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An 18 year-old girl just writing stories because I got nothin else to do. I just tripped and never got back up.


(This is a story that I don't have completely planned out. I have some small ideas but don't quite know how to put them down so this will probably have slow updates.)

Sunset Shimmer has to deal with the aftermath of her horrible mistake to use the Element of Magic. To turn into a creature that reflects her heart. She has to live with her mistakes and actions. Can she?

(On Hiatus until I can figure out how to continue the story.)

Chapters (17)
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You got my attention. Waiting for the next chapter.

"Should we...investigate? She might need to go to a hospital..." Luna pointed out.

"No. At least not right now. It's late. Besides, she would need a guardian to be checked in. She doesn't have one it seems." Celestia explained. Luna nodded in agreement, then tugged on her sister's arm. Pointing towards their car in the facility parking lot.

Uh... Celestia... that's not a smart decision.

Sure liked it but found several mistakes

Twilight stopped at the edge of the crater cliff to see the young teenage girl laying at the bottom of the crater. Sunset groaned as she slowly moved her aching joints. Her body, from what Twilight could see, was covered in cuts and bruises. Some of her cuts were bleeding but they weren't too bad. She cried out in pain for a moment as she rested her hand on her shoulder. Twilight was starting to feel guilty...

Damn, for a rainbow it does a lot of damage.

"But..." Sunset took in a deep breath before wincing. Taking in a sharp breath from the pain. "But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship."

Twilight smiled as she gestured towards her human friends who moved to stand around her with soft smiles.

"I bet they can teach you."

Anyone else think it’s odd that she didn’t even ask them?

Sunset looked down at the dirt in shame as the rest of the school surrounded the crater. Sending hateful glares at the girl below. Sunset slowly moved towards the wall of the crater, she favored her left leg as she limped. She began attempting to climb up but her strength was mostly depleted. Twilight held out her hand to her.

Honestly, the students have no right to hate her, because if they had a problem with sunset running the school into the ground, they would have done something.

"She deserves it." Luna snapped back. "She had done horrible things is every single one of the students here and we just sat here. Having to listen to the horrible things. What did we do? Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. She has gone far too long without any formal punishment. This is our chance to expel her. Maybe even turn her over to the po-"

Wait a minute, so they knew? If I was one of those students, I would curse them out so hard.

"We are doing nothing of the sort!" Celestia fired back. "Yes. It's true she did awful things. I am not going to deny that. But she might change. Probably will change based on her reaction. Sunset Shimmer isn't you or me, Luna. We paid for our sins. She will too. Just...Let's...Let's just find out how we will...punish her."

Sins? I need to know more.

"Absolutely not. She is from another world. She probably doesn't have records of any kind. We would need to explain why she was even here in the first place! We might lose our jobs because we let someone with no records other than one page she filled out two years ago, enroll in this school. Do you really want that?"

So this is about not losing your jobs?

Luna really hated feeling emotions. They were confusing and with the right emotions, could send you down a rabbit hole of despair causing you to stab your sister at the age of 14 after your parents die, then sending 1000 days is Juvenille Detention hall.


Sunset continued to work. Making sure she didn't look towards the portals as Twilight disappeared through the portal after one last hug. Leaving five girls to turn their attention to the fight in the parking lot. Luna looked back towards Sunset. Trying to block out the noise so when the police came for disturbance of the peace...Or something like that, she could play dumb. She didn't need them looking up her record anytime soon.

If she has a record, how did she become a vice-principal?

They’re not really known for being smart.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"Me?" Celestia almost yelled. "What about us?"

B*tch, who the f*ck is we?

I hope someone calls out how p*ssy the students at CHS are. Not only are you trying to beat up someone that’s trying to change, but is also already injured. I’m not excusing or defending anything that sunset did, but what the students are doing isn’t payback, it’s being a coward. If they were to fight her one on one WHILE she was a bully, then I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it, but now it’s just pathetic.

It only hit her now, as she sat in class for ten minutes that maybe she screwed up badly by helping Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer was being a real jerk about a week ago. She had been the "biggest meanie" since grade 7, so why was it now that Bini thought she could suddenly change just because she was blasted by a rainbow beam. Maybe she had a twisted perspective on the matter. After all, Sunset only bullied her once in grade 7 and that was when she was just starting out so it wasn't nearly as bad as it was when she ended her tyrant ways.

7th grade? There’s a 7th grade in high school?

In my school there is. I thought that was common. Is it not? We have grade 7 up until grade 12.

It’s usually 9th to 12th where I’m from.

Oh, I would have preferred that in my school. As the years go on the grade 7 and 8's get a little more insane.

Hey Pete. Was wondering how you would react to this and here you are.

"Nasa saw the Rainbow...Beam from space. They told the school board, wanting answers because it happened right outside our school."

Reminds me of a fire that was so bright it was seen space back in 2013 from a satlitle that caught it. Btw that fire was started from a train derailing with 30 thousands gallons of crude oil in its tankers.

Yup. I was surprised to see you, too.

How old are these kids? One has a tattoo and the other is taking drugs.

They are in grade 10. When you are in grade 10 you tend to get very cocky about your life choices. At least from what I know, people tend to.

Ohh ok. Also, bini mentioned trixie doing something last week, what was it?

In my mind, I thought Trixie tried to blackmail the group for test answers (She was getting desperate. She is in history class with Bini and Arone.) She stalked them, mostly Bini though, for two days. But then she got distracted by the excitement of the fall formal and let the subject drop without an apology.

And what were the main 6 whispering about?

That will be the subject of the next chapter :)

"Sure. I am still picking you up tomorrow morning though. I was supposed to discuss the other parts of your punishment today but that can wait until school tomorrow. Alright?"

Other parts?

"What's the nearest hospital?" Rocky asked as he lightly slapped Arone on the cheek to keep him awake and Chocolate pressed her jacket harder against his wound.

"Um...Chanterlot Royal Hospital, I think." Bini replied.

Then, what’s the point in calling 911?


They called 911 because they needed an ambulance. None of them own a car so they had to take the bus everywhere.

Oh ok. Why were they even there?

I am going to write that part of the story in the next chapter.

The final bell of the day rang. Normally this would make Bini happy. It was her signal to disappear into the world until the next morning but today she had detention. Unfair detention in her mind as Trixie had it coming to her. She ignored the looked of hate as she passed students in the hallway. The news of her defending Sunset Shimmer had spread throughout the entire school by this point. People weren't throwing insults at her yet but she was sure if they spent enough time on the internet, someone would dig up something from her past to make fun of her.

The way I see it is if they have a problem they can step up and get dropped.

"Arone stole money from Rocky to get his drugs. He has a meeting with a new drug dealer today. We are going to offer him protection. You are too."

I think there’s a spelling error here.

"That weirdo will tell VP Luna that I skipped," Bini argued. Rocky grinned and pressed a finger against Bini's chest with an evil grin.

"You are a chicken," Rocky concluded. Bini blushed.

Yup, that’s me. *Cluck* *Cluck* *Cluck* you ain’t gonna serve my detention.

Arone was interrupted at the sound of a switchblade. Suddenly the man took a step forwards, getting in Arone's face with a knife pressed against his throat. Crafty grinned in delight to see the fear in Arone's eyes as he gestured the knife towards his friends.

Wow, that’s shocking.

"Give me all your money and I won't hack your friends' throat." He growled. The three friends looked at each other in fear unsure of what to do because if they were being honest with themselves, they didn't think anything bad would actually happen.

You know what? I feel no remorse.

He yanked the knife into Arone's stomach. Arone screamed in pain when Crafty yanked it back out. About to issue more threats when Rocky kicked his square in the chest and Chocolate ran over to bite his arm that was holding the knife. He screamed and stumbled away as Rocky and Chocolate grabbed Arone by the arms and broke into a sprint. Bini grabbed their wallets and began running as the attacker chased after them.

Dude, grab the knife.

"He has ten siblings and a mother who works in a secret intelligence agency. Arone can handle anything!" Bini said through small sobs before wiping her eyes again. "Damn it. Where the hell are they?"

What does that have to do with him?

I personally don't have ten siblings but I do have three. Having three other siblings is hell despite the fact I am the youngest. Having ten siblings must be a new level of hell.

And that’s enough to say he can handle a stab?

Well, no. But that's just how Bini and the others see it.

Spotted more mistakes

What the hell did that rainbow do to her?

Was my rainbow wave this intense? I hope not.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted April 15th

I’m pretty sure you rainbow wave only changed sunset’s perception of time, while this one probably gave her PTSD.

Now that I think about it, was it celestia’s fault?

Noooo! A cliff!😭😭

Don't get me wrong. I believe they are both to blame. Celestia more I guess because sunset was just a child... a filly...? ... whatever.

Some of the fics describe Celestia wouldn't let herself get close to Sunset due to what happened with Luna in the past.

Other fics because Celestia immortal she forgotten what it like to be mortal and damaged her relationship making abilities.

I guess? Sunset was a freshman when she first arrived at CHS.

But, would you still count as a filly?

CMC are freshmans. And their counterparts are fillies.:ajsmug:

Oh yeah. That is true.

Luna nodded as she put on her own coat, holding her purse close.

She has her own coat?

"Sounds good. Maybe I can even get you to pl-"

Celestia held up her hand to silence Luna before she could continue.

To what?

"Oh, dear faust, I did! Run, LUNA!" Celestia ordered. Luna broke into a full-on sprint, followed by a slower Celestia. Sunset raised her chin to press the glass against her throat.

Damn, alright luna.

"I know everything seems a bit down..." Luna said, getting a look from Sunset and Celestia. "OK, it is very bad but it couldn't get worse."

Not gonna lie, I would be that type of person.

"It almost just did." Celestia pointed out with a raised eyebrow to her sister before she turned back to Sunset, who was still being held down by Luna.

You know, celestia? You have a habit of not helping.

"I don't need any help! I am fine!" Sunset growled through gritted teeth as she clawed at Luna's arms. "I have been living alone since I got into this world. I don't need help now!"

You heard her, let’s go home.

"Are you ready to come with us, Sunset? We promise you will have your own room, good food, warmth. Just please try to trust us." Celestia pleaded. Sunset looked at them with an uneasy expression, then slowly nodded as some tears went down her cheeks.

I wouldn’t be trusting anything that they say or do.

"Hey! Hey, Filters! Wake up!"

Bini groaned as she felt her shoulder being shaken. "Come on! Wake up already!"

Is that some sort of nickname.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" Bini said before her eyes started dropping again. "Why are you so bright?"

Thorax took a moment to looked at himself. He was wearing bright green and yellow clothes with a pair of fake orange horns on his head and a glowstick attached to a string around his neck.

God damn, please don’t blind me. I still gotta read the story.

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