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Angel Midnight

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This story is a sequel to Sombra's Bat

Princess Celestia is worried. A threat to her and her kingdom has arisen and she has so far been unable to stop it. From her perspective, these ponies are creatures of darkness and she is fearful for both her loyal subjects and herself.

Moonlight is also worried. She has a family now - a close circle of friends, her mother and of course her lover Sombra - but Celestia will not leave them alone no matter how hard they try to keep the peace.

The darkness and light are locked in battle, and many kingdoms are at stake. However, Celestia has made it clear that this is about much more than just politics. No, this is very personal, and she has a score to settle. Moonlight will have to fight harder if she wants to keep those ponies close to her heart safe.

This is a sequel to Sombra's Bat, so if you haven't read that this won't make much sense. Check out the original if you're interested! :twilightsmile:

Chapters (2)
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Nice chapter, pal! Hope to see my OC soon!
The war will take the best of them all...

Well done angel!
this looks good!
I would grant you a cookie for it, but i have none.

:rainbowlaugh: Somepony's excited. I can't be 100% sure, but I should be introducing your OC at around Chapter 5.
Rewriting the beginning paid off then. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I almost didn’t even notice you up.loaded this.

im excited ^^ looking forward to future chapters~.

To be honest, I probably should have given a bit more notice. :twilightsheepish: But I did make a blog post about it.
*grins* You won't be disappointed.

*Me expecting to see the character already* Chapter 5?... *Pokerface*

Nah, I'm joking. You take your time, buddy. No pressure for ya.

I'll try to get it out ASAP, but I've not even started writing it yet. :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome, I am loving this story already, This is amazing

Don't worry about getting him to appear ASAP, as long as he appears with the details you asked me, all good.

Good. One less thing to worry about. *shouting down the corridor* What's next? *dashes off*

... *Pokerface* ...WAT?

Just life. Oh, and that other thing that isn't related to this story that I can't tell you about because it's supposed to be surprise and I've said too much.

Hmm... a secret, huh? Sus. *Sounds Among Us theme*

Eh, not really. Just a silly idea that I thought of last night right in the middle of RPing with somepony.

I see... Oh well, time to get back to- wait... why do I hear boss music? *DOOM music intensifies* Oh no... not them!


I'm excited to see what the next chapter will be like.

Thanks. I'm, heheheh, not sure what to do about a certain draconequus. Can I get away with pretending he doesn't exist for the first chapter or two?!

Wish explains, "There was a note with it. It said, 'Enjoy this, and know that when I arrive in the Crystal Empire I'm on your side.' There was no name, but it had a drawing of a bat pony stallion at the bottom. He had a moustache and a ton of scars on his ears and face."


I see what you did there.

*evil laugh* Eeeeyup. He'll be turning up very soon. :trollestia:

i love this so much alreadyy

April 2nd, 2014
500 meters above Ponyville, Principality of Equestria

Five men in camouflage fatigues, balaclavas, and helmets sit in the back of a modified Mi-17 helicopter. Their various silenced rifles and SMGs held firmly between their legs, with the barrel's pointing upwards. "Alright Comrades, you know the mission." Began the man near the door to the cockpit as he observed the others. "We get in and out before anyone sees or hears us. Understood?"

"Yes Comrade Sargent Kulikov." They say in unison.

Then, they all saw the co-pilot walk out of the cockpit, and stand in the doorway. "Alright Comrades, we'll be dropping you off in a T-2 minutes." He said before heading back into the cockpit.

Sgt. Kulikov then turned to address them. "Alright, you heard him. Now let'sdo one last check before we drop." The four others nodded as they checked to make sure their weapons were loaded with non-lethal rounds. And their equipment was ready.

Once they were finished, Sgt. Kulikov put his rifle back between his legs as did the others. Then, he checked his watch. "10 seconds!" He bellowed as they moved quickly to unstrap themselves. And approach the rear doors as they began to split apart. When they opened fully, they got a good look at their target: A large house made of clouds with a rainbow waterfall, that stood nearly fifty meters below them. He found himself in the back of the line. While the others were deploying the zip-lines. "Let's make the Motherland proud." He said into the cold night sky as they all began jumping down onto the cloud below them.

When he landed, he was immediately grateful they had boots enchanted to work like a Pegasi's hooves. Thank you Soviet engineering! And they quickly began pie-ing off the windows. To make sure there was no one on the first floor. "All clear." Said one as he aimed through one of the windows.

Then another soldier checked the door. "It's locked." He said. "Volkov, cover me while I unlock this." He said as he gestured for him. And he aimed at the door to make sure nothing surprised them.

Once they were finished, they quietly made their way inside and closing the door behind them. They then found themselves in what appeared to be a living room. Considering the couches and other furniture. Before beginning to head up to the second floor. When they saw one of the lights turn on upstairs. And heard hoofsteps heading down the stairs. "Crap." Whispered Sgt. Kulikov as they all took cover.

When the pony made it all the way downstairs, they heard as it turned away from them, before they heard it yawn. "Ugh, I can't sleep for the life of me." It said in a raspy, feminine voice. "Ever since we managed to, ugh lose. Things have been so boring." As he heard her get further away, he decided to take a peak.

And, what he saw brought a huge smile to his face: A rainbow maned pegasus mare walking into what appeared to be a kitchen. Then, he quietly spook into his comm Link. "Target Grom has been located. Moving to capture." He whispered as he gestured for the others to stand up as he aimed his AKS-74U SMG at the back of her head.

Then she began turning around with what seemed to be a bowl of cereal. "Well, I guess I can just-" She stopped mid sentence as her eyes widened in horror as she dropped her bowl. PING PING Went his SMG as she was hit just before the bowl shattered on the floor below.

And she fell shortly afterward. With two big bruises between her eyes. He and Private Volkov then ran up and checked to make sure she was unconscious. When they confirmed she was, they stuffed her in a linen sack. And ran outside as he carried her on his shoulder. "Grom is coming home! I repeat: Grom is coming home!" He yelled into his comm, as the helicopter hovered in place. With the rear door facing them. And they all ran inside, the doors closing behind them as they all strapped in again. "Bring us home!" He ordered as he set the sack beside him. And the helicopter began moving again. As they heard the portal generator fire up, and felt themselves disappear without a trace.

Sargent Kulikov: I am sorry Comrade... But we're not even from THIS reality. And our mission is top secret... But, if you must know why... Maybe you should check around for Multiverse in Conflict 😉

Sweetie's coming for you anyway. :trollestia:
*laser beams fly through the air*

Nikolai Malashenko: Alright, time to get rid of this nuisance! bends reality and turns her human There, now you have no power!

Not to mention, I personally think it would be really interesting. To see Celestia blame her disappearance on Moonlight and Sombra.

Don't worry, I already have plans for Rainbow... :trixieshiftleft:

That is...mildly disappointing... But, i understand. After all, It is your story. But I am interested to see what you do.

I'll try my best to make it awesome. :rainbowdetermined2: Oh, and whilst I'm here, thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

You're welcome!

But, as guess I'll just make what I wrote a AU of this story.

That translated in my head as somepony's making fanfiction based on my fanfiction. That's a milestone for me. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

About that... I was wondering if you could write an AU chapter? Just to show Celestia's reaction and response, it doesn't even need to be that long. But, if you would like to, then send me a private message.

Actually... I'm saving a collection of scrapped ideas and AU chapters so I can mess around a little once I've finished this story. I can add this to that!

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