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Fate Weaver

Witness, my friends, as I wave a new tale of fate and destiny; where light and dark clash for the control of what should be only harmony!


The City of Canterlot has fallen.

Decades ago a great magic surge emanated from the portal between the human world and equestria, and the consequences of this event were terrible.

First, clouds came, littering the sky and blocking the sun and at the same time freezing the land below.

Second, some humans start being able to use magic, even if not everyone could control it. But as the hopes start to grow, it crumbles when the monsters start to appear, of many types and species, most of them had one thing in common: the love for human meat.

And to make the matter even worse, a strange illness started to infect the people with magic affinity, turning some of them into monsters addicted to magic, more powerful and dangerous than the great majority of the ones that appeared in the first wave.

In this maddening world, people try to survive in the ruins of Canterlot in one of the two factions, the one centered in the crystal prep and led by Sombra or the ones in Canterlot High, led by principal Twilight.

That being said, after many years and many tears, an equilibrium was set and a new generation came to be, one that only knew the "new normal".

That's when a figure of the past came back, bringing chaos, danger and, most of all, answers.

New Chapters Every Sunday. :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 2 )

all of them having only one thing in common: the love for human meat.

But don't rust monsters eat, well rusted metal?

That's true;
But, is as my D&D players would say about the rust monster : "It's not fair, the monster is eating my equipment!" :pinkiecrazy:

Jokes aside, the majority of monster really like meat. But, Who would know if there are more to it? :twilightsmile:

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