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Whut? Description? i just like gaming and drawing and occasionally... makes story without an editor. i just speak up on whats on my stupid mind.


Synopsis: There was a terrible tragedy in a mountainous neighborhood. Ace, the main character of the story was shot. And was reincarnated, starting a new ridiculous life in Equestria.

He's finally living in a life where something in his old life doesn't exists.

(Note: this is a remastered cersion of the Ctrl + Shift series. The title doesn't makes sense, and I decided to delete the old story.

If you see some grammar errors, please forgive me, I just go with the flow and I don't have an editor. I just put some words and sentences that makes sense and easy to read.

There are violence in bossfight chapters, and mild violence such as hitting the head with a frying pan in regular chapters.

And also, I don't use some fancy words in this fanfic. I don't really use them and It's hard to read and understand to others. And I will write the story on my perspective.)

Alternate Title: [Ga Ekuesutoria Nii Sekai] [が えくえすとりあ に い せかい]

Chapters (4)
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thanks man, I just got this idea when I asked myself. "What if I got reincarnated to equestria?"

This story dont follow any logic... Is that a gag character story? Or in other word: Discord is being himself and/or Pinkie Pie gona Pinkie.

What I'm currently doing right now is setting a stage for the next and future chapters. And yes, it's probably obvious who will come in Ponyville...

"Anyways, let me explain. -Earth Pony Magic, they will be given physical strength, and some other agricultural stuff. In gaming terms, the mastery of farming will be increased.

They also can manipulate their manes and tails, but that's beside the point, I suppose.

-Pegasus Magic, they will be given the ability to fly. Above average pegasi can fly at high speeds. They can even break the sound barrier.

Don't forget that they can control the weather and walk on clouds.

well, i do know that... i just forgot lol. anyways, thanks for pointing out my mistake.

"Well, I'm gonna go to Ponyville, pay a small visit to Flutters and find a permanent home too. I don't want your hooves full because of me. Plus, you have little Zephyr here. And also, you're getting the hang of making a bento." I answered as I looked at the beautiful bento Mrs. Shy made.

1: I honestly preferred Breezy Shy from The Great Alicorn Hunt
2: That bit about a bento reminds me of Food Wsrs season 2 episode 1.

"A sharp and long sword made of a small-" Before I could finish the sentence, the blacksmith covered my snout with his hoof.

Typically made of Tamahagane, but whatever.

"Yes, the one and only, Rainbow Dash! The greatest flyer in Equestria!

The fastest, anyway.

(Note: For those who didn't know, Davao City is a legit city in the Philippines. The Kadayawan festival is also a legit holiday. It celebrates the bountiful harvest of fruits. This holiday occurs every August where all Philippine tropical fruits such as rambutans, durians, etc. bear fruit. It's one of my favorite holidays, not gonna lie.)


After dinner, we played on our gadgets. I was playing Subnautica on my computer, and Yuri was playing on his phone.

i regret the fact that the bossfight scene is very short. oof.

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