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Will death redeem us?


This story is a sequel to The Rise Of The Cobra Kai

Hawk gets a spot for Crystal preparatory academy with the help of his friends from Crystal prep, but he was not the only one who decided to start at the prestigious school. Meanwhile, at Canterlot High, Vice-Principal Luna is shocked at what her sister has done and the bond they have was slowly breaking making her seek out an old flame.

Chapters (4)
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Wooooo!!! This is a great start to the story

Hawk? Shouldn't it be Spike?

Are we gonna see other martial arts other than karate?


Basically, the reason Spike change his name to "Hawk". Is because the author wants the Main Character ( Spike ) to have the same name in the Cobra Kai Series.

That would explain Sunset calling herself Tory.



Because, both Spike and Sunset are both acting like the Characters in Cobra Kai. And I could hardly blame them. IF Flash wasn't a bullying asshole to Spike. Or the Rainbooms or Twilight themselves neglect Spike, and also betrayed him. Or Celestia made a rather dumb move. Or FRICKIN Anon-A-Miss DOESN'T exist to torment Sunset.

Spike and Sunset would have still be their MLP "Canon" selves.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted May 4th

I feel like it’s not that simple to point and blame.


What's that supposed to mean? It does make sense if you think about it. Flash, the Rainbooms neglecting, or Celestia didn't do any shit against Flash, or Anon-A-Miss are the Cause.

Spike and Sunset going to Cobra Kai, learning Karate, being brutal to their enemies, changing their names, attitude, and personality are the Effect.

Maybe the Author can answer us correctly?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted May 4th

Although it’s easy to blame the rainbooms, flash, and anon-a-miss. Maybe we should look a little deeper.


A little deeper? Okay, what's your opinion, and theory on this?

And I still like Spike/Hawk, and Sunset/Tory.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted May 4th

Ok, what about sombra? I don’t see why he shouldn’t take some of the blame.


Question? Why do you keep deleting some of your comments? You can just edit it, and fix it, without deleting the whole thing, right?

As for Sombra? He is like Johnny Lawrence.

And while he did teach Spike/Hawk, Pipsqueak, Snip and Snails, some of the Shadowbolts, Sunset/Tory, and others how to fight brutally. But, I doubt that he will be worse like Grogar himself ( John Kreese ).

I keep forgetting I could edit.

As for sombra, I honestly doubt he’s Johnny. As I was saying, you could also blame vice-principal luna and principle celestia. They have proven to literally be the most dumbest and irresponsible adults I’ve seen in eqg.


I agree with Celestia. But for Luna? I just think she has the hots for Spike/Hawk. But, sadly didn't do much. And considering that by reading the summary for this sequel. She is NOT happy with her Big Sister's decision. Heck, I bet that she will go back as "Nightmare Moon", and join Spike and Cobra Kai.

As for Sombra not being a Johnny Lawrence copy? Why is that?

A vice-principle having the hits for her student is no excuse for letting that student run your school. If she’s upset that celestia expelled spike, then luna could eat a d*ck, because I’m glad that she expelled him. The reason the students act the way they do is because there are no consequences. Having spike expelled shows that there are consequences to their actions. I’m honestly more upset at the fact they didn’t do it sooner, because you’d think after sunset shimmer they would have learned to punish the students and not let them get away with things, but I guess these low IQ adults didn’t.

As for why I think he’s not johnny it’s because compare sombra to johnny. There aren’t many similarities.


Got nothing else to say. And feel a little mixed about what you said. On one hand, it's hypocritical. Because, even if Spike "deserves" to get expelled. WHY didn't someone like Flash Sentry, or even Anon-A-Miss themselves get punished as well???!!! They did the same f***** thing!!! But, didn't get expelled or anything yet??!!

Also, I feel like it's a bad idea to insult Luna like that. Because, I remember that she was a brutal fighter as "Nightmare Moon" back then. AND I know someone that definitely loves Luna as their Favourite Character.

As for comparing Sombra and Johnny Lawrence. Well, I hope the Author could finally answer that.

I hate to break it to you, but most of the characters are hypocritical. Also, I’m not saying that they should or shouldn’t. I’m just saying that celestia and luna are being too lenient with some of the students. For an example, sunset shimmer. You can’t tell me that they didn’t know that sunset was bullying people, because even a blind person could see it. You mean to tell me she’s gotten away with it for possibly three years without any adult knowing? That’s cap. If you ask me, I feel like both luna and celestia are favoring certain students.

Well, if she’s a brutal fighter, then maybe she should have put those skills to use and put spike in his place.


Touche, and I definitely agree that Sunset getting away with the bullying for THREE Years is highly illogical and not realistic. And makes it that Celestia/Luna, and other Teachers have the "Idiot Ball" Trope. Then again, Sunset has Blackmail material. But, one call from the police and the investigators themselves would have stop her tracks.

But, I highly doubt of having a scenario where Luna is gonna act hostile to Spike/Hawk? Considering that the Author himself wants them to like each other.

And I'm totally not against with it.

And you wanna know something funny? People get upset about all the things anon-a-miss did, but do people forget that sunset not only did the same thing, but also worse things as well?

True. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

Isn’t there an age gap between them?


For the age gap? Ask the Author, he is the one that set this romance up.

As for Sunset being "worse" than Anon-A-Miss? I actually doubtful with that. Why? Well, even though Sunset is also a bully, and holds Blackmail. But, in the MANY Anon-A-Miss Inspired Stories. She doesn't even reveal any blackmail material anyway, UNLIKE Anon-A-Miss ( CMC ), that ACTUALLY did spread out the student's darkest secrets, willy nilly!!!

There has to be a 10 year age gap at least.

As for anon-a-miss being worst than sunset, I’d have to disagree. Starting with motives.


Again? Ask the author for having the romantic thing from both Spike/Hawk and Luna. Despite the 10 year age gap between them.

As for motivation? Even though Sunset's is very petty, and cliche for her to be a Power Hungry, World Dominating "Villain". Because of a magic mirror that shows her as a Alicorn Princess.

But, Anon-A-Miss ( CMC ) is NO BETTER. I mean, none of this shit would have happened, IF the CMC will just speak to their Sisters for more attention. I mean, did you read some Anon-A-Miss Fix Stories, to know what I'm talking about?

I’ll admit, the cmc’s motives were trash. It was the one thing i didn’t like about the comic, but sunset isn’t any better herself. Now let’s get to actions that both have done, shall we?

Also, I have read a few, but they get boring after awhile.


Agreed with the trash motive. But, you and I already both know of what both Sunset and the CMC did. But, it seems like Anon-A-Miss did much worse. Plus, it makes the entire student body be Hypocritical to punish and even assault a Innocent Sunset.

And even though Sunset is far from perfect. But, I DON'T see her revealing blackmail secrets, and physically assault people like the CMC/Anon-A-Miss or the other students did.

Sure, Spike/Hawk,came Cobra Kai did the same thing with the assault. But personally, those nasty students, and especially the Rainbooms had it coming.

How is anon-a-miss worst? Hasn’t sunset broken more laws than the cmc? Also, are you surprised? Everyone at CHS are hypocrites. Sunset Shimmer, Spike, Principal Celestia, Vice-Principal Luna, everyone.

Although we haven’t seen her do it that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t or won’t do it in the future. We not only have to keep in mind of this fics sunset, but also canon sunset.


Not really surprised. I'm just on the side with Spike/Hawk, Sunset, and mainly Cobra Kai.

And in some Anon-A-Miss Fanfiction. Theoretically, the CMC unintentionally cause WAY WORSE Crimes and other stuff to happened.

I read a Anon-A-Miss Storyline and Destiny Crossover. And sadly, it has a bittersweet, and sad ending.

Honestly, I’m not on anyone’s side. Everyone is an idiot one way or another.

I’m not just talking about fanfics. I’m also talking about in the actual movie and comic.


So neutral, huh?

It's your opinion.

Just have to wait for the next chapters.

Honestly, it’s only until one side does something so f*cked up that it goes against my morals. Which may be soon.


Here is the question? Which side is gonna do the f***** up deed? I mean, I haven't watch Cobra Kai. But, I did know that they do get to many fights. And I'm surprised that the FRICKIN Cops didn't get more involved or anything??!!

I haven’t watched cobra kai, but I do know some things about the characters. And based on what I know, I’m betting money that cobra will. As for the cops, I’m guessing because the adults are either stupid or because of plot. Also, isn’t twilight’s brother an officer?


Despite this version of Cobra Kai. I really don't want them to do something stupid and caught the attention of the authorities.

And I agree with the adults being stupid, or because of "plot".

As for Shining Armor? It depends by the Authors that I read so far?

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted May 4th

They’re definitely gonna do something stupid, but they’re not gonna get caught by authorities.


Not just because of plot. It’s also because I’m willing to bet that those b*tches celestia and luna will probably bail them out of trouble or cover for them.


Highly Doubt that Celestia should do that? Maybe Luna.

But still. Dragon-In-Black has all the answers. And he sadly didn't comment in here yet to talk about his side in things.

I just realized, what if celestia and luna are meant to represent daniel and johnny?


About what you said earlier. That you hope that both Celestia and Luna aren't like Daniel and Johnny in the Karate Kid Series.

Honestly, as much as I hate the idea it would make sense. Their stories seem to be similar as Daniel and Johnny’s.


Like I said again. The Author knows the real answers. We are just speculating and all.

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