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Sometimes it feels like these lazy summer days will last forever. It's calm. Peaceful. Perfect. Life will come to me eventually, but right now, I just want to stay where I am, listening to the melody of the world around me. Still, I can't shake that feeling that something's... missing.

I just don't know if I should care.

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I really enjoyed this. Current is one of the more appealing OCs I've seen lately, and the scenes seem very real. Please tell me there's more to come.

I thought this was written rather well. The hidden theme with Current is, well, very awesome, and I won't spoil it on others who haven't found out/read it. :derpytongue2:

Beautifully written and I really like Current. I can't wait for more :pinkiesmile:

Yup, there will be more. Just one or two more chapters, though. It originated as a one shot that went not a little long, so I split it up!

Look forward to the next chapter soon.

I love this story. It's understated, but deeper than it appears at first glance. You really sold the characters, especially Current, and I empathize with the story's themes on a profound personal level.

Some of the sentences run too long, with a few too many adverbs here and there, but it still feels like Current is telling the story, not you, the author. That's one of the marks of good first-person storytelling. Good stuff as always, Cros.

Okay author, got your submission. Generally we don't have the time to do this, but I'll have your doc open at 8pm US Pacific time this evening.

A thing to note: This story is something I'm working on between massive projects, so the updates will be possibly few and far between. Another thing to note is that this is literally slice of life. The plot is extant, but I'm really just going with the flow, so it will be slow. It's meant entirely to be like this, as a reflection of the character's mind and also because this is purely a relaxation story to write. So, if you like that, you're in luck! If you like adventure, danger and a swift-moving plot, this may not be the story for you. I have another story like that, though, if you're interested. Feel free to check out Unmarked.

Anyways, good night, folks and please, I hope you enjoy.

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