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Equestria is not the only land of magical creatures.

As Twilight Sparkle and her friends have discovered, there are many other lands that also are inhabited by magical beings. There is Griffonstone, populated by the griffons; Yakyakistan, where the yaks live; the Changeling Kingdom, home of the changelings; the Dragonlands, inhabited by the dragons; Mount Aris and Seaquestria, the two homes of the hippogriffs. But this is a story of a land beyond even that. A land not populated by another species entirely. No, this land is home to ponies, but not the same ponies you know and love and hate. These ponies are different. And this is their story.

Welcome to Anoia.

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Wow, Lupines is one messed-up dude...

Also, there's already a character named "Sea Spray". He's a Hippogriff.

The power of love is truly an incredible thing.

Some serious stuff happening there. And very well written.

A beautiful ending to a really good story. I don't suppose you have plans for a sequel?

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