• Published 8th May 2021
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Isn't This a Surprise!? - Lil Snowflake

A Pegasister ends up being transported to the world of Equestria, via Pinkie Pie and the magical Mirror Pool. But she emerges as Surprise from Gen 1! What else can go wrong?

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Into the Pool

~Narrator's POV~

It's been a quiet Autumn day in November. My mother and Step-Father were away for the weekend, and my younger sister and I were home alone. That means I get to watch my favorite cartoon; My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

I've been a fan of the franchise since I was a little girl. I still remember my favorite characters from Generation 1: The bubbly and lovable white pegasus Surprise, and the sweet yellow pony Posie, which grew and evolved into Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

I sat on the couch, in the living room, and switched on the television. I changed the channel to the cable cartoon channel and My Little Pony started playing. My younger sister decided to go downstairs, into her bedroom, and watch some anime.

Today's episode was called 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'. I smiled and kept my eyes on the screen. The episode was centered on the Pink Party Pony's character and how she enjoyed spending time and helping her friends. However she reached a dilemma and seek help in the Everfree Forest.

Within the forest was a mystical pond. Pinkie looked into her reflection and recited a rhyme,

"And into her own reflection she stared,
Yearning for one whose reflection she shared.

And solemnly sweared not to be scared,
At the prospect of being doubly mared."

Then something strange happened. As Pinkie reached her hoof into the pond, the screen rippled like water and Pinkie Pie's hoof reached out of the screen, beckoning to me.

I looked around to see if anyone else is seeing this strange occurrence. I was all alone. I looked at the screen one more time and Pinkie's hoof was still poking through, It was waiting for something, or someone, to touch it.

Curious, but cautious, I stood up from the couch and walked closer to the screen. I raised my right hand and reached out. Once I was close enough, I placed my hand over Pinkie Pie's hoof. The moment my fingers touched Pinkie's soft, bubblegum pink fur, Pinkie smiled. Suddenly, pink ribbons of energy emerged from Pinkie's hoof and wrapped themselves tightly around my wrist! I gasped and took a step back in fear. I tried to pry myself free, but the ribbons just held on tighter and grew bigger. I was stuck!

The screen rippled again and more pink ribbons of energy emerged. They wrapped themselves around my body and picked me up a couple of feet into the air. I tried to scream for help, but a ribbon wrapped itself around my mouth and muffled my screams. Then the ribbons started pulling me toward the screen. I struggled to get free from the ribbons, but to no avail.

With one sudden tug, the ribbons pulled me into the screen. From inside the screen, it felt like I was being pulled through water. Like a pool, or a lake, or a large pond. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyes burned and my body ached and then...


"Hey, are you okay? Hey! Wake up!"

I lightly moaned as I felt my entire body ache and sore. I struggled to open my eyes, they hurt so much. Something gently shook my shoulders and the voice spoke again.

"Hey? Are you okay? Wake up!"

I felt my strength return to me and I can finally open my eyes without making them feel sore. I opened my eyes and saw myself within a familiar cave with a very familiar, crystal clear pond behind me. Wait... Is this the cave with the magical Mirror Pool?

Okay, this has to be a dream! I'm dreaming right now! Wake up, Ellie! Just gotta wake up!

"Are you okay?" The voice asked again.

I opened my eyes and looked in front of me. Standing in front of me was a familiar pink pony with blue eyes and raspberry pink, poofy mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark was of three party balloons. I knew this pony...

I gasped and my eyes widen at the pony in recognition, "P-Pinkie Pie?"

The pink pony tilted her head in confusion, "You certainly don't sound like me. Who are you?"

I narrowed my eyes in confusion, "What are you talking about? I'm a human being."

"Well, you don't look like a 'human', you look like me." Pinkie Pie answered, narrowing her eyes at me. Then she asked, "Do you have a name?"

"My name is Eleanor Wolfe." I answered, "But my family call me Ellie." I lowered my head, "I don't have a lot of friends."

Pinkie Pie gave me a sad look, "Aaww, that must be lonely." Then she extended her hoof to me, "Well, Eleanor Wolfe, allow me to be your first friend."

I hesitated for a moment, then lifted my hand to shake her hoof. I looked at my hand and noticed it wasn't a hand, but a snow white hoof as well. In a panic, I quickly picked myself up and looked around my body. Snow white fur coat. Wings. Poofy blonde mane and tail. Cutie Mark of three purple party balloons.

Pinkie Pie wasn't lying. I'm not human anymore! I recognized this color scheme in seconds. I've turned into Surprise from Generation 1 of My Little Pony! How is this possible? I remembered the Mirror Pool creates duplicates of the owner's reflection! I should be a clone of Pinkie Pie! Not her first incarnation! Did the Mirror Pool malfunction or something? This makes no sense!!!

I lost my balance and fell on all-fours. Pinkie Pie raised a brow at me, "Wow! You are definitely not from Equestria." Then she smiled, "Don't worry. I can help you get to know your new home." Then she raised a hoof, "But first..."

She walked past me and leaned over the Mirror Pool. She recited the poem and reached into the pool. Within a second, she pulled out a clone of herself from the pool. Oh! So now it works properly?!

Pinkie Pie smiled, "Wow, the legend is true! It actually worked!"

The clone jumped into the air with excitement and dashed around the cave, shouting the word 'Fun' over and over again.

"Listen, I can see you're having lots of fun, but-" Pinkie Pie started to explain, but the clone interrupted her, "Fun? Did somebody say fun? Where?"

Pinkie raised her hoof, "I did, over here!"

The clone dashed over to her, "I thought someone said something about fun!" Then she started looking around, "Where is it? Over here? I don't see it! Where is it? Where is it!?"

"Whoa! Calm yourself, Pinkie." Pinkie Pie started, "There's loads of fun to be had in Ponyville with my girls!" Then the clone and I followed Pinkie Pie out of the cave, "Trot on over back to Ponyville with me and I'll tell you all about 'em."

I lightly frowned in concern. There was something unstable about the Pinkie Pie duplicate, but I hope this doesn't go wrong for the real Pinkie Pie.