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Just a simple lurker who decided to take the plunge into fic writing.

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To quote Marty McFly: He's an asshole!

Great start! Can't wait to see how this plays out!

Interesting story. Added to my read list.

Hey, thanks for the compliment! We'll see how everything goes, but I have no intention of abandoning the fic. I know exactly where I want the story to end, all I've got to do is get there.
See you at the finish!

Glad to oblige! Here's hoping the rest of the story keeps your interest!

getting back to you soon on this fic

Read the story love it so far,

I would guess the unicorn, I would guess she is from Nevaro in the Hoofington area there only place were there were unicorns being in an environment for Pegasus I would guess she is pretty conditioned to be dependent on Pegasis in her mind set, I would wonder is she was made fun a lot for not being able to fly and conditioned herself to always think positively about the Enclave or make excuses for them all the time. I would guess the has a content terror of falling from the sky all the time. It's too bad that chatty pony didn't survived, he sounded like a lot of fun, I hope we will hear more about him from before. For Rusty Rivet, he certainly is interesting in being resourceful and knows when to shut up, I wonder what we will learn more about him. Not too big on the idea that the aliens are humans but I will let it slide, I hope they aren't actually Bronies too, but their fascination with Prinkie Pie and the Ministry mares is interesting. I wonder what they do with their test subjects and I hope we will see more anal probing for everyone.

Also if you are ever interested in commissioning a cover art for the story let me know it could be a lot of fun to do you can look up my DA gallery here and you can go see my Youtube channel here as well.

Regardless, if you are interested or not I will keep on reading this fic, keep it up and good luck.

Here is a speedpaitning video of my work.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, always appreciated!
Chatty unicorn's death was actually one of the first events I planned, back when I wanted Rusty to be a raider. I kept it in because I thought it would be better to have Rusty learn things on his own rather than having an experienced pony explain everything for him.
At this point we don't know for sure if the aliens are humans or not. But I mean, come on. I personally hate humans inserted into MLP stories, but I thought a Mothership Zeta inspired story would be a canon-friendly (at least for F:E) way to explore them.
This is absolutely not a story about humans. Equestria is special precisely because humans aren't involved, and fics (and other media) with humans as main characters completely miss the point. I want this fic to be about the pony perspective. Humans will be incidental characters that could just as easily be replaced with sentient radishes.
Honestly, if I came upon this fic a couple months ago, I would have dismissed it immediately once I saw the Human tag (coming in a couple chapters.) Hopefully I'll be able to make this thing worth a read in spite of the Human tag, not because of it.

I actually enjoy some fics with humans, turned pony, I just don't feel they really fit in well with the FoE setting because of the extended abstraction from the original show which I feel really hampers with the theme and basic premise of FoE that human discovering and learning this world would interfere with the idea that the two worlds are very different. Still, having the characters make weird speculation on these aliens culture and civilization could be interesting.

Still, I wonder his these aliens have a breading plan of sorts for the sapient being of this world, would be funny to what drugs they use to achieve that. I would still imagine that would not got well with that they do with the foals .

Well, a couple of almost spoilers. There are parts of Mothership Zeta that I haven't yet included but will expand upon, playing with exactly what the aliens are doing here.
As far as fitting into FoE, my headcanon comes from Kkat's original description: "It's Fallout. With ponies!" In other words, it's the events of Fallout, translated into the MLP universe. And since Mothership Zeta is part of Fallout, there's a vehicle (no pun intended. seriously.) for bringing aliens into the mix. And as far as what the aliens are? That's up to the author.
So who knows? It might turn out to be hot garbage. But this was the only sort of logical way to explore the ideas I was thinking about.

I get what you mean

Oh nice, to see the word 'Brumby' used your don't read that Australian slang for Horse. Looks like the Humans/aliens have been there as far back as over 200 years, if not more and have witness every horror that happened. I wonder how this Midnight got capture in the first place and that he managed to keep his pitbuck the entire time he was there. I wonder if the ailen subconscious programing to their captures and eventually release them with no recollection of what happened to then, save for some remote triggers, or any other mind altering affect; Somehow I don't think Rusty's jail break will work out well, or at least complicated. Maybe they were lobotomized to have no more aggressive tendencies, or they minds have been completely rewritten, or maybe sold off as pets. Nice to see that you seemed to have added a Pinkie Pie subplot to the story, I wonder what got them interested in collecting all this memorabilia. I wonder why they didn't need to use these areas any more and why they are even deserted, I thought they were on a ship already and not underground on in an installation. Well Rusty seems to reveal his true colors to her and I hope Dew will find the guts to stand her ground against him, I am guessing she is naturally submissive to others.

Rusty.... buddy....... PULL. YOURSELF. TOGETHER. I know you're likely scared out of your mind right now, but don't go turning around and hitting the only pony who's shown you some decency on this ship! You need allies where you can get them!

I doubt he has that level of reasoning power or apathy, he was sassed in the open wastland where he has only know kill or be killed and use other before they use you, he is a survivor and only lives in the moment and works on aggressive instincts where there is a power dynamic involved. The only way he will stop and maybe calm down with her is that she shows some spine, and stop just taking his insults for him, he is mostly just doing it to vent out his life time of frustration for being on the bottom on to her, and his higher reasoning skill will only kick in his survival instincts notices that he has to restrain his anger around her. At the moment his lizard brain tells him that she is weak, and can do what ever he wants with her and she won't fight back.

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