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Starlight Fan

I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her.


Starlight is framed for a crime she didn't commit and now she is banished from Equestria, Twilight is trying to find proof she is innocent while Starlight slowly breaks more and more.

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Nice Work, Though I Doubt Anypony Would Give A Parasprite's Wing ABout Blueblood's Lazy Flank XD

Attacking a royal is serious though.

Lies. See the S5 end.

I'll be honest I totally forgot that for a moment, but Twilight didn't press charges so there's a difference there.

"Yes your honor there is a singe mark on my body and it was created by that vile pony over there." Blueblood argued showing his singe mark. "Unicorns can create clones so she must have used a cloning spell."

That actually pretty good reason.Starlight can clone her self that one episode.But the question is why would Starlight do it? Want make her assualt him?
And when do they find out that Starlight is innocent and it was Chryssy?

Pretty interesting so far.Keeping it a track

Thank you for the positive feedback.

Blueblood Starlight thought with bitterness That vile scum will pay for what he's doing to me.

Wait, why would blueblood want to frame her?

Starlight shook her head where did that thought come from, no she can't seek revenge on him, it leads to nothing but pain.

No it doesn’t.

"Yes your honor there is a singe mark on my body and it was created by that vile pony over there." Blueblood argued showing his singe mark. "Unicorns can create clones so she must have used a cloning spell."

That’s true, but is that the only evidence you have.

"Objection." Twilight shouted in defiance.

"Overruled the evidence is right there on his body, so jury we shall now here your vote, who believes Starlight is innocent?" Celestia argued angrily.

What the hell kinda trial is this?

Starlight in tears walked up to her friends but Rainbow Dash punched her in face sending Starlight to the ground.

At that moment, I’m ready to fight.

"She deserves it that good for nothin' traitor." Applejack said angrily. Rainbow Dsh and Rarity nodded in agreement asthey left.

Spike glared at the apple farmer before he flied off in a different direction.

Spike, is you don’t set them on fire soon, you lose all my respect.

I do agree.Want kind of trail was that?! They settle it by voting?!

God dangit Celestia this is not Among us?!

No, it was worse than among us. At least in among us there would sometimes be evidence and the voting would last longer.

"Hey Twilight how come Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity aren't here?" Pinkie Pie asked confused.

Don’t worry about them.

"But what about Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity?" Fluttershy asked meekly flying up to Twilight.

What about them? They can’t stop you.

"I'm Starlight Glimmer what's it to ya?" Starlight said bitterly.

I suggest not getting an attitude with someone that knows your location better than you. Just saying.

I Think Cadance Would Have Been Better

Great start really enjoyed the first two chapters I hope you will be able to update again soon

I don’t really see the point in sunset leaving the human world.

Thanks for the update I will be interested to see what Sunset is going to do. I hop you will update again soon.

"But what about Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity?" Fluttershy asked meekly flying up to Twilight.

Don’t worry about them There buried in the backyard

The beginning of the story wasn’t that happy until I saw it was Chrysalis who framed Starlight Glimmer by doing that cloning version of her to make everypony think it was Starlight is the one behind this madness when it wasn’t even her.

Very sloppy. Too much at once and not enough build. Also, the fact that he had a mark and nothing else is not enough evidence to BANISH someone. Need a better reason unless Celestia/RD/AJ/Rarity are all Changelings. Even then it wouldn't make any sense.

So sunset really just said “see ya b”

Well, that’s one problem solved, but another one added.

Damn it. Seriously, AJ? You are the element of honesty and a pony that is loyal to her friends. No! Rainbow Dash?!

In truth, I never liked Rarity in the actual show but seriously, this is pretty low of her.

"How flattering I already dealt with enough perverts here why not another?" Starlight asked sarcastically.

ayooooo dude chill :rainbowlaugh:

damn. well done, how did you manage that? :ajsmug:

Oh, okay. So chrysie was the one who cloned Starlight, makes sense now.

Also, are you still going to continue on this?

Kind of surprised Chrysalis didn't go "Ok wow, I know my plan would work but this easily? How the hell did these ponies lasted this long if they were like this??". Like even she is baffled by how the others are acting.

When Sunset was talking with the other girls, where was human-world Spike?

Yeah that was a missed opportunity on my part.

Why did they left him behind like that from something that important?

That really doesn't justify the girls excluding him behind like that.

Really this adds fuel to the issue of Spike being a dog in EQG shows he isn't allowed to be equals with the girls.
In fact them leaving Spike out shows Sci-Twi essentially tossed him aside due to she has actual friends now.
She was willing to bring him to Crystal Prep despite risking her education(which she was really obsessed with) since he was the closest thing to a friend to her. And yet now she has actual friends, she is less willing to bring him with her.

Oof I get your point now I hate how he's a dog too, also how is the story so far?

Its getting pretty interesting I say.

So she committed arson murder and jaywalking, but got punished for an act of jaywalking she didn’t even do? Satisfying either way.

She didn't commit murder. Those timelines don't exist anymore.

Sure they don’t. Like that excuse even matters.

Those three are hard heads. When they see that Starlight was innocent, they will want to be friends again. I hope not.

So they basically came to the castle to start sh*t? Petty a** b*tches.


Hope so too. As Punishment for their betrayal, and f***** up rude attitudes for trying to start petty fights and all.

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity then leave angrily but showed to feel some guilt before leaving.

They will be sorry for what they did

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