• Published 15th Apr 2021
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Bound Snow - notaproxy

A human makes a faustian bargain to save their own life, ending up as a griffin chick in the care of Fluttershy. With dark powers hanging over their head, will they be able fulfill their end of the bargain even if it means betraying their new family?

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New Bonds

995 CE

The cool, morning air filled my lungs as I left my cottage. I was heading into town to meet up with the girls at Sugarcube Corner for breakfast. Pinkie Pie was hosting a party to celebrate the good news. It had just been announced that Ponyville would be the host of the one thousandth Summer Sun Celebration! It was all the town could talk about. Even I had let out a little yell of excitement when I saw the news in the paper. Not too loud of course, I wouldn't want to disturb any of the animals.

As I passed by the Carousel Boutique I noticed Rarity leaving. She was closing up her new store, so I walked up to her and wait patiently for her to finish up. It would have been rude to interrupt after all. She had only opened up her boutique a few years ago and it was already the premiere clothing store in the Ponyville area. Of course, the only other computation was Barnyard Bargains but wasn't any reason to downplay Rarity's talent.

"Now, on to meet the -Eepp!" The fashionista jumped, having almost run into me when she turned around after locking the front door of the boutique. "Fluttershy, you startled me. You shouldn't sneak up on a lady like that!"

"Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"It is no problem, dear. Just try to speak up more often, I always love hearing the beautiful voice of yours."

With our greetings out of the way, we started heading over to meet up with our friends. As usual, Rarity almost immediately started talking about all the gossip around town. I wasn't much for gossip, but I knew Rarity needed someone to talk to about these things, so I was happy to lend an ear. None of the other girls like gossip at all. It would always make Applejack angry, Rainbow thought it was too girly, and Pinkie Pie was, well, Pinkie. So whenever it was just Rarity and I, we talked about all the news around town. Today, in particular, I was excited about the current focus of all of Ponyville's talk.

"I still can't believe Ponyville is going to be hosting. Can you picture it!? The Princess here! All the nobles and elites coming to our little town! Oh, this will be a huge opportunity to put Ponyville on the map!"

"It is a little strange though," I reply, "Do you know why the Princess chose Ponyville?"

"Now that is the question the world is asking. Why our humble little town instead of sophisticated Canterlot, or cosmopolitan Manehattan? Why, we didn't even send a delegate to the Summer Sun Celebration Planning Commute! All Celestia said when she announced her choice was that it was for 'historical reasons.'"

"But wasn't Ponyville only founded one hundred years ago?"

"You're exactly right. That is why it is such a riveting mystery. No one knows what the Princess is thinking. The gossip magazines are going insane speculating what the real reason is. They are saying everything from a secret lover to a long-lost sister, hiding in the Everfree. Could you imagine!"

"That all sounds a little silly. It is alright if you believe it though!"

"I know. The Princess has the executive power to decide on the location of the celebration, so there is nothing anypony can do is speculate. Although I heard there were protests in Whinnyapolis and Fillydelphia over the whole thing."

"Oh, that is terrible. I hope we can go to Whinnyapolis someday. I hear there are lovely lakes and forests in that part of Equestria."

By this point, we had reached the bakery. Streamers, balloons, and other hallmarks of a Pinkie party were decorating the interior of the building, topped off with a big banner proclaiming 'Congratulations Ponyville!' The sweet smell of cupcakes, cookies, and breads filled the air, mingling with the sound of ponies excited about the big news. Most of the town seemed to be in the bakery celebrating the news; talking with each other, playing party games, and enjoying the many baked treats for sale. However, neither the pink hostess nor any of my other friends were anywhere to be seen. Spotting the Cakes manning the counter, Rarity and I head over with the hope of locating our friends.

"Rarity, Fluttershy! Good to see you! Isn't the news so exciting!" Mrs. Cake proclaimed as she saw us approach. "Pinkie is in the kitchen making a cake. Apparently, we should expect another 'Welcome to Ponyville' party tonight."

"Well, it is always good to see new ponies in town. I will look forward to it," Rarity responds politely as we make our way to the back room.

As we cross the threshold into the kitchen, I take in the scene before me and time seems to slow. Pinkie is at the counter, cake batter in front of her, and on her, and just generally all around her. A sight I had seen thousands of times before. This time, however, Pinkie is holding a giant egg with both hooves above a bowl, about to crack it and add it to the batter. The egg is a pristine, snowy white, speckled with black flacks, perfectly shaped and about the size of Pinkies head.

In an instant, a few thoughts go through my head.

That is a griffin egg.

Griffins do not lay eggs unless they are fertilized.

A major crack in a griffin egg is fatal in most cases unless under medical supervision.

Therefore, that egg has a baby griffin in it.

Therefore, Pinkie Pie is about to kill an innocent griffin chick.

The dotes all connect as more adrenaline flows through my veins than I have ever felt in my life.

Pinkie begins to bring her hooves down, about to make the biggest mistake possible. I pump my wings as hard as I can, I have to stop her! I have to stop her! I have to stop her! I dash across the room, faster than I ever had in my whole life. Kitchen equipment and unfinished treats go flying in my wake. I look on in horror as I realize I am not going to make it in time, the egg's shell inches from the rim of the bowl, Pinkie Pie still bring it down with all the force she could muster. Maybe if I was like Rainbow Dash I could make it time but I had always been a worthless flier. In one last desperate gamble, I yell out.

"Pinkie Pie! NO!"

I lay on the ground, black rain falling over my crippled body. I silently wish more of it would fall in my open mouth. I was so thirsty, but I didn't even have the strength to drink the water in the muddy pool in front of me. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have rather died than drink out of something like that. Now, my throat was just so dry. I begin to notice a figure leaning over me. I couldn't make out many features, I wasn't even sure if they were a male or female. The one thing I noticed was their piercing, silted eyes. They almost seemed to glow in a blue light, or was it green? I didn't care. Maybe they have some water?

"Well, aren't you in a sorry state? Not the worst I have seen today, but you look more dead than alive." The figure leans down to see me more clearly, their unnerving eyes unblinking. It would have been rather frightening but I had bigger concerns.

"Water..." is the only reply from my parched lips.

"Really, that's it? I guess I shouldn't expect anything more. I'll tell you what. Why don't we go someplace a little more comfortable? I can get you all the water you want. I have a deal to offer you that I am sure you would be interested in."

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, this is my first story on Fimfic, so I welcome any criticism. I will try to post once a week until this story is complete, but I make no guarantees.

Anyways, some details about the story that I want to clarify. This story starts five years before the show, if you couldn't guess. As far as ages go, the mare six are all about 20 at this point, with Rarity being the oldest, and the CMC are all around 5.