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Long ago in Far-away Lands
A Queen was Born, her ambitions grand.
Her Race was broken.
Their demise unspoken.

She saw this state.
And she began to contemplate.
She gathered her forces, her numbers small.
Her enemies fell, they were appalled.

Her faces were many.
Her voices were few.
She was the Empress of the Changelings
And their numbers needed no concealings.

Now she lies dormant under the sand.
Her Body Broken, her Empire nothing but a wasteland.
Now she waits day after day.
Waiting for her time to rule again someday.

Written in Collaboration with Darthball Give this Mfer some love :heart:

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Hey Candy! :rainbowdetermined2:
Hope you party hard enough to see this story trough because i love the idea even more than the Sunburn you give us with that Nightmarefilly with Day theme.

Edit: first reader, commentor and liker...

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Overfeeding on Prey is bad but after a few centuries or millenia of hibernation it cant be helped i guess.
Unlucky prey, lucky Empress.

Its a sad start but how it continues will be the determination of her being. But more important:
Did she need to recreate her race from scratch? Can she reproduce on her own or are... Material needed? As long she dont overfeed i could guess it to be quite enjoyable to be the father of a soon to be reborn/reestablished race. The foundation would be for sure worth writing down the name of the lucky fellow to bring her eggs life and him giving/adding his potencial and affinitys to the nymphs of the first generation after the re-awakening ♡

the beginning is intriguing. i think i will follow this story

“Don’t even start! You know how much I bucking hate math!” I growled. “I mean seriously, when will I ever need to use z-scores and standard deviations? I swear-”

If you're learning basic statistics, I would assume you're past the point of "when would I ever need this stuff?" and have arrived at "I need to know this for my major."


Looks like Chryssabug is just going to repeat her old mistakes.

Starting off with two murders! Already irredeemable! *locks and loads RAID cannisters into his Military-Grade Insecticide Sprayer* NO NEED TO HOLD BACK!!

Interesting start, I think I will follow

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