midnight water, inexplicably 10x better and more refreshing than normal water

Then they got lost if they're going after Sweetie Belle...

Actually, they may have just been asking for directions. :)

Did V-ger get lost while looking for the Creator and was asking for directions?


Damn multidimensional spider eldritches, never letting a being get a good night's sleep.

What the hell did I just read?

Eyes in the dark.... one moon... circles...

10775616 Especially the ones that like to dress up like creepy clowns.

What will happen if you mix SCP-2853, Arrival and a fever dream?

I feel dizzy, yet it makes me wanna sleep


That episode irritated me to no end. As I'm going "electron orbitals" not the "solar system model" is what they should be describing but that doesn't make for good tv.

10777083 But then it'd look like a fuzzy haze to Troi, and she'd have no idea what the heck she was seeing. Gotta keep in mind that most people don't know the appearance of quantum non-locality as we ASCENDED BEINGS!!! :trixieshiftright:

It is because she is a robot. Robots are universally understood to be the medium of first contact. This rule has been demonstrated time and time again, but most prominently when Luna first visited the dark side of the moon.

On, there are many beings that do not live completely within the visible spectrum and persevere mostly through irregular leyline ripples. These beings, even despite being very far removed from regular physical life, still had what many would consider a robot: a lump of rocks held together with seemingly elementary bindings and spells. By interfacing with the ley-languages of the bindings on the robot, Luna was able to gain an preliminary grasp on the creatures biologies, senses and thoughts.

Gosh and I thought Booster Spice's comment was bad.
Yeah, quantum non-locality, of course! Anyone who can't grasp that must be truly elementary.

If I'd read this as a kid, I'd have had nightmares for weeks. It's things like this that make me glad I'm not a kid anymore.

That was confusing but there's this nagging feeling that I just read something beyond my comprehension.

Also, saw that Pythagorean triangle haha.

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