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This story is a sequel to A Late Night Visitor

Kyra is a bounty hunter who spends her days serving the ponies of Equestria by ridding the world from all manner of evil-doers. Bandit gangs making roads unsafe? Kyra will solve your problem. Monsters causing a panic in your town? Kyra can handle it for you, no problem. Need someone to get rid of that annoying neighbor without drawing attention? Find somebody else.

In case I wasn't clear, Kyra's a bounty hunter, NOT A MURDERER, you nut job! In fact, that's why Kyra retired. She's had enough of solving other pony's problems, and it's time she took a well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, she'll find that quitting won't be as simple as she thought.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 20 )

Well this seems like a very interesting story hope you continue it

"Little do they know, we do have a map of those caves. This one, in fact."

Maybe, but Starlight has now a headstart of several days. By now she probably had already left the cave system behind, leaving the area in an unknown direction.
Or did I miss something?

Interesting story so far.
I look forwards to see where it goes.

What if I was to tell you the reason she hasn't left the caves is because she ran into trouble? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks. 😊

You're welcome, awesome pone! :heart::raritywink:

I dont see Luna taking this too well

I wouldn't be so quick to assume the worst. Luna might be the Princess of the Night, but that doesn't mean she can't be reasonable. :twilightsmile: Besides, what she doesn't know can't hurt her. :raritywink:

True, but qt the same time, krya is going against the agreement they made. A betreyal done by the emplyee against the employer

Well, I guess she'll have to live with that. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: indeed, let's hipe she doesnt hold it against her too much, i am sure kyra still wants ti get paid after all

Soon the smile gave way to a laugh, clear and beautiful as it echoed through the quiet woodlands that surrounded them. For a moment Kyra stood still, spellbound by the mare before her. She'd never heard a laugh like Starlight's before. Somehow, knowing that she was the reason for it made it all the more special. It only lasted for a few minutes, but by that time Kyra had made her mind. She would do anything to see Starlight happy again. Whatever it took, Kyra would gladly do it.

Starlight: "As a first step we will found a new village to brainwash even more ponies!"
Kyra: "...Okay, back to the original plan. Luna is probably waiting already."

Great story so far! I eagerly look forward to reading more! :heart:


Maybe, but Starlight has now a headstart of several days. By now she probably had already left the cave system behind, leaving the area in an unknown direction.
Or did I miss something?

You really shouldn't go round making assumptions like this. :ajbemused: Just saying.

Actually, PonyDragon's input helped me come up with ideas for the third chapter in this story. Please don't be rude to people who are only trying to give constructive feedback. -_-'

That's a very sweet ending. Bless Kyra's heart. :heart:

Kyra smiled, bending her head to plant a kiss on Starlight's horn tip

This implies Starlights hor managed to heal after the Diamond Dogs damaged it?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Small suggestion:
If you want to create a horizontal line use [hr].
This will create a line like the one above.

Another note:
Maybe Kyra should have suggested Starlight to change her name to show the world she is now a new mare.
At least, that's the argument Kyra is using. In truth this will also help protectiong both of them should Luna ever stumble upon Starlight by chance.

Yup. Those are very good suggestions. :twilightsmile: Also I'm thinking I may return to this story at a later time to try and edit and see if I can make it smoother as a whole. Because I think it's fine as it is, but at the same time I feel it's lacking something, like it could be better somehow. πŸ€” Anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed reading it all. :raritywink:

Ironic thing is that Starlight doesn't even have to think about revenge on the Mane 6. It's just going to naturally happen when Chrysalis enacts her plan later, and there is nobody to save them now. :rainbowlaugh: :raritycry:

Starlight gets to be happy with Kara, while the Mane 6 get to spend the rest of their lives cocooned and being fed off of.

Well, I'd hate to spoil plans I have for the sequel but... let's just say that doesn't happen. :raritywink:

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