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To be alone is to be Wallflower Blush. Such has been her life for as long as she can remember. Finding a mystical stone artifact that can manipulate memory just seems like a slap in the face given that no one can ever remember her anyway. Yet her curiosity lingers, and she soon finds someone to help her answer her questions. As well as the unsolved mystery of her life that is to be... Wallflower Blush.

(Entry for Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest)

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Ok this is great but it felt.rushed but I think you could do a lot more whit this concept maybe even turn it into a full flesh story but that’s my personal opinion
Anyway I loved this story so you get a fav and like

Very interesting concept.

I want to see more of this. What exactly are Sunset and Wallflower planning on doing on the other side of the statue?

Posh #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

10759028 kiss

Hello there! One of the judges for Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest checking in for your donation choice for this submission. Which of the three charities would you like $20 donated to on your behalf?

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