• Published 15th Jan 2012
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The Broken Watch - Nazkan

Derpy and The Doctor attempt to save Equestria.

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Choices and Miracles

"Argh, everything hurts. Maybe no one will notice if I just lay here for a while."
Solar rolled onto his stomach, wincing as a sharp pain went through his head. "Why does my head hurt?" He thought. Rubbing his face, he forced his eyes open. "I can't sleep now, I've got work in the morning."
Solar removed his hooves, and stared at the ceiling. "That's not my roof." Swinging his head around, he took in his surroundings. "Where am I?" His head ached again as he remembered what happened. He squeezed his eyes shut. His head felt like it was going to explode all over the room. Eventually he opened his eyes again. Pushing through the pain, he lifted himself to his feet. The room looked different, instead of a hard metal shine, the room more resembled the cave outside. Ooze covered the walls and a strange transparent liquid covered the ground. Solar poked it with his hoof, jumping back when it gave him a hard electric shock. His eyes followed the trail of liquid to it's source, a giant green bag that moved slightly as it took in painful breaths. Solar recognized what it was.
"So, you're still alive, huh? Just sit still for a minute while I finish the job." He shouted.
"With what? Touch your weapon and you die with me, and I don't see any more weapons on you."
Solar walked closer. In his rage, he realized that the alien was right. "I can still you watch you die though."
Hive Mind shuddered painfully. "True, but I'm glad you're awake to see it."
Solar stopped walking. "What?"
"I wanted to thank you, not for killing me, of course, but for showing me this world. Though I know you can't forgive me for what I've done, I'm so sorry you had to go through this." Hive Mind said honestly.
Solar walked closer, the electric gel becoming thicker. "You should be! Cinder was the one thing I had to look forward to each day, and you removed that. Now....Now I don't even know what to do with my life." Solar said sadly.
"If I could go back, to change things, I wouldn't even bother. I would leave this planet, knowing I would never see it again. I would find a way back to my world, and become one of the hive again, losing all I am, just to keep this place safe from myself. She was a good mare, you know?"
Solar changed the subject quickly, not ready to face this subject. "So where's Diamond and Ditzy? I thought they'd stay here and look after me or something."
"They left about a minute ago, they had to stop Drone before he destroyed this world. The Doctor is the only one who can do it."
"The Doctor?" Solar asked. Walking up to Hive and sitting down. "You mean Diamond's alter ego?"
Hive Mind took in another breath, followed by a wheezing cough. "The Doctor is no ego. He is powerful, more so than anyone one of us realize. If there is a way to save everypony, the Doctor will surely find it."
Solar moved his hooves closer to his body to avoid the gel creeping up to him. "I need to go help them then! A guards duty is to follow the strong and protect the weak."
"Then won't you protect me?" Hive Mind said. "Before you rush into danger, I need to know you forgive yourself for my mistakes. Cinder was a brilliant pony. Smart, strong, brave, She left before it was her time, because of ME, not you. There was nothing you could do to stop this. So don't place blame upon yourself."
Solar flapped his wings and rose into the air as the gel overtook the place he was sitting. "I could of saved her though. That's what I believe."
Hive Mind coughed again. "Then believe this. I know how this is going to end. I built the machine, built Drone, I know how our plan will go and I know what will happen. There is one fatal flaw in the machine, but the Doctor can not exploit it while the paradox machine is running. If you truly want to help, go down these tunnels until you find a blue box, go inside and force it to shut down."
"How do I know I can trust you?" Solar replied bitterly.
"Because Cinder did, the first time we met. Much to my regret."
Solar's face turned into a snarl, and he said, "I still blame you for this. When you die, I hope Cinder's waiting to give you a kick in the face." After that, Solar flew out the door and headed down the tunnels, searching for a blue box.
Hive Mind smiled, or tried to as much as a creature without a face can. Moving painfully, he pulled himself up to the metal stand behind him. Slowly pulling one his tentacles up, he stuck it into one of the holes. "Solar will complete his part. And I, mine." Hive felt the electricity of his body leave as it was poured into the device. A sharp cracking sound was heard as the roof above Hive opened up. The opening ran along the roof, into the cave and chased it's way through into it's dark depths, letting sunlight shine into the dark cave. Hive lay there, content, as he finally passed.

Solar made a sharp turn, nearly crashing into the wall. There was no sign of this blue box Hive Mind was talking about, and Solar had just about given up. He thought to himself, "One more turn, then I start looking for the others."
Taking another turn, he was faced with a dead end. Stopping, he turned back around, before something caught his eye. A box was embedded in the wall, it's blue shine acting as a beacon against the dark green of the cave. Solar stared at it. "This isn't what I expected." He landed on the ground and corrected his thoughts. "Though I guess I didn't know what to expect other than 'Blue Box'."
Solar walked up to the box and read the sign attached to the door. "The hells a police box?" Solar kept reading, stopping on the final line. "Pull to open? Alright." Solar grabbed the door awkwardly with his hooves, and pulled the door open. A bright red light immediately hit him in the face, causing him to shut his eyes quickly. He opened them slowly and walked into the box.
While walking to the cage in the middle, he caught himself wondering what kind magic could make something bigger on the inside. Solar faced the cage containing the controls for the machine. He tried to shove his hoof through the bars, but pulled back when it proved futile. Next he walked around the machine, searching for an opening, or a weak point. As far as he could tell, there was none. He placed his hoof on the bottom of his head and thought of a way to access the controls. A plan came to him out of the blue. Solar bent his legs until he was nearly laying on the ground, and grabbed the bottom of the cage with his hooves. With a powerful thrust of his wings, he pulled upward, attempting to lift the cage free. As the cage was slowly forced up, the vines tied around the controls began to sever, and steam shot out of several holes above Solar's head.
With a final push, Solar lifted the cage clear into the air, and carefully tied it into place with one of the snapped vines. Grinning, he moved closer to the device.
"Now what am I suppose to do?" He poked one of the levers in front of him. A blast of steam was released from the roof, nearly taking is head off. "Not that." He looked over the controls, careful not to accidentally nudge something. "This wouldn't be a problem if anypony told me what's going on." Solar looked back over at the buttons, each one seemed to taunt him as they flashed randomly.
Solar sat down, feeling crushed. "Who am I kidding? I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm a soldier for crying out loud, not a mechanic. I should just leave now, maybe I can catch up to the elements before the battle starts." Solar didn't move though, he couldn't find the strength or motivation. "It's already over though. Celestia's dead, Cinder's dead, the elements are likely dead, Ditzy and Diamond have wandered into the heart of the beast and all the army is off fighting who knows what in the middle of who knows where!" Solar cried, the tears flowing freely. "It wasn't suppose to go like this! We're suppose to protect ponies! But what happens? I end up stranded in a strange cave, far away from anypony, with absolutely no way to make any kind of meaningful difference."
A large explosion was heard through the cave, "That would be the elements, guess they're not dead yet." A moment passed in silence, before the machine Solar was sitting in gave a sudden jolt. The glass pillar in the middle of the room started to move, releasing a pained 'Vroom' sound. Steam shot out of every available opening and the constant shaking tore many vines loose from their hangings. Solar swiftly realized what was happening. He felt his anger build up inside him again.
"So you want to kill me too, huh? Well bring it! Solar leapt to his feet and rushed into the middle of the room, ignoring the shaking of the room. Pulling himself to the front console, he placed his hoof onto one of the buttons that was brighter than the rest, "Let's see how you like THIS! He shouted, pushing the button dramatically. The machine let out a high pitched whine, but Solar continued, grabbing the only glowing lever. "Or how about THIS! He pulled the lever down, causing another whine out of the machine. A series of buttons began to flash, and Solar pushed them in the order they lit up. More steam shot out of the walls and Solar started to feel the heat. He started to feel light headed and his vision faded. A final button lit up, and Solar lunged at it, "Or how...about...this?" He said weakly.
The machine stopped flooding steam into the room, and the red light dimmed into a healthy glow. A white light radiated from the glass pillar and Solar passed out as the light surrounded him.

Celestia woke abruptly when a brilliant white light exploded into her face. Something was poking into her side, and she stood up to remove it. She was surprised when it stuck to the ground and didn't follow her up. Looking over it, she immediately recognized who it was. Rainbow Dash was lying on the ground where Celestia had slept, and was obviously in pain. With a groan, Rainbow pulled herself to her hooves. The wing that was pressed against the ground stuck out at an odd angle, and the rest of her body was covered in bruises. Celestia looked around in confusion. The sky was unusually clear, there was not a cloud as far as the eye could see, and her sisters moon was just beginning to rise over the horizon. On the other side of a large chasm in the ground, Celestia could see Fluttershy, huddling over a rock. Celestia glanced around again to try and piece together what happened. She closed her eyes, there was...lightning, and monsters, and time-travel. It all came back to her quickly. She carefully walked over to where Rainbow was standing, and asked her. "Are you alright, Rainbow Dash?"
Rainbow Dash looked down from the empty space she was staring at, "Yea, never better!" Rainbow winced as she tucked her wing against her body, "But that explosion! That was what I was expecting."
Celestia smiled, "I'd give it a six. Now let us gather together and return home."
Rainbow nodded, and the Celestia rose into the air. Rainbow tried, but ended up crashing back into the ground as the pain in her wing brought her down. She blushed, and said shyly, "Um, maybe we could walk there? Exercise the hooves, that's what the doctors say."
Celestia sighed and, instead of landing, simply lifted Rainbow with her magic. Rainbow sat there quietly as they moved, thinking about how strange it was to fly without moving her wings. The two glided across the cavern, and Celestia noticed the ponies inside had gathered into a circle, staring at something in the middle of them. Whatever it was though, it was hidden from Celestia's view. With a graceful slide, she landed on the other side and walked towards Fluttershy, dropping Rainbow as she did. As she walked closer, she heard that Fluttershy was crying, and realized that the 'rock' actually had fur. She quickened her pace. She trotted up next to Fluttershy and placed her wing over her, in an attempt to comfort her. She examined the mound in front of her, and sadly recognized who it was. Fluttershy attempted to wipe her eyes and looked up at Celestia. "Is she going to be okay? I tried to catch her as she fell but..."
Celestia inspected Ditzy wounds. Most of the fur on her back was burnt black, her mane was nearly non-existent, both her wings bent at awkward angles, at least one of her legs was certainly broken and tears rang down her face every time she breathed. Celestia lit up her horn, and a soft glow surrounded Ditzy. Slowly, her breath came in and out rhythmically and she stopped crying. If it wasn't for the obvious wounds, one could mistake her for sleeping. Celestia spun her head down to face the yellow pegasis. "I have done the best I can. She will need more help than I can provide, and even then..." Celestia couldn't finish her sentence. Even the thought of losing one of her ponies filled her with dread. She lifted Ditzy into the air and turned towards the space ship. "We must gather everyone quickly before we can leave. Hurry." The ponies wasted no time to follow her.

Back in the space ship, Twilight was trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Diamond was lying in the middle of the circle, clearly unharmed, but refusing to wake up. Twilight decided a quick recap was in order to ensure everyone was on the same page. "Alright, so after the light faded, we all turned to inspect the machine. The Doctor was there, unconscious. Applejack remembers seeing him get hit by one of the bolts of lightning that stopped the Rutan, maybe that's why he's asleep. That still wouldn't explain why he's still here, since he said that he would go with the Rutan. It also doesn't explain why we're still here, since according to him, that light should have wiped us out."
Rarity threw her two bits in, "Maybe he was lying about all that. Or didn't know what would happen."
Applejack responded to her, "Ah know when someone lying and this Doctor was telling the truth."
Twilight also added, "Plus he seemed pretty confident about that machine, I don't think he would have made a mistake."
"Maybe we just got super lucky?" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.
Twilight shot down that theory too. "It just seems a little TOO lucky that no pony was hurt in the explosion."
The four ponies stared at the pony in the middle of the circle, wondering what was going on. The brown pony sat their silently, until he let out a groan. Pinkie lay down next to him and stared at his face, "What do you think he's dreaming about?" Pinkie questioned. Twilight would have shrugged, but couldn't, so she simply bobbed her head in a confused manner.

Diamond stared through the huge glass wall, wondering for the fiftieth time whether he had made the right decision. A dot appeared on the horizon, and Diamond stood up quickly to see what it was. Even at a distance, he could easily recognize what it was. A near mirror reflection of himself was walking towards, a little faster than what was necessary. Diamond called out to him from his side of the wall. "Doctor! You came back!"
The Doctor responded with silence, and picked up his pace to get there faster. Diamond tried calling out again. "Did it work? Is everypony safe?"
The Doctor finally reached the wall, and stopped in front of it. With a sigh, he faced Diamond. "Well. Most of them are safe."
Diamond jumped into the air a little with joy, "That's great news. So why are you back? Have you come to let me out?"
"I suppose so. I mostly came to say goodbye." The Doctor said cheerlessly.
Diamond stopped jumping, "Goodbye? Where are you going?"
The Doctor attempted to shrug, "Who knows? Maybe I'll be fine, maybe I won't, but I need you to do something in my absence."
Diamond listened intently.
"Look after those ponies for me. They just might be worth it. Oh, and lock the TaRDiS for me. The last thing we need is some other alien getting his hands on it and messing with their time stream. And don't eat any pears, you'll thank me later. And live a good life, that's the most important. Remember." The Doctor turned around and started to walk away. A tear ran down his face as walked, ignoring Diamonds cries. Eventually, he became another dot on the horizon. Even that dot disappeared as Diamond watched, wondering what to do next.
Diamond sat down. "So now what? I just sit here for the rest of my life? That's not very interesting."
The brown pony heard a loud crack, and felt something hit him in the back. He turned around and noticed it was a small shard of glass. With another, louder crack, the entire wall split into two. The two halves then split more, turning into tiny little fragments against the blaring contrast of white. Diamond closed his mouth before a sharp piece of glass managed to find it's way into it. Being careful not to step on any broken glass, he walked through the place where the wall once stood. He felt a cloud descend on his mind, and decided to rush out of the minefield of glass. Once he was safe, he took a moment to rest. The cloud in his head caused his eyelids to grow heavy, so he lay down for a moment. He closed his eyes and immediately woke up again. He looked up at the four ponies that had gathered around where he lay. He let out a cough, and asked, "Did we win?"

Twilight let out a relieved sigh, and answered, "From what I can tell, yes we did."
Diamond coughed, and he felt a slight aching in his chest. "Is everypony alright? Anypony injured?"
Rarity stepped forward, and extended a hoof out to Diamond. "Twilight and I may need a few days rest after a magic display such as that, but no pony is injured too badly."
"That's great news! So where are the others?" Diamond said, grabbing Rarity's hoof and pulling himself up.
A shadow fell over the room, and Celestia descended into it. Fluttershy flew in behind her, carrying Rainbow on her back. Celestia looked at the group with a look of sadness on her face. Everypony paid her their attention. She carefully lowered the grey bundle she was carrying onto the ground and started speaking, "My little ponies. As you have no doubt noticed, the battle is over. The Rutan have been sent back home, Equestria is safe and I owe you all my thanks for what you have done, especially you Doctor. However, all is not well. This great deed today could not have been accomplished without the brave sacrifice of Ditzy Doo. I fear she will pass soon, so I beg all of you to make her final moments comfortable."
An uncomfortable silence filled the room, only broken when Ditzy let out a pained groan. Twilight walked over to the bundle and whispered some words to her, before walking back to the main group. Fluttershy dropped Rainbow Dash on the floor and went over to Ditzy, sitting down next to her. The ponies slowly made their way closer, offering their thoughts and condolences to the pained mare. The only one who didn't though, was Diamond. He sat perfectly still, the information still not making the proper connections in his mind. Rushing forward quickly, he grabbed Celestia. "Can't you do something? You're the Princess! You can't just sit here!" He practically shouted into her face.
The princess replied calmly, a hint of despair in her voice. "If there was anything I could do, I would have done so. We all must die some day, and not even I can prevent that."
Diamond lowered his hooves and turned to the elements of harmony. "What about you? You're the most powerful ponies in existence at the moment, can't you whip up some of your harmony magic?"
Twilight broke eye contact from him. "We could, but we can't be sure about what will happen. She could turn to stone for all we know."
Diamond fought back the tears growing in his eyes. "WHAT GOOD ARE YOU THEN? How can you call yourselves the elements if you can't even save a single pony? You're not even trying!" Diamond felt the tears run down his face and continued, "Why can't you at least try? You're all just sitting around here worthlessly. You'd be more help on the surface of the moon! What good are you?"
His voice rang out through the room, escaping into the open air. Rarity and Fluttershy shuffled uncomfortably, and none dared speak a word. That is, except for the injured. With a hoarse croak, Ditzy Doo called out, "Diamond. Come...come here."
Diamond felt his anger melting as he heard her voice. Silently, he walked over to her, and crouched down. They stared into each others eyes, and Ditzy spoke. "Diamond, don't be angry. It was...was my fault. Blaming these ponies won't...won't solve anything."
"But, you could be better than this! You're smart, you could be anything." Diamond whispered.
Ditzy gave a painful smile, "Yet here I am."
Diamond pushed on. "What about the people who'll miss you? Your family! Your friends! Me."
The smile ran away from Ditzy's face, "I guess it is a shame that they'll be left alone, but what can I do?"
Diamond closed his eyes. "But you can't leave."
Something poked him in the head, and he opened his eyes to see Ditzy holding an old watch in her mouth. The brown pony recognized it, and took it in his hooves. Ditzy sucked in some air, shuddering as she did, and said to Diamond, "I think this belongs you. At the very least it can be something to remember this day by."
Diamond stood back up, and Ditzy closed her eyes, her breathing speeding up.

Diamond walked towards the large machine against the back of the room. He stared down at the device in his hoof, and felt all the eyes in the room focus on him. A heat radiated from the watch, and he could feel it searing his mind. With a shout, he threw it on ground and stomped on it. When he removed his hoof, the watch was unharmed by the attack. He fell to his knees and stared up at the sky, screaming into it. "Damn you, Doctor!"
Celestia took a step back from the outburst, but remained silent.
"You planned this, didn't you? Celestia damn you to the moon! You planned this out. I was finally free! I could leave you behind and live my life, a true life. But you come and throw something like this at me? Just who do you think you are? What kind of pony forces somepony to make this decision? Save Ditzy or save myself." Diamond picked up the watch. He stared at it, observing the patterns engraved on it's surface. There was still so much more he could do, yet here he was. "Celestia, I expect you to punish the Doctor for this!" He said, holding the watch. Before he opened the watch, he took a moment to reflect on his life. All the choices he had made, all the ponies he's met. Some would miss him, some wouldn't even notice he was gone. Some hadn't even existed at all. Diamond's decisions had led him here, and led him to his death. With a final curse, he flicked the watch open.
Golden light spewed out and surrounded him. Memories started to come back, and as they did, Diamond slowly vanished. A spark of light struck his cutie mark, and it slowly changed. The painters brush and vase combined together, and melted down in liquid gold to form an hourglass. His mane stuck up a little taller, and his fur turned slightly darker. When the light receded, a different pony was standing in it's place. One who was looking around very confused.

He searched through the faces of each of the ponies in room, hoping one could explain what had happened to him. All he saw was looks of abstract horror. He scanned through the room again. A large black box was behind him, several light blue crystals illuminated the dark corners of the room, and a small bundle of fur and feathers rested uneasily on the ground.
"What?" The Doctor repeated.
The Doctor glanced down at his hooves, and noticed a small watch. He picked it up and flicked it open. The time was about 7:30, and there was no sign of any gold light. The Doctor realized what happened quickly. "THE WATCH! Diamond, why? Why open it? You could have let it be, and lived your life." The Doctor turned to the ponies. He asked hastily. "Diamond opened the watch, there must be a reason. What caused this to happen?"
Celestia motioned to the pony on the ground, and the Doctor walked over to it. A gasp escaped his lips and he said to Ditzy, "Ditzy! Are you alright?"
The Doctor kicked himself for that question, of course she was injured. None of these ponies could do anything to help, so Diamond had opened the watch, hoping that he would know what to do. The Doctor looked back down at Ditzy, "Don't worry, the Doctor's here."
The Doctor spun around to face the worried group, "Alright ponies, Ditzy's not going to last long, so I need to know everything we have that could possibly be the slightest help."
Twilight stepped forward, "We could use the elements, but we have no way of knowing what could happen!"
The Doctor picked his screwdriver off of the ground, "Ok, let's make that plan B then. Celestia, anything you can do?"
"I have already done all I can. There is nothing more I can do." Celestia replied.
"Don't speak like that, there's always more to do." The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at Celestia, and fired. The room buzzed in sync with the device, and the top opened. The Doctor took a look at it and grinned thoughtfully. Next, he pointed his screwdriver at everything in the room, trying to find anything that could be helpful. He scanned over the elements, their holders, the crystals in the walls, the box and finally, Ditzy. The Doctor placed the device on the ground and thought. He screamed out in frustration, "I'm missing something. What? It's big, obvious and staring me in the face, but what is it?"
He searched through the room, the green ooze gathering in puddles, the injured pegasis sitting in the centre, the multicoloured ponies staring at him, and each other, the blue gems in the walls. He stopped, blue. It dawned on him, and he smiled. "The paradox machine is broken! Yes, perfect."
He leapt to his feet and started giving orders. "Alright, ponies, how quickly can you power up the elements?"
Rainbow Dash kicked in, "10 seconds flat!" Twilight stared at her disapprovingly.
"Perfect, Celestia, this will sound weird, but I need one of your feathers." The brown pony said, nervously.
"What?" was Celestia's reply.
"Hurry, we don't have time." He shouted, scanning Ditzy with the sonic again. The shiny bit opened up and the Doctor placed the device at his feet. Carefully, he reached his neck out and plucked a feather from Ditzy's wing. Ditzy winced, "What ar..."
"Shhh, just watch." The Doctor walked over to the princess, who was carrying one of her white feathers with her magic.
The Doctor paid no attention to her and simply threw Ditzy's feather at her. "Hold this."
He walked over the machine, and kicked the side down. He stared at the wires inside, and pulled them out. Some he soniced and put back, some he left out and some he placed back in. He disappeared behind the machine for a moment, and a flash of light shot out from where he was hiding. Walking back to the front, he placed one of the panels of the machine back over the opening and placed his hooves on the edge of the 'keyboard'. He turned towards the group. "Celestia, before I continue, I need to know, how immortal are you?"
The Princess blushed, "I'd prefer to keep that secret."
Fluttershy yelled out to her, "Um, princess, I don't think Ditzy can last much longer."
Celestia sighed, and answered the question. Despite surprising most of the ponies gathered, the Doctor simply smiled and announced his plan. "Listen up, because once we start this we need to follow through to the end. I've modified this machine to act as a slingshot between dimensions, as opposed to simply a machine linked between two dimensions. I've also set it to affect anyone with Ditzy's mental wavelength. Try to think of it as a planet, and Ditzy as a comet. She flies towards my universe, gets pulled in a circle by its gravity, and makes it safely back to this world. When you power up the machine using your 'friendship beam' I'll fuse Ditzy's wavelength with Celestia's. This means that Ditzy will hopefully be healed as she flies through the gap in dimensions. Assuming all goes to plan, we should have a unharmed Ditzy standing in the middle of the room. Understand?"
Applejack closed her mouth and shook her head, "Ah didn't catch any of that."
A voice chipped up from behind her, "It's simple silly, The machine will pull Ditzy into the Rutan's world, fix her up, and spit her back out in this world." Eight pairs of eyes looked at Pinkie Pie, astonished.
The Doctor cleared his thought, and added, "Well, yes basically."
"Are you sure this is safe, Doctor?" Celestia asked worriedly.
The Doctor hesitated, "We don't have much of a choice at this point," he simply said.
Twilight and the other elements took their positions around each other, and Twilight closed her eyes. The Doctor moved out of the way that the beam would travel, and stood nearby, holding his screwdriver and both the feathers. Celestia looked onward nervously, hoping she had done the right thing. Ditzy sat in the middle of the room, watching the scene unfold. With a nearly silent whisper, she managed to choke out, "Let's do this."

Twilight clenched her eyes closed and focused. She felt the presence of her friends around her and reached out to them, uniting each of their powers into a single force. With a wordless sigh, she added her own power and opened her eyes. Light surrounded the group, so bright it hurt to look at. Twilight stared at the machine, and directed the energy of the six towards it. A brilliant rainbow shot out of her horn, and spiraled upwards. It reached its apex and came crashing down on the machine. With a mechanical crash, the machine started to move again. It hungrily sucked in the rainbow, and each of the ponies could feel it's pull. Eventually, the rainbow stopped, and the elements were dropped roughly on the ground. Recovering quickly, each of the ponies turned their eyes towards Ditzy. She was still sitting there, occasionally whimpering in pain.
"NO, no, no!" The Doctor said, turning back to the machine. He was interrupted when Rainbow Dash called out to him. "Hey Doc, you might wanna see this."
The Doctor turned around quickly, just in time to see Ditzy floating into the air. She let out a horrified scream as a purple bolt of lightning shot out of the machine into her, causing her to shrink. With a pop, she disappeared, leaving a blinding white flash in her wake. The group searched through the room desperately, trying to guess where she vanished to. Everyone except for the Doctor. He had placed the two feathers on the ground, one on top of the other, and stared at them intently. Holding his screwdriver out in front of him, he scanned over the tiny pile. The top of the device opened yet again and he ran over to the machine, which was spitting black smoke out from within. He plugged his screwdriver into a hole near the keyboard, and turned it on. The machine sputtered, and shot out more black smoke. With that done, The Doctor turned and waited to see what would happen next.
A minute passed. Two. Three. Some of the ponies started to look around uncomfortably. Four. Five. Ten. At this point, everyone but the Doctor was looking around, but no pony dared move until the Doctor did. Another five minutes passed, and the Doctor stepped forward. The other ponies collapsed to the ground, not realizing how much standing still had strained them. He didn't cry, but merely looked down sadly. Princess Celestia walked over to him, and placed her wing over him. "Sometimes, Doctor. It just doesn't work out. You yourself told me that, remember? I think it fits now more than ever."
The Doctor stared at the ground, determined not to let himself cry.
"Gather round ponies, and we shall leave this place. We can honour Ditzy better in the palace." Celestia shouted. The ponies jumped to their hooves and walked over to the two ponies.
"Ah just don't know what ta say Doctor." Applejack said apologetically.
"She was pretty smart, wasn't she?" Twilight added.
"And there was always a place in the party for her." Pinkie announced, surprisingly out of character.
"She was one of the best pegasi out there." Rainbow said.
"I..I..She'll be missed." Fluttershy croaked out.
The Doctor said something into the ground, only heard by Celestia. "I could have done better."
When the ponies had gathered around the white mare, she began to cast the spell to remove them, but her focus was cut off from a call echoing down the empty hallways. Celestia stopped the spell, and the Doctor moved forward anxiously. It couldn't be. She had been gone too long. Never the less, the Doctor called out, hope beaming through his words. "Ditzy?"
The familiar sound of a flying pegasus was heard, and a pony flew into the room. He landed harshly on the slimy green floor and yelled at the Doctor. "You better have some good news, Doctor. I've been through some messed up stuff today."
The Doctor felt crushed, his hope had been dashed completely and utterly. He made his slow way back to the Princess. Solar shouted in his ear all the way, and popped the question, "...and where's the derpy pony? I liked her, what was her name? Dotzy? Herpy?"
"Ditzy." The Doctor said.

"Yes, Doctor?" A confident voice rang out. The Doctor dropped his screwdriver and spun around dangerously fast. Standing in front of him was a grey pegasus. The same grey pegasus with crazy eyes and a knack for causing accidents. The Doctor ran towards her, and she did the same. The two collided with each other, and embraced. It was only for a few seconds, but it felt like hours to the Doctor. Eventually, they pulled away from each other. Each gave a quick nod, and they headed back towards the huddled group of ponies.
As he was walking, he took one last time to search around the room. The crystals seemed to shine a little brighter, the ground was softer, and the machine was spurting out black smoke. The Doctor slowed as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He slowed down and eventually stopped. Ignoring Ditzy, he addressed Celestia, "I appreciate the gesture, Princess. But I would prefer to make my own way back. My TaRDiS is just a little walk back through the cave, shouldn't take long."
The Princess nodded, "I understand Doctor, I hope you will at least grant me the pleasure of appearing back at the palace." She turned her head towards the other pony in front of her, "Come on Ditzy."
Ditzy shuffled nervously, "I would prefer to stay with the Doctor, for now."
"I really think you should go, Ditzy. I can handle the rest."
Ditzy shook her head, "I'm staying, Doctor."
The Doctor glanced around worriedly, then let out a sigh, "Fine, but be careful. You may still be injured."
The two turned their backs to Celestia and the elements and walked forward. They passed through the door together and paused for a moment, listening to the sound of Celestia casting her spell. With a flash, the group was gone, and the Doctor and Ditzy moved forward again.

"Umm, Doctor, I think the TaRDiS was actually a few turns back to the left." Ditzy said, nearly tripping over her feet.
The Doctor sped up, "I'm not looking for the TaRDiS yet. There are still some questions that need answers. This is the way to find them."
"What questions?"
"When I was captured, before all this happened, they knew that I specifically would be coming. Tricking me is not an easy task, I want to know how they did it." The Doctor exclaimed. "Furthermore. There were three."
Ditzy stretched her wings as she walked, "Three what?" She asked, absentmindedly.
"There were three Rutan. Sole Drone, who greeted me at the door, Hive Mind, who was against the whole plan, and another. Somepony who knows a lot more about me than he should. Somepony who can both build and maintain a chameleon arch, and knows how to use one on a time lord. I need to know who he is."
They turned a corner, and stopped walking, "So where are we going then?"
The Doctor stared at the metal door facing them, it was hanging open and a clear liquid was spilling outwards from inside. "The ship must have kept logs, in case something went wrong. We're just going to take a little peek." The Doctor poked the liquid with his hoof and, besides from a mild electric shock, decided it was safe to walk in. Ditzy decided to fly over the the goo, determined not to get any on her hooves.
The Doctor waded through the goo, and tried his hardest to avoid looking at the body of Hive Mind, propped up against the metal pole in the middle of the room. Walking past it, the Doctor took his screwdriver out and pointed it at the empty window in front of him. With a click, the view outside the window was blocked by a clear green screen. The Doctor faced it and shouted determinedly, "Show ships log from 1 day ago."
The screen changed, showing several lines of writing projected onto it. The Doctor started from the top and read down.

"Log 56.
The Doctor! That brilliant doctor has somehow found his way into Ponyville, even met with the leader of the elements of harmony no less! There's no way of telling whether he's still changed though. Drone says we need to speed the plan up quickly before the Doctor comes and screws it up for us. It looks like we might need to hold off connecting it to the appropriate timeline though. We sent the request to the elements as soon as possible. And we've made our decision. If the Doctor is indeed here, then we will help him as much as we can, though we have our doubts. If he doesn't appear, the plan will continue. On a side note, we can't seem to find Virus. We think he's just playing it safe until the Doctor leaves. Or maybe it was always his plan to escape before the action.

Rutan Hive Mind"

The Doctor zeroed in on the the mysterious aliens name. "Virus? Lovely. I sure hope he didn't name himself that, can you imagine?" The Doctor shuffled his feet to try to get them out of the electric gel. Seeing how it was futile, he continued talking. "Show ships log from 3 days ago."
The screen flickered, and threatened to turn black, but eventually spouted out the appropriate sheet.

"Log 53
Not much to report today. Virus says the time machine is nearly ready, just need to install the time piece and set it to this universe. This wonderful universe. Sometimes we wonder whether we should stop this plan, and live in peace. These ponies aren't harming anyone. Maybe we should do a quick scan to see if any Sontarans even exist here!"

Rutan Hive Mind"

"Show ships log from one week ago." The Doctor shouted.
The screen flickered and changed it's contents.

"Log 49
Our head is buzzing. We can't believe what we just thought. Go AGAINST the plan? It's inconceivable. Yet, many things were like that before we got here. A Rutan thinking, a worker becoming a hive mind, meeting a time traveler, spending a day among the inhabitants. Is this really so far fetched? We need to think about this more. Virus says he's working on the time machine for his plan, and has outlined plans for the distribution of energy among all the Rutans who will appear, but without somebody who knows more about time it will be impossible to finish. We wonder if there might be a way to combine the Doctor's memories with this immortal goddess. We can't help but think he has another motive though. No non Rutan just randomly decides to help commit genocide like he did.

Rutan Hive Mind"

The Doctor stepped back, covering his back legs in goo. "Another time traveler? But, that's impossible."
Ditzy chirped in, adding, "And you were wrong, he wasn't a Rutan, he was something else!"
"Yes Ditzy." The Doctor turned back to the screen. "Show ships log from two weeks ago."
The words changed, and the Doctor read them.

"Log 42
I..We..we..We don't even know what to say. Lets head from the top. This pony we're impersonating apparently, is married! Hold your shock, more than that, the two of them had been planing a date for some festival today. We tried refusing, but the pony was insistent, and we had to go to avoid suspicion. And something happened. This planet, this culture. It's like none we've ever seen before! They're were working in perfect harmony, despite lacking a commanding hive mind. They were making great art, the likes of which were never found back on our planet. And the laughter. They smiled constantly! It was like nothing bad ever happened here. They were just so happy. Maybe we could think of another plan. We find ourselves liking these creatures. We would feel the very....what's that word they use? Sad, to see them go. The least we can do is convince Drone to hold off on impersonating the princess. But Virus say's we need to keep pushing forward. We think he's been drawing up some crazy new plan in that room of his.

Rutan Hive Mind"

The Doctor smiled, "Good old emotions, they also push through in the end."
"But we need to go deeper, Doctor."
The Doctors smile dropped, "Show ships log from three weeks ago."
The machine sputtered, and turned black for a moment, before turning back on.

"Log 35
It seems that the original plan won't work, the lightning of this universe hurts us. It seems we will have to fall back on Virus' offer. While I was hoping to avoid killing more than necessary, it seems we might have too. We'll admit, we were more than a little sceptical when he showed up offering his help, looking back, it seems kind of stupid that we refused him. We have also decided that we should replace the Hive Mind, since they clearly have no clue about this universe.

Rutan Hive Mind"

"We're nearly there Doctor, just a bit further."
The Doctor nodded and spoke clearly. "Show ships log from four weeks ago."
The screen crackled and turned off. The two stared at the brown dirt beyond before it suddenly sprung back to life, showing them the information they needed.

"Log 28
We met someone today. Or is it somepony? He certainly was a pony. This one was different though, he saw right through our disguise. Along with that, he was pitch black, except for his mane, which seemed to basically GLOW grey, and we don't think he showed any emotion during our entire talk. He offered us a deal. Claimed our plan would fail. We listened though, he mostly spat of drivel about time travel and paradoxes. We don't think he will show up again. The Rutan plan is foul proof, if it is going to fail, that would mean the Hive was wrong, and the Hive is all we have to hang onto recently.

Rutan Drone 163542"

The screen sputtered, and turned off. The Doctor tried to fix it with his sonic, but it was too far gone. The thick smoke from the broken screen floated lazily into the air, and the Doctor turned around uneasily. "Well, that was interesting. Time travelling ponies, Rutan aliens, inter-dimensional travel. You must be exhausted Ditzy. Let's get you home." With that, the Doctor walked out of the room, sighing contently when his hooves stopped being electrocuted. The duo made their way through the ship, eventually stopping in front of a large blue box. The Doctor walked forward and stroked it lovingly, "Hello Sexy. Did you miss me?"
Pushing the door open, he walked inside, Ditzy followed him. This time, she was surprised when she saw the inside. The Doctor smiled and walked over to the controls. They had changed with him when he turned into a pony. There was noticeably more button than before, and everything was larger to accommodate for his lack of fingers. Placing his hooves on the nearest lever, he spun his head around to look at Ditzy. "So Ditzy, would you like to stop off at home, or work?"
Ditzy thought for a moment, and finally responded, "I think I should sign out of work before I do anything else."
"Alright then, Allonsy." He shouted, pulling the lever down. The entire machine made a strange sound, and the Doctor worked hastily. It was all over quickly. "We're here." The Doctor announced.
"What? We hardly moved!" Ditzy exclaimed.
The Doctor grinned, "Go take a look outside," he said.

Ditzy pushed the door open, and walked out, gasping as she recognized where she was. The TaRDiS had materialized inside her bosses office, and was now taking up a large portion of the room. She searched around for her boss, but the room was empty. The Doctor walked out of the box behind her, and breathed deeply. "Why is this room always so dusty?"
Ditzy spun around quickly, trying to take it all in. Eventually, she worked her way over the door. Opening it slowly, she glanced into the next room.
It showed signs of a struggle, and the vase of flowers was cracked on the ground. One of the tables was propped against the door and deep black scorch marks dotted the floor. Standing near the door, peeking out awkwardly, was a pony Ditzy recognized.
Ditzy didn't know what to say in response to what happened, so she simply said what she always said when she finished a delivery. "Sir, I'm back. The letters have been delivered, the packages secured and the muffins thoroughly eaten!"
Her boss turned quickly, a look of fear passing on his face. When he saw it was Ditzy, he smiled. "DITZY! You're alright! I thought those..those things had hurt you." He said quickly. He quickly gained his composure again and continued. "How did you get back in here? I thought I had plugged it up good."
Ditzy shook her head, and realised something. Dropping her head sadly, she said, "Never mind that, I didn't get the time to deliver the package. I know how you hate when I screw up like this."
Ditzy's boss looked at her stupidly, before replying, "Forget the package, I'm just glad you're safe. Hell, you shouldn't be wasting time here with me, you should be comforting your family. I assume you didn't miss what happened today?"
Shaking her head, Ditzy just smiled knowingly. Her boss walked towards the table blocking the door, and carefully threw it away, "Then go, Ditzy! Don't wait around here."
Ditzy gave a thankful nod to her boss and hurried out the door. Her boss sat around the door watching her leave, before hearing hoofsteps appear behind him. Turning, he was met with the Doctor. "Alright, I could understand Ditzy somehow getting in here, but you, Diamond?" He asked.
The Doctor coughed, "Well, you know what they say about doors."
The older pegasus gave a confused nod, and questioned the Doctor, "So, was she any hassle, Diamond? She's still here so you must have done something to keep her safe. And for that I thank you."
"Ah, it was nothing, she did most of it herself. Now if you would excuse me, a reunion is happening! I love reunions." The Doctor ended on that note and dashed out the door, leaving the pegasus alone to clean up the building.

Ditzy glided to the fence in front of her house, and crashed painfully. As soon as she what had happened to her house, she froze. "Come on, Ditzy, Move. Just take a few steps forward." She thought to herself. However, she stood perfectly still. She was simply to worried, she wondered whether her daughters would have managed to get out in time. She was still like this when the Doctor came forward, taking special note of the house in front of him. The garden was a complete wreck, filled with craters and remains of flowers. A section of the roof had caved in, all the windows were broken, smoke billowed out of the second floor and the front door swung dangerously on a single hinge. The Doctor grabbed Ditzy, and pulled her forward. "Come on, Ditzy. Staying outside won't help anypony."
Ditzy fought to stay where she was. "But what if one of them is injured. Or worse? WHAT IF BOTH ARE? I can't handle this. Not now."
The Doctor kept pulling. "Ditzy, I know the feeling. It's better to go in now and know for sure than it is to sit out here worrying. Besides, I'll be here every step of the way."
Ditzy took a step forward hesitantly. And another. Before she knew it, she was charging through the door. However, she tripped on the door frame, and came rolling in. She was immediately tackled from the side by something half her size. Looking down, her fears were put to rest, and she beamed happily.
"Mommy!" The small grey unicorn burying itself into her side exclaimed happily.
"Muffin!" Ditzy replied, tears of joy filling her eyes.
"Mommy, you won't believe what happened today! Me and Sparkler were waiting for you to get home, when these pretty balloons appeared all over town. They shot out beams of pretty light, but then Sparkler said I had to get under the table, which made me sad because I wanted to watch the balloons more, then there was a loud bang and the roof came down, then lots of bangs and the garden disappeared, then they stopped and the balloons were gone. Could you see them from over in Canterlot?" Dinky said rapidly, taking in a huge breath when she was finished.
Ditzy looked around for her other daughter, and she walked out of the shadows of her house. "Hey mom, it's really nice to see you're okay." She said, fighting back tears.
"Come here you." Ditzy replied simply. She and Dinky were nearly knocked over when Sparkler jumped towards them. The three of them embraced, and time seemed to lose meaning. It was just the three of them, in perfect happiness. It felt like hours, maybe days, but eventually the Doctor had to break the moment.
"Ditzy....Ditzy, we really need to go soon."
Dinky looked up at him with puppy dog eyes and the Doctor recoiled from the sheer cute. "But..But.. She just got here."
Ditzy looked at him too. "Why, Doctor? Aren't we done?"
The Doctor turned away from the pile of ponies, "Well, not yet. The princess is still waiting for us up at the palace. It would be rude to keep her waiting any longer."
Ditzy pulled herself away from the pile, much to the displeasure of the two in it. She dried her tears and walked towards the door. "You're right Doctor. Lets go." Before the two left, Ditzy turned back to the unicorns. "Sparkler, you're in charge until I get home. Keep Dinky out of trouble. We'll all go out for muffins when I get back."
Ditzy turned to leave, but felt something grab her leg. She looked down, and Dinky asked, "Are you going to visit the princess? Can I come? Please?"
Ditzy turned to the Doctor and, upon seeing his attempt at a shrug, replied honestly. "Fine. But you have to behave this time. Sparkler, are you coming too?"
Sparkler laughed, and responded, "There's too much cleaning to do here to waste time. I know you two won't do it, so that leaves me. Enjoy your royal visit. I'll take care of things around here."
After that, the three ponies made their way back to the post office, with Dinky riding on her mothers back the whole way.

With a proud 'Vroom,' the TaRDiS materialized into the center of the room. Poking his head out, the Doctor took in the scene. The first thing he noticed was the excessive use of streamers that hung from every possible place on the ceiling. This, combined with the fact that several balloons were floating around aimlessly, gave the room a whole party vibe. The second thing he noticed was all the ponies who had gathered. Dozens, maybe hundreds of them were standing off to the side, staring at the blue box that had appeared in the middle of the room. Following the ponies to the edge of the room, he saw some familiar faces, standing on a large stone throne. Twilight and the elements had changed into some fancier clothes. Celestia was sitting at the top of the throne, unsurprised by the Doctor's appearance. The Doctor stepped out of his time machine and glanced around the room. "Well, this is a bit fancier than I was expecting. Not that it's bad, I love a good party."
Ditzy and her daughter walked out of the machine behind him. The two of them stood around awkwardly, not sure how to respond. Eventually, Celestia put them out of their misery, by calling the three ponies to the her stand. They responded quickly. Celestia seemed larger than usual on her throne, and she shouted out to the ponies gathered using the traditional Canterlot voice. "Ponies! We are here today to honour both the Doctor and Ditzy Doo, for thou efforts in helping stop the Rutan invasion. For Ditzy's brave sacrifice and determination in the face of danger, I present thou with one of the highest honours Equestria has." Finishing her sentence, Celestia turned away from the group, and pulled an intricate metal sword into the air using her magic. The sword glowed a brilliant white, and seemed to shine with all the colours of the rainbows. Ditzy took a step back, but Twilight assured her everything would be fine. Celestia carefully placed the sword on the inside of Ditzy's ear. "Ditzy Doo, By the powers given to me since I was created, I knight thou. Stand, Madam Ditzy Doo." Celesia moved the sword across Ditzy's head, resting it on the inside of her other ear. The sword was lifted into the air again, and Celestia turned to the Doctor. "For the Doctor's quick thinking, and brilliant planing in the field of battle, I give him the second highest honour he can recieve." Celestia placed the sword on the Doctors head. "By the powers given to me since I was created, I hearby absolve the Doctor from his exile in Equestria. He is now free to live in Equestria, and make a living in any way he sees fit."
Although he could barely be heard against the roar of the crowd below, he voiced his confusion to the Princess anyway. "Hang on, did you just say I was exiled?"
The Princess hid a look of shock, "Of course Doctor. Don't you remember? You were exiled from my kingdom 600 years ago, after a certain 'accident' happened. I figured this would be the best way to repay you. Of course, it hasn't done much to keep you out of the kingdom anyway, but at least now you might need to run a little less."
"Right, of course, silly me, totally forgot that for a minute." The Doctor lied.
The Princess faced away from him, and raised her voice over the crowd again. "Silence. Silence now. I'm not done yet. Despite the victory we have had here today, we can't forget the sacrifices made to make it possible. It is with a heavy heart that I mourn the loss of Diamond Polish, who gave his life to defeat the Rutans. Without his sacrifice, it may have been impossible to stop the Rutan. By the powers I possess, I knight him. May he be remembered as Sir Diamond Polish."
The room went silent as everyone sat around quietly. Eventually, Celestia spoke again. "Ditzy, Doctor. Please enjoy yourselves at the party Miss Pinkie has somehow provided."
With a nod, the two descended back down to the ground floor. The Doctor turned to Ditzy and asked, "Ditzy, could you help me as I move the TaRDiS out of the way?"
Ditzy placed Dinky on the ground, and replied. "Sure, happy to help, but we need to get back here as quickly as possible."
Before they entered though, a certain pony caught the Doctors eye. He walked away from his box to comfort him. "Solar, I'm sorry."
Solar shook his head, and flapped his wings uncertainly. "It's just.....I can't believe she's gone."
"If it makes you feel any better, I've lost friends too. It doesn't get easier, no matter how many times it happens. All I can do is offer my apologies."
Solar looked at the Doctor, "Thanks, I think I'm gonna be fine, even though I think the worst hasn't hit me yet."
The Doctor moved away from him, and rushed over to Ditzy.
The two entered the machine, and it disappeared hastily, leaving empty space in it's place.

Somewhere in the garden, the TaRDiS reappeared. It sat there quietly for a moment, before the door swung open. Ditzy stepped out, glancing at the party going on inside the palace. She turned around to see whether the Doctor was following her. He wasn't. The Doctor was standing in the doorway of his machine, leaning against the side confidently.
"Come on, Doctor. The party's waiting." Ditzy said energetically.
The Doctor coughed, and responded, "Actually, I don't think I'll stay. Never been a fan of parties. Besides, there's much to do, many places to be. Can't slow down for a second."
Ditzy looked down sadly. "So you're leaving? Will I see you again?"
"Well, maybe, small universe and all." The Doctor said, looking around the gardens. "Unless of course, you want to come."
Ditzy looked up quickly, "What?"
"One trip. To make up for the trouble you had to go through because of me."
Ditzy sat down, and thought deeply. She wanted to accept his offer, but she realized there was just to much standing in her way. "Sorry Doctor, I just can't. Dinky's waiting for me back in the palace, plus my boss isn't known for giving out free day's of work."
The Doctor grinned, "There are two immortal goddesses in there, along with the six most powerful ponies of this time period. I think Dinky will be safe enough. And I'm sure I could convince your boss to let you take a break, just this once."
Ditzy shook her head. "Good point, but will there be any more of those Rutan?"
"Well, no. Those were the only ones in existence. Not to mention what I did would have sucked any that were hiding back to my universe."
"Can you promise me, I'll be safe?" Ditzy asked.
The Doctor hesitated, and glanced around nervously, "I promise that no harm will come to you while I'm around."
Ditzy let out a relieved sigh, and started to walk towards the TaRDiS. The Doctor held the door open for her, but she stopped just before entering. She backtracked to where she was standing, and looked at the Doctor. "I'm sorry, but I can't just leave Dinky alone in there."
The Doctor turned so he was facing the interior of his TaRDiS. "I understand. Go be with your foal."
Ditzy flapped her wings and rose into the sky, as the TaRDiS dematerialized behind her. She began to make her slow way back party. Flying backwards in case the Doctor appeared again. She was so engrossed she didn't hear it appear in her path, and she crashed into it painfully. The Doctor opened the door again, and saw Ditzy lying on the ground, "Sorry about that, Ditzy. But did I mention it's a time machine?"
Ditzy just stared at him blankly. The Doctor elaborated, "That means we could spend several weeks away if we wanted, and I could still just drop you off in five minutes when we're done."
Ditzy smiled, "So why didn't you say that? That makes everything so much easier."
The Doctor held the door open for Ditzy, and she walked in. There was a chair near one of the railings in the middle of the room, and Ditzy sat down. The Doctor moved forward and sat down next to her. "So Ditzy. All of time and space at your hooves, thousands of planets, millions of ponies, all the time in the world. Where do you want to go first?"
Ditzy thought hard about where to go, and her eyes drifted together as she thought. "Can we see what happens to Dinky in the future?" She asked.
The Doctors smile dropped. "I would prefer we stayed away from family on the first trip. It just makes things easier."
Ditzy raised a hoof to her head and thought again. "Oh, I know the perfect place then!" She said.
The doors of the TaRDiS swung closed. The blue box slowly disappeared from the garden. To anyone who heard it leave, they assumed their ears were playing tricks on them and resolved to stay away from the punch for the rest of the party. It wasn't until the party was nearly over that ponies noticed the two had left.

Dinky looked around confused. She couldn't see mommy anywhere. She wandered around aimlessly, occasionally asking some of the fancy looking unicorns whether they had seen mommy. They barely paid her any attention. She wandered around more, eventually settling in a dark corner away from the loud music and ponies. Somepony came out of the crowd, and stared at her. Ponies paid no attention to this pony either. Dinky squealed as one of the unicorns walked directly into the pony, passing through him harmlessly. He walked closer, and Dinky curled into a ball. The pony came closer, and placed a hoof on Dinky's back. "Are you alright, little pony?"
Dinky poked her head out of her chest and looked up at him. He was faded blue, almost white from the amount of colour lost, and his grey mane curled in every direction. Dinky sniffled, "Wha...What's wrong wi...with your voice?"
"It was an accident from a long time ago. I ask again, are you alright?"
Dinky tried to dry her eyes. Mommy had told her not to trust strangers, but she was scared, "Yes, No, No. I can't find my mommy, and then it got loud, and then bright, then music started playing, and no pony will listen to me and your voice is scary and now I'm alone!"
The pony attempted what Dinky assumed was a smile, but came of as more of a grimace. "Don't be sad, people don't usually notice me too. How about I leave you in the care of one of the princesses? Then we can help track down your mother."
Dinky smiled, "Really?"
"Sure, come on. The sooner we move the sooner we can find your mum."
The black pony moved away from Dinky, and she got up to follow him. The two ventured deeper into the palace, and Dinky noticed that they had climbed a lot of stairs. Eventually, they stopped in front of a large wooden door. It swung open as they moved closer, and standing in the doorway was Princess Luna. She was a dark purple alicorn and her mane mimicked the night sky as it flowed through the air.
She faced Dinky's escort, and asked him, "Is this her? Dinky?"
Luna sighed, and motioned for the filly to enter the room. Dinky did so quickly, leaving the two ponies at the door. Luna spoke first, "Virus, tou don't need to do this. I beg you, stop now while you can."
Virus let out a chuckle, "One day, Luna, you will see that what I'm doing is for the greater good. And when you do, things will become a lot easier for me."
Virus walked away before the Princess could respond. His hooves tapped lightly against the stone, growing quiet as he walked further away. When he decided that he was far enough away, he closed his eyes. He could see the time vortex in front of him. Twisting and turning, breaking apart and repairing itself, splitting and falling apart as he watched. He saw the familiar blue box whiz through it, and followed it, leaving a cold wind in his wake.

Inside the TaRDiS, Ditzy was being tossed around by the sudden shaking. "Doctor, What's going on?"
The Doctor released the larger smile Ditzy had ever seen. "I have no idea Ditzy. Lets find out together." The Doctor quickly ran around the console and pushed down a single button dramatically. The machine lurched as the Doctor cried out, "ALLONSY!"

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So, final chapters up.
Didn't get the chance to proof read twice, so forgive me for any mistakes. It also came out twice as long as I intended, so there's that.
I feel a bit dickish about the last paragraph, but that's just the way it is in my head, so deal with it.
Also, I plan to write another Doctor Whooves adventure thing, as evidenced by the ending, but not for a while. I'm gonna take a break first, so don't be sitting on the edge of your seat for it.
I'm also worried I got the royal Canterlot voice wrong, Shakespeare wasn't exactly my favourite poet.
Other than that, Enjoy the read. Have a good night, and good luck on your own stories, if you have them.
Finally finished

This was really one of the better Doctor Whooves fanfics :pinkiehappy:
While I'm not an expert in Doc. Who myself, I can't help but find this very very enjoyable.
I believe you set us up for a sequel? I that case, I'll be there to read it :rainbowkiss:

1238694 Wait a second...
I never commented on this story. Ever. So why... how... I mean...

Damn wibbley wobbely things :twilightangry2:

Well that was an epic story <3 would love if there's a sequel. Though poor Diamond...

will there be a sequel? please say yes:fluttershysad:


It's been in development since this story ended...wow, nearly one full year ago.

Unfortunately, it only has about two thousand words and I've been considering rewriting the whole thing to give it that 'new story' feel.

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